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Chapter 430 - Shocking The Dragon Race

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Chapter 430: Shocking The Dragon Race

Although the barrier was strong, it was not hard for Jiang Lan to go past it.

It could be broken easily by Jiang Lan.

A true dragon phantom appeared from the saber. However, this dragon phantom was sharp and its strength aura was rising steadily.

Early-stage Heaven Immortal, mid-stage Heaven Immortal, late-stage Heaven Immortal…

Jiang Lan immediately arrived at black dragon An Ji’s side.

Although it was a probe, the attack still carried an absolute murderous aura.

Since he could kill the other party directly, there was naturally no need for him to keep the other party alive.

However, just as he approached, a powerful aura attacked him.

The attack surpassed that of what an early-stage Celestial Immortal could unleash.

Moreover, the other party was prepared, this strike couldn’t kill him, not even seriously injure him.

He himself, on the other hand, might even be seriously injured.

Without the slightest hesitation, Jiang Lan forcefully stopped his strength at the perfected Heaven Immortal Realm.

He slashed down.


A powerful force erupted along with it. Jiang Lan didn’t hesitate in the slightest and retreated upon contact.

He retreated outside the barrier, and while the two black dragons were still in shock, he swung his saber once again.

The power of a perfected golden body Heaven Immortal directly suppressed the opponent’s temporary defense.

The saber drew a circle before stopping.

Jiang Lan didn’t look at the two black dragons anymore and focused his attention on the Celestial Immortal black dragon at the very center.


The two black dragons widened their eyes in disbelief.

In the end, their bodies fell to the ground in pieces.

The sound of something heavy falling to the ground could be heard.

“Perfected Heaven Immortal?” Inside the barrier, the black dragon moved its body silently as though it was prepared for battle. In fact, it was already prepared.

“How bold. Although my cultivation level has fallen to that of an early-stage Celestial Immortal, killing you is still as easy as flipping my hand.”

A lie.

This was Jiang Lan’s first thought.

The other party’s cultivation was definitely not only at the early-stage Celestial Immortal Realm, or else he would have already severely injured him.

“Is he trying to bait me so that I will relax and lower my guard?” Jiang Lan made a decision.

However, the other party was indeed not at the peak. He was most likely at the mid-stage Celestial Immortal Realm.

“I can try killing him.”

If he really couldn’t kill him, he would create a huge commotion here and lure his Martial Uncle over.

However, he needed to escape before his Martial Uncle arrived.


His identity would be revealed.

His master was not nearby. He had no idea what his Martial Aunt and Martial Uncle would think of him being the Fist God.

His master did not ask further because he trusted him.

However, to gain the trust of his Martial Aunt and Martial Uncle was a bit far-fetched.

Furthermore, he advanced so quickly that everyone knew that he definitely had some secrets.

Who would not be interested in this secret?

Although a large part of it was his own comprehension and he had walked down the path of the Great Dao himself.

However, without the system, how could he reach this stage?

Therefore, he could not let his guard down.


A dragon’s roar was heard as his opponent unleashed his attack.

Jiang Lan’s blade was also raised. Right now, there were true dragons swimming about within the blade, not just one.


The blade was waved.


All of Jiang Lan’s power surged, unleashing the power of a Celestial Immortal.

He did not know if the other party would use his full strength. If the other party did not, he would have the upper hand and take back the initiative.


The other party’s strength exceeded that of an early-stage Celestial Immortal.


The surrounding rocks began to disintegrate.

For a time, Jiang Lan was forced back a bit.

“Celestial Immortal?” Black dragon An Ji was a little stunned.

However, he did not think too much about it. At this moment, he could not think too much.

The other party’s saber was brandished, and it was somewhat different.

He had felt it earlier, but now it was even more obvious.

This saber…

He felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

“Dragon Race?”

He immediately suspected that the other party was a dragon.

Because the other party was in the form of a human, his first thought was naturally that the other party was a human.

However, this saber made him subconsciously think that the other party was a dragon.

No. He couldn’t let the other party swing the saber.

The black dragon didn’t think too much about it, nor did it hesitate to take the initiative to attack.

Jiang Lan, who had failed in his first strike, didn’t feel dejected. What he unleashed previously was just the first move of the Dragon Saber Art.

This was just the beginning.

Perhaps he could try to keep this black dragon. But the black dragons outside…

He could only think about it later.

On the other side of the island, Ao Longyu sat down and waited.

She looked in the direction that Jiang Lan left in, not revealing any expression.

She more or less knew a little about her Junior Brother’s strength. There wouldn’t be any accidents.

While she was waiting, she suddenly felt her heart palpitate.

It was as if something had directly touched her True Dragon bloodline. It was as if something formidable was about to appear.

And it was related to the Dragon Race.

She stood up and looked into the distance.

“It’s Junior Brother?”

She wasn’t so sure.

But the palpitations did come from that side.

But she had no idea what it was.

It felt as if the resonation came from the depths of her bloodline.

On the other hand, Ao Lin and the others who were originally in battle were stunned as well, and they raised their heads to look towards the distance.

They also felt an inexplicable sense of fear.

“What is going on? Is something going to happen over there?” Ao Lin was a bit confused.

The others were also puzzled.

But they didn’t feel like anything would happen.

Not just them.

Even Ran Jing and company, who were standing on the stone pillar, looked at the island in astonishment.

“What did you guys feel?” Miao Yue asked Ao Shishi.

At that moment, their expressions changed slightly.

“Something is coming out from the other side of the island,” said Ran Jing calmly.

She did not say anything else.

Something that only dragons could sense? Miao Yue had some thoughts.

But she did not know the details.

However, she soon frowned slightly because an aura suddenly erupted from the island.

Very cold.

At the same time, a beam of light appeared on the island.

Following that, a powerful force erupted.


The saber beam tore through the island and shot into the sky, sweeping across the endless sea.


At this moment, endless waves surged in the sea.

Waves surged into the heavens, as if the milky way of the nine heavens had fallen.

When Jiu Zhongtian and the rest saw this sudden change, they were stunned. This level of power…

This was beyond that of what a Heaven Immortal could unleash.

Why would it appear on the island?

And where did it come from?

Did it have something to do with what the Dragon race had just sensed? Miao Yue had some doubts in her heart.

“This is saber intent, and something is wrong.” Jiu Zhongtian frowned.

“The saber intent feels very natural, as if it was carved by the heavens and earth. It’s definitely not man-made.”

Ao Li and the others were also stunned, but they didn’t say anything.

A natural saber intent that was carved by the heavens and earth, coupled with the resonance of their bloodline…

This saber was…

They had some guesses, but they didn’t say anything.

Because it was unbelievable.

On the island, Ao Longyu looked at the boundless waves and felt as if the entire island was about to be covered in them.

Like the fury of the sea.

The Eighth Prince looked at the sky in confusion. This was…

What was happening?

Bei Fang, Lin An, and the others, who had been fleeing for their lives, stared blankly at the waves that covered the sky. They were momentarily dazed.

“How do we escape?”

Jing Ting asked.

“Hide in the sea?” Ji Jiang replied.

Everyone else: “…”

After slaughtering their enemies, Lu Jian and his party helplessly looked towards the horizon, as if the waves were about to devour them.

If it was coming towards them, they didn’t know if they could take it.

“Does anyone have any comment?”

Lu Zhou looked around and asked.

The others were too stunned to answer.

Ao Lin and the others also put down their treasures. They were helpless in the face of the enormous wave.

Because it contained immense power.

If it crashed over them, they would not be able to withstand it.

The difference in their strength was too great.

“Impossible. This move has clearly been lost.” A terrified voice came from the waves.

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