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Chapter 410: Returning To The Dragon Race With The Dragon Slaying Sword

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Chapter 410: Returning To The Dragon Race With The Dragon Slaying Sword

"I think the wedding will be held next year."

Xiao Yu stretched out her legs and looked at the sky. She naturally understood what the eighth beam of light meant.

She then stared at Jiang Lan.

Jiang Lan: "…"

The last time he had been awakened, he had been on his guard so that he would not fall into an epiphany again.

Even if he understood something, he would keep it in his heart.

Instead of trying to find out more.

This way, he would not fall into an epiphany again.

However, he did not mind Xiao Yu staring at him. It did not affect him at all.

Xiao Yu would return at night and he could cultivate.

When he cultivated, he would not fall into a state of epiphany. It was only when he read some books during the day or did something that he could easily gain epiphany.

In fact, the number of times he experienced epiphanies was not that exaggerated. In the past few hundred years, the number of times he experienced epiphanies could be counted on one hand. It just so happened that Xiao Yu had seen it all.

This was why she had the illusion that he was constantly in the state of enlightenment.

However, even if he did not enter a state of enlightenment, his understanding of the Dao would still help him.

This would speed up the refinement of his golden body.

Kunlun Main Hall.

"The dragons are quite proactive." Miao Yue looked at Ran Jing and said.

Those from the Dragon Race wanted Jiang Lan to marry Ao Longyu a few days earlier.

Of course, there was no specific time.

So it could be the beginning of next year or the end of next year.

It depended on Kunlun's thoughts.

"Kunlun also wishes to have the Goddess in their hands as soon as possible, right? Isn't this suggestion exactly what you want? " Ran Jing said softly.

"After they get married, they'll also have to stay in Kunlun for a period of time. Only then can they head to the dragon race," Liu Jing said.

This period of time was not short. It was decades.

Ran Jing had a calm expression.

Ao Li and Ao Shishi felt that Kunlun was bullying them.

However, they did not say anything. They were the ones who lost face every time.

This was Kunlun's home ground and was disadvantageous to them.

"We agree to it as long as it's within fifty years, but we hope that there are no other requests when the deadline arrives.

Regardless of what happens during this period, as long as it doesn't affect the Goddess and her husband, I hope that Kunlun will not have any changes," said Ran Jing.

"Of course." Miao Yue answered softly.

"Then the wedding will be held next spring. Within fifty years, the Goddess will return to her hometown, including the Eighth Prince."

"I have a small request." Zhu Qing suddenly spoke. When everyone looked over, she continued speaking to Ran Jing.

"On the day of the wedding, I hope that you can help Xiao Yu wear the wedding dress."

The rest of Kunlun did not say anything regarding this request.

To them, it did not matter whether the other party agreed or not.

However, Ran Jing was the mother of the goddess, so there was no harm in agreeing.

The dragons said nothing.

This was nothing to them.

It was dispensable.

After a moment of silence, Ran Jing nodded and agreed.


After the date was set, some people in Kunlun began to get busy.

The wedding of the Goddess had to be grander, although they didn't know the person who was going to marry the Goddess.

But they had heard of it.

Many people in Kunlun were very curious about this Senior Brother who rarely showed himself.

Different Senior Brothers and Sisters had different opinions of this Senior Brother.

Some praised while others criticized.

As a result, they were not sure who was right or wrong.

However, there were two pieces of information that were the same no matter who they heard it from.

That was that this Senior Brother had an outstanding temperament and high attainments in the study of array formations.

The Ninth Summit's Senior Brother also had average talent.

However, there were also people who claimed that this Senior Brother achieved immortality even earlier than a genius, proving that his average talent was just a rumor.

"Don't think too much. Quickly prepare some things.

The wedding will be in a few months."

"Those with high cultivations are all cultivating. As for us with low cultivation, we are all busy."

"What can we do? But we can get resources for doing this. Some Senior Brothers might even envy us."

Some people headed towards the peak of the Kunlun Main Hall.

The wedding venue was here. They would need to spend a lot of time arranging it.

After all, they could not let the Dragon Race look down on them.

This sort of thing could not be done simply.

"I've heard that quite a few people have been invited to bear witness," he said. "They're all important people from all over the world. Perhaps we can all see them."

"Those of us who have just entered the sect probably can't get too close."

"That's not bad already. The Goddess' wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event while Kunlun recruits disciples every once in a while.

In the future, we can say that we are one of the few who have witnessed the Goddess' wedding."

"That's true. In the future, no one will be able to see such a grand occasion again."

They were in a good mood.

They moved much faster.

The Eighth Prince watched as these people went up the Kunlun main hall. He felt that they were right.

To be able to witness his brother-in-law and sister's wedding was truly lucky.

Fortunately, he was under house arrest here.

However, it was also quite free. It was much more interesting than being stuck at the Dragon Palace.

No one cared about him, and it was comfortable here.

He could hunt for wild animals and shop around.

"But a lot of big shots are coming. I wonder if something will happen."

The Eighth Prince thought as he walked towards the Ninth Summit.

He wanted to roast a rabbit today for his brother-in-law and his sister to try.

He could also talk about his return to the Dragon Race.

"Return to the Dragon Race? Isn't Kunlun good?"

In the courtyard of Jiang Lan on the Ninth Summit, Xiao Yu asked curiously as she ate the roasted rabbit.

"It's quite good, but Mother wants me to return. She says that I will be going back in a few decades." The Eighth Prince was also eating a roasted rabbit.

He felt that his craftsmanship was very good.

Jiang Lan was sitting on the same side as Xiao Yu.

He didn't really want to eat rabbits.

It would easily dirty his hands. He was still embedding his sword intent into the wooden sword.

The Eighth Prince would often look at the wooden sword as if he was not used to it.

"Are you truly going back or just going back for a visit?" Jiang Lan asked.

The Eighth Prince had been placed under house arrest by Kunlun. In theory, going back meant going back.

Did this mean that he had to return to Kunlun again?

Most likely.

The Eighth Prince was too expensive.

He had five fortuitous opportunities on him, and no one was as special as him.

Did the Dragon Race want the Eighth Prince to return for a while for temporary benefits?

They probably couldn't keep the Eighth Prince as they were not able to afford the price.

The Dragon Race was also in a hurry for them to get married. It should be related to this matter.

"Could it be that they want Senior Sister to return to the Dragon Race and bring the Eighth Prince along with her?" Jiang Lan suddenly thought of this possibility.

He felt that the possibility was high.

Otherwise, the Dragon Race would not be in a hurry for the marriage to happen.

"So I'll be there, too?"

After Xiao Yu married him, it was reasonable for her to bring him back to the Dragon Race.

And he couldn't refuse.

As for the details, he could only wait until after the wedding.

Since his master had not informed him, there was no hurry.

"It should just be a trip back. When the time comes, I'll have to come back to Kunlun. Mother didn't tell me the details either," said the Eighth Prince.

"I see. Then…" Xiao Yu pointed at the wooden sword in Jiang Lan's hand and said.

"I'll lend you this sword. If anyone from the Dragon Race bullies you, it'll be very effective."

The Eighth Prince looked displeased.

"Sis, forget it."

He was scared that he would accidentally injure himself with the sword.

Jiang Lan: "…"

Indeed, even in the eyes of a dragon, it was abnormal for a dragon to wield a Dragon Slaying Sword.

If it accidentally fell to the ground and hit a dragon's foot, perhaps it would turn to a legless dragon.

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