Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 425 - I Have Experience Against Females

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Chapter 425: I Have Experience Against Females

On the island.

On the beach.

The waves crashed into the sand layer by layer, as if they were about to flip over.

However, the waves had no choice but to retreat every time.

At this moment, a turtle was washed ashore.

When it tried to crawl back, it felt as if the sky had suddenly turned dark.

A foot was coming towards it, and it was so scared that it shrank back into its shell.


A sea monster with scales on its body stepped onto the coast.

“We’ve reached.”

It was a woman. Her pupils were vertical and she was spitting out her tongue.

A snake demon.

A dragon’s shadow appeared on her body.

This black dragon seemed to have its own consciousness.

“Because of us, you’re unable to unleash your full power. However, as long as you don’t encounter too many people, there shouldn’t be any problems.” The black dragon spoke.

“Are we all going to depart from here?” The snake demon’s soft voice sounded.

“Yes, you guys will have to try to find the targets.” The black dragon nodded.

“In other words, whether or not we can encounter a target depends on luck?” asked the snake demon.

This time, the black dragon did not reply, as if it silently agreed.

At the same time, sea monsters appeared one after another on the coast. They disappeared from the island with the snake demon.

The goal was the forest ahead.



In the forest, the leaves swayed by the sword shadows.

Someone fell from the sky.

It was Jiang Lan’s group of three.


The fallen leaves scattered. Jiang Lan and the others landed steadily.

“I think we’re at the edge of a comparative area,” the Eighth Prince said, looking around.

Ao Longyu hid behind Jiang Lan. When she came out, she was already in the form of Xiao Yu.

“It’s still convenient to go out like this.” She jumped up and down beside Jiang Lan with a smile.

“Sister, will you be able to use your full strength?” the Eighth Prince asked curiously.

“Definitely not. However, it shouldn’t be a problem if I can turn back all of a sudden. It shouldn’t be a problem as long as we don’t go near the river, right?” Xiao Yu asked.

Her mother had instructed them to not go over.

In theory, there shouldn’t be a need for them to fight.

Jiang Lan observed his surroundings. There were no problems for now.

However, the condensed object had always had a slight reaction. In other words, their position should have been locked.

Those people would definitely take action. It wouldn’t be long before someone came to find them or lead them to the other side of the river.

“Junior Brother, do you think there’s a problem nearby?” Xiao Yu asked.

Jiang Lan nodded slightly.

After a moment of hesitation, he handed the note to Ao Man.

“Eighth Prince, bring this with you. If you encounter a problem that you can’t handle, read the name on it.”

Hearing those words, the Eighth Prince was perplexed.

He immediately thought of the title of the Fist God.

But he already knew this name, why would his brother-in-law remind him again?

“It’s different from what you think. Open it when you encounter danger,” Jiang Lan said softly.

The Eighth Prince, who received the note, also understood what his brother-in-law meant.

It would be best if he did not know the name on it. Even if he knew, he should not tell anyone.

But he was indeed curious.

When his brother-in-law said that it was different from what he had imagined, it meant that the name was not the Fist God anymore.

What could it be?

For a moment, he looked forward to danger.

“So secretive.” Xiao Yu looked around and whispered.

She had no intention of knowing.

“Master gave it to me. He said that only the Eighth Prince can trigger it,” Jiang Lan explained softly.


The sound of wind came from the sky.

Following that, a dragon shadow covered the island.

“The bestowment has begun.” The Eighth Prince looked up at the dragon shadow and said.

Jiang Lan nodded slightly. Was this the power of the Ancestral Dragon?

It was good that his gaze was not here. He would feel more at ease when he went to the other side of the river.

However, he had to take precautions against the Ancestral Dragon as well.

The current Ancestral Dragon of the Dragon Race should be the original Dragon King.

He was the father of Xiao Yu and the Eighth Prince.

The reason why he became the Ancestral Dragon should be because he obtained the Deity Position, and the name of the Deity Position was the Ancestral Dragon of the Abyss.

That was why they called him Ancestral Dragon instead of Dragon King.

This was just like the case of Imperial Lord Xi He. Jiang Lan didn’t know his real name.

Just like how not many people knew the true name of the Fist God, the name of the Fist God also represented his identity.

Xiao Yu looked at the sky and felt it as well.

They could not leave the island from the start of the gifting process as it would affect the progress of the gifting process.

“Where are we going now?” Xiao Yu asked Jiang Lan.

Her Junior Brother was very good at finding places. Usually, the scenery he chose was not bad.

Jiang Lan looked at the shore and said softly.

“Senior Sister, you might have to return to your normal state.”

Upon hearing this, Ao Longyu, who was standing behind Jiang Lan, reverted back to her original appearance. She then followed Jiang Lan’s gaze.


However, her Junior Brother was a very vigilant person. Master, Martial Aunt, and the others also said that Junior Brother was very good at avoiding danger and also very good at sensing danger.

“It seems that there is indeed a force approaching from the outside.” The Eighth Prince frowned and suddenly said loudly.

“He has come.”

At this moment, his halberd appeared. With a wave of it, lightning appeared.

At this moment, a strong wind appeared and the shadow of a snake broke through the forest and descended.


The snake and the lightning collided.

Early-stage Heaven Immortal?

Jiang Lan was a bit surprised, but soon discovered that his opponent’s strength was suppressed and had a strength stronger than a True Immortal but weaker than Heaven Immortals.

However, the other party wasn’t something that ordinary peak True Immortals could deal with.

She was very powerful.

“Using a Heaven Immortal directly. It seems that the strongest person on the other side of the river might have surpassed a Heaven Immortal. I wonder if he has surpassed the Celestial Immortal Realm.” Jiang Lan pondered.

At this moment, a powerful force surged over, forcing him to retreat some distance from Ao Longyu.

They could not interfere in a battle between True Immortals.

“Brother-in-law, elder sister, leave first. The other party looks very strong. However, she doesn’t seem to be much stronger than me. I have the confidence to deal with her,” the Eighth Prince said.

He held the halberd and faced his opponent.

There was no sign of weakness.

Jiang Lan glanced at the other party. It was a snake demon, and there was the aura of a true dragon on its body. It was probably the restriction of coming to the island.

However, the Eighth Prince was indeed able to resist a little.

“Let’s go, Senior Sister. Let’s leave this place first,” Jiang Lan said to Ao Longyu.

“Can Ao Man deal with it?” Ao Longyu asked.

“Don’t worry, even if there is danger, the thing I just gave him can protect him.” Jiang Lan said.

Not only that, calling the title of the Ancestral Dragon’s Deity Position should be useful here as well.

But it was unknown if it would be useful if they were the ones who recited the name.

Only then did Ao Longyu feel relieved and leave with Jiang Lan.

They were Human Immortals and were easily a burden.

The Eighth Prince heaved a sigh of relief when he noticed Jiang Lan and his sister leaving.

This way, he wouldn’t have to worry about them.

He was no longer worried about the safety of his brother-in-law and sister.

His brother-in-law also knew the Fist God, and the youth had gotten help from him in the Central Plains.

His brother-in-law should be able to do it too should the need arise.

His brother-in-law and sister were in love with each other. They were a loving couple, a match made in heaven.

Therefore, if his brother-in-law was fine, his sister would definitely be fine too.

The snake demon stood in front of the Eighth Prince and smiled.

“The Eighth Prince of the Dragon Race. You are quite useful.”

“You are a female?” The Eighth Prince carried the halberd and smiled.

“Unfortunately, I’m very experienced in dealing with females these few days. A little demon like you, even if your cultivation level is higher than mine, is still not strong enough to overpower me.”

With that said, the Eighth Prince’s body began to glow with lightning as he charged towards the snake demon.

The earth shook.

The battle began.

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