Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 436 - My Wife

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Chapter 436: My Wife

Jiu Zhongtian retracted his hand from the stone pillar and looked at Ran Jing.

He had tried to kill the black dragon, but he had failed.

Ran Jing had taken action and protected the other party.

They were currently in a cooperative relationship and it was not suitable for them to fight.

“Kunlun has no right to interfere in matters between the dragons,” said Ran Jing calmly.

“It looks like you dragons still haven’t recovered from the battle with the demons.” Miao Yue did not pay much attention to it.

A black dragon was a dragon after all. It was only natural for the Dragon Race to protect the other party.

This was especially the case when no one knew what would happen afterwards, if a great battle erupted.

The black dragon would be of great help to the Dragon Race when needed.

On top of that, the Heavenly Dragon Saber had once again been awakened.

There was a chance that the black dragons and true dragons might unite.

After all, the saber intent of the Dragon Saber Art could activate the battle intent in the bloodlines of the black dragons and true dragons.

At that time…

No one could imagine how strong they could become.

“Miao Yue, aren’t you going to explain about Imperial Lord Lun Ling first?” Ao Li said in a low voice.

Miao Yue smiled without saying anything.

She really didn’t know him.

Everyone on the stone pillar remained silent.

No one asked too much.

On one side, they did not want to say it, while on the other, they knew that asking would not yield any results.

All that remained was speculation.

And the subsequent response.

Compared to Imperial Lord Lun Ling, the Dragon Race was more concerned about the person who managed to call upon the Heavenly Dragon Saber and unleashed the Dragon Saber Art.

This would directly affect the future of the Dragon Race.

Ao Longyu carefully approached Ao Man’s location, not acting recklessly.

She had to carefully examine her surroundings to prevent herself from being put in a disadvantageous position.

But when she got closer, she saw her brother lying on the ground.

His breathing was steady. There was no danger.

And beside the Eight Prince was naturally Jiang Lan who was sitting cross-legged on the ground.

He was hurt but was currently healing himself.

At this point.

Ao Longyu heaved a sigh of relief.

She walked closer to Jiang Lan, making sure that the situation wasn’t that serious.

She then began to draw an array formation.

It was a Spirit Gathering Array Formation.

It would allow her Junior Brother to recover faster.

After this was done, she set up a Maze Array Formation.

She had a certain level of attainment towards Maze Array Formations as she had often come into contact with them.

She was naturally stronger in this aspect compared to ordinary people.

After everything was done, she quietly sat next to Jiang Lan, vigilant of her surroundings.

As for how the Eighth Prince had fallen unconscious, she did not know. But she had seen the situation and heard the name.

“Imperial Lord Lun Ling?”

Xiao Yu muttered softly. She did not know what this name represented.

But he should be a very powerful existence.

Was it Junior Brother?

Definitely not. That level of strength felt way beyond the capabilities of her Junior Brother.

“It might be the note that Junior Brother gave Ao Man.” She had some guesses.

Looking around, she did not see any note.

Thus, she stopped thinking about it.

She decided to ask her Junior Brother when he woke up.

The next morning.

Ao Longyu sat on the spot and looked at Jiang Lan.

Her gaze lingered on a pool of blood.

Was it her Junior Brother who vomited?

After some hesitation, a ball of fire appeared in her hand. It was the True Samadhi Fire.

Soon after, the flames covered the bloodstains and in a short period of time, everything around them was incinerated.

Only then did Ao Longyu withdraw her hand. Next, she just had to wait quietly for her Junior Brother to wake up.

The surrounding spirit qi continued to gather on Jiang Lan’s body. The Spirit Gathering Array Formation was more or less effective, but Ao Longyu was unable to set up an even more powerful Spirit Gathering Array Formation.



The Eighth Prince suddenly stirred as if he was about to wake up.

Seeing this, Ao Longyu was stunned.

She looked at Jiang Lan, unsure if she could let Ao Man see this.

Without any hesitation, he stood up and walked over to Ao Man.

Then, she took out her wooden sword and pointed it at the back of Ao Man’s head.

The moment she wanted to make a move, she felt that something was wrong.

Soon she knew what was wrong. She shrank at a visible rate.

In the blink of an eye, she turned into Xiao Yu.

As such, she revealed a smile.

“Little brother, sleep a little longer. Wait for your brother-in-law to wake up.”

As soon as he finished speaking, she activated the sleeping spell on the wooden sword and waved it.

The sword struck the back of Ao Man’s head.


Ao Man, who was about to wake up, twitched. He lay on the ground motionless, as if he had suffered a huge blow.

His aura was normal.

Xiao Yu relaxed.

She placed the wooden sword in her hand and returned to Jiang Lan’s side, staring at the Eighth Prince.

Ready to strike at any moment.

The next day.

The Eighth Prince struggled for a while and decided to wake up.

However, he suffered another sword strike midway and then fell unconscious again.

Seven days passed in total.

Today was the seventh time Xiao Yu knocked out the Eighth Prince.

“I don’t think the wooden sword is very useful anymore.”

She looked at the wooden sword and muttered to herself.

Currently, her cultivation level was only at the late-stage Human Immortal Realm, while Ao Man was at the perfected True Immortal Realm.

The disparity was too great, so she could only use the Dragon Slaying Sword to knock him out.

With her own strength, it was impossible for her to do it. However, after being used so many times, the effect seemed to have weakened.

However, it was not a problem to persist for another seven days. It would depend on when her Junior Brother woke up.

While her mind was racing, she suddenly heard a voice.

“Senior Sister, what are you doing?”

“Huh?” Xiao Yu was shocked.

The wooden sword was thrown out of her hands.

Jiang Lan, who had just woken up, watched as the wooden sword flew up, his expression changing.

If this landed on the Eighth Prince…


The wooden sword was caught by Xiao Yu, and nothing bad happened.

Jiang Lan let out a sigh of relief.

He had spent quite a bit of time and finally stabilized his injuries. So far, there was not much effect.

However, he still needed to recuperate.

Only then could he fully recover.

Of course, he could not use his full strength at the moment. However, there were no other problems.

And no one would notice it.

However, when he woke up and saw his Senior Sister using a wooden sword to knock out the Eighth Prince, he was somewhat surprised.

This was somewhat dangerous.

Xiao Yu came to Jiang Lan’s side and took a closer look.

“Junior Brother is fine?

Seven days have already passed. If Junior Brother still hadn’t woken up in another seven days, I would have to wake you up. ”

She then sat down beside Jiang Lan.

Seven days? Jiang Lan was surprised.

He thought that only a short time had passed, especially since the Eighth Prince was still unconscious.

He asked Xiaoyu curiously.

“Did the Eighth Prince just wake up?”

“That’s right.” Xiao Yu propped her chin on her hands and looked at Jiang Lan.

“I don’t know if Ao Man knows about Junior Brother’s injury, so I can only let him continue sleeping.

Junior Brother can’t tell him that about this. I still dote on him a lot. The knocking wasn’t heavy either.”

Jiang Lan was silent.

Actually, it wouldn’t be a problem for the Eighth Prince to know about his injuries.

He couldn’t really link it to anything, but it was better that he didn’t know.

Looking around, he realized that there was a Maze Array Formation and a Spirit Gathering Array Formation.

They should have been set up by his Senior Sister.

They were rather lousy.

However, he was somewhat delighted. After all, his Senior Sister’s attainments in array formations were not high.

“Senior Sister, do you want to ask about anything?” Jiang Lan looked at Xiao Yu and asked softly.

The Eighth Prince was sleeping so it was easier for him to talk.

“I only have one question.” Ao Longyu looked at Jiang Lan and said softly.

“Who am I to you?”

Who was she? This question surprised Jiang Lan, but he still answered.

“My wife?”

“Alright, no problem.” Ao Longyu leaned against Jiang Lan’s back as she spoke, her tone relaxed and joyful.

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