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Chapter 428 - Junior Brother Is A Celestial Immortal?

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Chapter 428: Junior Brother Is A Celestial Immortal?

Jiang Lan didn’t mind what Xiaoyu said.

He had only used his surface cultivation base in the Ninth Summit. Besides, even if he were to use his surface cultivation, Xiao Yu had no chance of winning.

Unless they competed at the Jade Pool.

That was Xiao Yu’s home ground, so he lost his advantage.

Unfortunately, this dragon was not that smart.

“Senior Sister, give me your palm.” Jiang Lan gently lifted Xiao Yu’s palm.

Then, he used his own hand to touch it.

Light appeared and covered Xiao Yu’s hand.

A moment later, the light disappeared.

Jiang Lan released his grip.


Upon hearing this, Xiao Yu retracted her hand and looked at it. She realized that there were runes on her palm.

In the blink of an eye, they disappeared without a trace.

“What is this?” Xiao Yu looked at Jiang Lan curiously.

“It’s used to protect Senior Sister’s safety. As long as you are on the island, I’ll know whether or not you are in danger,” Jiang Lan explained.

Actually, what Senior Sister said just now was right. Their Martial Aunt and Martial Uncle had indeed left behind a backup plan.

However, as long as it was not life-threatening, it would not be triggered.

When Senior Sister had faced the palm of a True Immortal earlier on, she had nearly triggered it.

That was how Jiang Lan discovered it.

However, he acted faster, so he probably didn’t attract the attention of those two.

It didn’t matter even if they did.

It was a close call.

“Junior Brother wants to monitor me?” Xiao Yu stared at Jiang Lan and continued.

“And you want to abandon me?”

Jiang Lan: “…”

She wasn’t wrong but the way she said it just didn’t feel right.

“Junior Brother, you have to say something, right?” Xiao Yu placed her hands behind her back and asked.

“When I arrived at the Dragon Race, I discovered that someone was trying to harm Senior Sister.” As he spoke, Jiang Lan took out the things that he had gathered earlier. The mist-like sphere emitted a faint light.

“They used this to lock onto Senior Sister, but I found it and put it on my body.

Now that they can know our location, I can also know their approximate location through feedback.

They are on the other side of the river.

So I want to go settle it.”

There was no need to hide anything. It was not suitable to bring Xiao Yu along.

“Alright. I’ll wait here for you, Junior Brother.” Xiao Yu didn’t ask anything else.

After some thought, Jiang Lan drew a circle around him.

“If Senior Sister stays inside this circle, you will not be discovered or attacked.”

“It feels familiar.” Xiao Yu squinted her eyes and smiled.

However, she quickly opened her eyes and looked at Jiang Lan.

“Is Junior Brother a True Immortal?”

She wanted to find out a bit more of her Junior Brother’s cultivation.

“More or less a bit stronger.” Jiang Lan replied.

His face was calm.

“Perfected True Immortal?” Xiao Yu tried asking again.

“A bit higher,” Jiang Lan replied.

“E… Early-stage Heaven Immortal?” Xiao Yu found it rather hard to believe.

Among their fellow disciples, Lu Jian was the strongest.

His talent was peerless, but he had only reached the perfected True Immortal Realm after all this time. He had yet to become a Heaven Immortal.

She had heard from Senior Sister Hong Luan that Senior Brother Lu Jian would only advance to the Heaven Immortal Realm after this trip.

Although her younger brother, the Eighth Prince, was also a perfected True Immortal, he would still have to wait for a period of time before he became a Heaven Immortal.

Heaven Immortals were already extremely powerful.

“A bit higher.” Jiang Lan was as calm as ever.


“You… You’re already at the mid-stage Heaven Immortal Realm?” Xiao Yu felt as if her sense of logic had been overturned.

Jiang Lan looked at Xiao Yu without replying.


He continued to watch without saying a word.

“Perfected realm?”

Jiang Lan remained silent.

“A little… a little higher?” Xiao Yu gestured with her thumb and index finger.

Jiang Lan nodded slightly.

Xiao Yu was completely stunned as she gave up thinking.

“Junior Brother, you can set off.”

After checking her surroundings, Jiang Lan finally relaxed.

“Senior Sister, wait for me to return. It shouldn’t take too long. If the enemy is too strong, I will retreat. ”

After Xiao Yu nodded, he turned around and left.

After taking a few steps, Xiao Yu stopped him.

“Junior Brother, wait a moment.”

Jiang Lan looked at Xiao Yu in confusion.

At this moment, Xiao Yu came to Jiang Lan’s side. She stood on her tiptoes and patted Jiang Lan’s head. She said seriously.

“Junior Brother, you must remember that power is temporary. I am the Senior Sister. I’ll protect Junior Brother next time.”

Jiang Lan was silent.

After replying to his Senior Sister, Jiang Lan disappeared on the spot and followed the feedback to the river.

He wanted to see how strong the opponent was.

Would he be able to match his opponent?

If he could, he would clean the situation up.

If he couldn’t…

He would think of a way to get his Martial Aunt and Martial Uncle to clean it up.

Xiao Yu watched as Jiang Lan disappeared and returned to her normal form.

She sat on a rock and fell into deep thought.

When her Junior Brother was around, she did not think much about it. Now that he had gone off to do something, her thoughts started to run.

“When Junior Brother attacked earlier, all of the enemies turned into a bloody mist. I have seen this sort of scene before.”

Yes, she had.

Back then, she was subdued by a Dharma treasure and almost lost her life. It was a fellow disciple who had used such a mean to kill his opponents who had saved her.

After that, she was unable to find the other party.

Later on, in the Third Summit’s Mystic realm, she was severely injured and this person walked out at the last moment.

Blood mist filled the air wherever he went.

In the end, she was saved by him again.

Although she had a feeling that the other party would kill her at any moment.

But she was still saved.

In the past, he had thought that he was a senior of the sect or a hidden expert.

But now, she realized that the person who had saved her was her future husband.

Ao Longyu looked down at the circle that had been drawn, and her lips twitched slightly.

“Perhaps this is what Junior Sister Siya meant by fate.”

It was indeed fate.

Ao Longyu raised her head to look at the sky. She suddenly remembered that she had entered the Jade Pool through the repelling formation.

And this array formation was taught by her Junior Brother.

That was how they got engaged.

Jiang Lan crossed a rather wide river.

When he came to the other side of the river, he felt that there was a very thick dragon aura here.

It was different from the dragon aura on his Senior Sister’s body.

Was it the black dragons?

“They are the ones leading this time?”

Jiang Lan came to a conclusion.

However, the demons had no choice but to be wary. As for who was more dangerous.

The possibility of the black dragons being more dangerous was higher. After all, this was the black dragons’ territory.

However, he could not let his guard down.

Perhaps the black dragons were only a threat on the surface.

“The feedback is getting more and more obvious. I believe they also know that I’m here. I can’t stay here. I have to get closer quickly. ”

He activated his Nine Steps of Heavenly Travel and quickly approached the black dragon.

However, the aura of the lock was covered by his One Leaf Vision, causing problems for the other party.

The other party only knew the approximate location.

This way, it would be easier for him to probe the other party’s strength.

On the other side of the river where Jiang Lan was, there was a mountain near the shore.

The interior of the mountain was empty, extending into the sea below the island.

And in the depths of the mountain peak, a black dragon emitting a powerful aura opened its eyes.

His gaze was deep with a hint of joy.

“She’s here. It actually went so smoothly.”

He was a black dragon trapped here. He belonged to a branch of the black dragons.

The mission this time was mainly them.

Although he was puzzled, he did not think too much about it. Instead, he asked the people outside to get ready.

As long as they captured this person, their mission would be completed.

With this done, they will not be trapped here in the future.

There was no need to withstand the suppression of the lightning.

“Don’t act rashly. Let her in first.”

At the entrance of the mountain, the black dragon remained silent.

In the darkness, their auras began to hide.

It was as if they were waiting for a lightning strike.

The interior of the mountain was silent.

They were all waiting.

Waiting for the prey to enter the trap.

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