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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion Chapter 422 - Another Path Of The Great Dao free read Here - BochoNovel
Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 422 - Another Path Of The Great Dao

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Chapter 422: Another Path Of The Great Dao

The sun was setting.

A reflection of its glow could be seen on the surface of the sea.

It was magnificent.

The flying Dharma treasure passed by the island. At this moment, many birds that were looking for food on the sea flew up.

Pu! Pu!

It was the sound of wings flapping.

Ao Longyu looked on with curiosity.

It was her first time seeing them.

She liked this scenery.

“Junior Brother, the scene of the birds flying under the setting sun with the sunlight reflecting off their bodies is very beautiful.” Ao Longyu turned her head and said to Jiang Lan beside her.

Such scenery could only be seen on the sea.

There was none in Kunlun.

Ao Longyu’s words made Jiang Lan look towards the setting sun. After a moment of silence, he finally spoke.

“A herd of birds flying together under the setting sun, where the autumn water and the heavens are of the same color.”

He then turned to Ao Longyu.

Ao Longyu stared at him without blinking.

After staring for a long time.

Jiang Lan: “???”

“Junior Brother, I normally also glare at people in my normal state,” Ao Longyu said softly.

Jiang Lan: “…”

Was his Senior Sister glaring at him just now?

He didn’t feel any pressure at all. He didn’t know if there would be any pressure if she stared at him in her true dragon form.

He probably would.

Its eye would be as large as his fist.

“Didn’t you say that you’ve only studied in a private school for a few days?” Ao Longyu asked.

“Yes. Before I started cultivating, I did a lot of things within a period of time,” Jiang Lan answered. Then, he took out a book and said.

“After cultivating, I’ve been just cultivating and reading.

This has been going on for centuries.”

“Then for those… those things that I don’t understand. Did you learn them from the books?” Ao Longyu’s ears were a bit red.

What was his Senior Sister talking about? Jiang Lan was puzzled.

But he still nodded.

There was indeed everything in the books. What his Senior Sister knew or didn’t understand…

He suddenly paused.

Was his Senior Sister talking about what couples needed to do?

He felt that he had just agreed to something that he shouldn’t have.

Hua la!

The sudden noise made Jiang Lan give up on thinking.

At that moment, a stone pillar rose from the bottom of the sea and was in front of the flying Dharma treasure.

The flying treasure came to a halt.

“Everyone, gather on the stone pillar.” Ao Li’s voice sounded.

After exchanging a glance, Jiang Lan and Ao Longyu stepped onto the stone pillar.

It was a flat plaza.


Figures landed on the stone pillars.

Miao Yue and Jiu Zhongtian also followed.

The stone pillar was huge, resembling a small island.

“Because we have to accept the Ancestral Dragon’s gift in the future. Now, we need to approach the Ancestral Dragon. After entering the water, we can’t make any noise,” said Ao Li.

After everyone agreed, the stone pillar began to descend.

With a splash, it disappeared into the water.

It disappeared into the sea.

For Jiang Lan, the setting sun instantly turned into a deep sea scene.

He was still standing on the stone pillar, but his surroundings seemed to be surrounded by mountains; underwater mountains.

The surface of the mountain was carved with an enormous creature.

It was a coiling dragon.

The moment he saw the other party, he felt an indescribable pressure.

The colossal dragon seemed to have come alive as it looked over.

But the pressure disappeared in an instant.

As if it was just a statue.

“Very strong.” Jiu Zhongtian looked up at the dragon.

He was still drinking.

Regardless of whether it was Ancestral Dragon or not, he wasn’t too concerned.

“Senior Brother, it’s better to drink less wine. The Dragon Race should be treated with seriously.” Miao Yue smiled lightly.

There was no fear in her tone. It seemed that she was just worried that Jiu Zhongtian would start a fight.

Jiang Lan naturally heard her words. He discovered something.

His Martial Uncle might be able to match up to the Ancestral Dragon.

It might be difficult for him to win, but he would not lose either.

“No, there might be another advantage. The Ancestral Dragon has a Deity Position, so…”

There’s a high chance that he’s like Imperial Lord Xi He, restricted by the Deity Position and only has one strike outside a certain range. ”

That was why his Martial Uncle could be so relaxed.

The rest of Kunlun naturally didn’t know the details, but they felt more at ease.

It was hard not to feel pressured in other people’s territory.

If their Martial Uncle and Martial Aunt did not mind, they could also rest assured.

“There is a tall platform up ahead. Go up and leave behind your aura there if you want to receive the Ancestral Dragon’s gift.”

The bestowment will be completed elsewhere.” Ran Jing spoke from behind.

Jiang Lan looked ahead.

He did see a high platform, one with the mountain peak.

He looked at his Senior Sister beside him and realized that there was some surprise in her eyes.

She was unfamiliar with the place, but curious.

“Senior Sister, let’s go,” Jiang Lan said softly.

Ao Longyu nodded and walked towards the stage with Jiang Lan.

At this moment, there were still five people from the Dragon Race who went over together. Including Kunlun, there were fifteen people.

However, when Jiang Lan stepped onto the stage, he heard a voice that he had not heard in a long time.


[A path of the Great Dao has been discovered. The host can sign in here permanently.]

[Do you want to sign in?]

A path of the Great Dao.

Jiang Lan was stunned.

He did not expect to find somewhere with a path of the Great Dao the moment he arrived at the Dragon Race.

Kunlun had a path of a Great Dao.

The dragons who were no weaker than Kunlun naturally also had at least a path of the Great Dao.

This was not surprising at all. What was truly surprising was that he actually encountered it the moment he had arrived.

“Looks like this is the Ancestral Dragon of the Abyss,” Jiang Lan thought to himself.

The most special place in Kunlun was naturally the Jade Pool, but no one could enter it.

Otherwise, Imperial Lord Xi He might be there.

On the other hand, the path of the Great Dao of the Dragon Race wasn’t as special as that of Kunlun.

He stopped thinking about it.

Instead, he chose to sign in.

This was because he could not stay on this platform for long.

As for what it might be, it was impossible to know. However, it was definitely not something ordinary.


[Signed in successfully. Congratulations to the host for obtaining the gift of the Great Dao. You have obtained the Dragon Race’s Innate Technique, Dragon Saber Art.]

[Dragon Saber Art: An innate technique born with the dragons. The saber starts from the heart and kills all living beings when it falls. With the heavenly saber in hand, one can look down on all races.]

How would a dragon hold a saber? Jiang Lan thought of his Senior Sister’s true dragon body holding a wooden sword.

“It’s done.” Ran Jing’s voice sounded from behind.

The fifteen of them had just stabilized themselves when they turned back to their original positions.

Jiang Lan didn’t reveal any abnormalities. He was indeed a little surprised.

The first innate technique of a dragon.

Could he learn it?

In theory, it was possible, but it should be impossible for him to master it to the highest realm.

But it was nothing much too.

He did not lack any spell techniques at the moment. The reason why he did not use his other spell techniques was because there was none that was more suitable than the Power of Nine Bulls, and none that could surpass the Power Of Nine Tribulations.

Hence, he never used what he knew.

There was no chance for them to be shown.

“You don’t have to do anything for the next few days. You can visit anywhere you want in the Dragon Race.

Roughly seven days later, it will be the beginning of the Ancestral Dragon’s gift ceremony.

“At that time, there will be some twists and turns. All of you, prepare yourselves.” Ao Li said.

He then ordered his men to take Jiang Lan and the others away.

Miao Yue and Jiu Zhongtian did not follow.

They needed Ran Jing and company to personally lead them to their residences. It would be too impolite for others to do so.

The Dragon Race was not arrogant to that extent, unless the two sides became enemies.

Jiang Lan and the others followed the dragons outside.

However, they had just walked out of the mountain when they arrived before a crystal statue.

The statue was rather large, and it looked like a dragon soaring into the sky.

There seemed to be a blade on the back of the dragon.

This surprised Jiang Lan. This wasn’t a normal dragon.

“It’s the Dragon Saber.” A voice suddenly reached Jiang Lan’s ears.

It was the Eighth Prince’s voice.

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