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Chapter 442 - The Fall Of The Ancient Imperial Palace

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Chapter 442: The Fall Of The Ancient Imperial Palace

There were a few words on the last page. The handwriting was different from before.

It was his master’s notes.

Because this book did not contain the words left behind by the Kunlun Ancestor.

But his master knew that sentence.

Similarly, his master also knew that it was impossible for him to go to the depths of Kunlun to check, so he wrote it at the end in advance.

There was only one short sentence: The Ancient Imperial Palace had fallen.

Jiang Lan closed the book.

He fell into silence. He needed to think.

The ‘Kunlun’s Nine Summits’ book roughly recorded the actions of the Kunlun Ancestor and the origin of Kunlun.

Although he was curious about what the Kunlun Ancestor encountered after entering the passageway between the First Summit and the Ninth Summit, it had little to do with him.

But the last sentence had a lot to do with him.

The Ancient Imperial Palace had fallen.

There were many legends about the Ancient Imperial Palace in the Grand Desolate World. It was said that the Ancient Imperial Palace had disappeared into the vast wilderness.

No one knew where it went.

The prefix of the Deity Position that he had obtained was Ancient Imperial.

In other words, the Deity Position was related to the Ancient Imperial Palace.

The location of the Deity Position should be where the Ancient Imperial Palace was. So, where was the Ancient Imperial Palace?

Jiang Lan raised his head and looked up. The ancient city should be somewhere high in the sky.

It should be located at a place where one could not go normally, at least with the Grand Desolate World’s current strength, one could not go there directly.

Even the Kunlun Ancestor needed the help of the passageway.

After a moment of silence, Jiang Lan had some ideas.

The method of verification was through the Ancient Imperial Palace Lower Palace.

Imperial Lord Xi He had told him that as long as he left the lower palace and moved a little further, he would be able to understand what the Ancient Imperial Palace represented.

It would take some time to get up there. Now…

He glanced at Xiao Yu, who was already sitting opposite him, and gave up on heading there.

“Junior Brother, I’ve never seen the books you read before.” Xiao Yu propped her chin on her hands as she looked at Jiang Lan.

She had never seen ‘Kunlun’s Nine Summits’ before. Furthermore, she could see the changes in her Junior Brother’s eyes.

In that case, the things recorded in this book were not simple.

“These books aren’t placed in the normal library.” Jiang Lan put the book away.

It was not yet time for his Senior Sister to look at them.

His Senior Sister could not understand much after seeing it, especially the words left behind by her master.

Many people had never even heard of the name Ancient Imperial Palace.

“Junior Brother really knows how to hide secrets.” Xiao Yu didn’t mind. She looked at the sky and said.

“It’s getting dark. I have to go back to cultivate in two days.”

“That’s right.” Xiao Yu retracted her gaze and looked at Jiang Lan.

“When I come out of seclusion, I should be a perfected Human Immortal. Will Junior Brother be a mid-stage Human Immortal?”

Jiang Lan: “…”

His Senior Sister knew about his cultivation level. She knew more than his master.

However, he still nodded. After some time, his first level cultivation was indeed at the mid-stage Human Immortal Realm.

“Then once the hundred-year challenge begins, Junior Brother is not allowed to cheat.” Xiao Yu said seriously.

Did this mean that he was not allowed to use his strength that was higher than a mid-stage Human Immortal? Jiang Lan only nodded lightly in response.

He had never intended to use strength that didn’t match his surface cultivation.

The reason why his Senior Sister had lost consecutively was because she had stubbornly chosen the Ninth Summit as the venue to fight.

Since that was the case, he didn’t mind knocking some sense into his Senior Sister.

Without further thought, he slowly got up and walked into the room. It was already dark.

“Junior Brother, I don’t think I will turn into a dragon this time.”

Xiao Yu followed beside Jiang Lan.

“It’s good as long as you don’t mess around,” Jiang Lan said softly.

“Junior Brother.” Xiao Yu jumped and returned to her normal self. She stood beside Jiang Lan and looked at him.

“Does Junior Brother like humans more?”

“I like Senior Sister,” Jiang Lan replied.

Ao Longyu smiled as she approached Jiang Lan. “I won’t hurt you this time.”

The next day.

Jiang Lan walked out of the room and gently sat on the stone table.

He looked down at his scratched arm and stopped paying attention.

The dragon in the room had no self-awareness.

She grabbed him even harder than before.

“It seems like it’s not easy to control once her cultivation level has increased.

Is it the same for the other dragons? ”

Jiang Lan was surprised.

Then, he gave up on this problem. The other dragons should have directly transformed back into true dragon bodies.

They did not marry a human.

Most of them would marry dragons.

Xiao Yu was an exception.

Sitting in the courtyard, Jiang Lan looked outside.

Rain dripped down and the sun appeared.

It was as if the world had been reborn.


A sudden pounding came from the door.

Xiao Yu, who was touching the dragon scales on her face, bumped into the door and disappeared.

Moments later.

Xiao Yu, whose scar was visible on her neck, peeked out.

She looked at Jiang Lan.

“As a courteous junior brother, you can’t laugh at your Senior Sister,” Xiao Yu said softly.

Before Jiang Lan could reply, she walked out and sat beside her.

“I just remembered, Junior Brother doesn’t know how to smile.” As she spoke, she cast a healing spell on Jiang Lan’s hand.

At the same time, she cast a spell on his back.

The injury on his hand looked serious, but it was worse on his back.

Jiang Lan remained silent.

It was just that he rarely smiled. It was not that he did not know how to smile.

“Junior Brother, isn’t your cultivation level very high? Why are you still injured by me?” Xiao Yu grabbed her hand curiously. Her dragon hand scratched onto her dragon scales and made an ear-piercing sound.

But there were no injuries.

“Even I have no injuries.” Xiao Yu showed Jiang Lan.

“Indeed, there are no injuries.” Jiang Lan knocked on the arm that Xiao Yu had sent over. He was rather curious. If a dragon scale was missing, would her arm be injured when the dragon scales faded away as Xiao Yu transformed into her human form?

He felt that it should be the case.

He could try it if he had the chance.

It was better to test it out on a male dragon.

It was fine for male dragons to be injured.

“Junior Brother, does this mean that my physical body is stronger?” Xiao Yu propped her chin on her hand as she looked at Jiang Lan.

Ignorant and arrogant…

Adult dragon.

Two days later.

Jiang Lan sent Xiao Yu off the Ninth Summit.

“I think it might have something to do with the gift. It’s hard to control it without digesting it.”

Xiao Yu, who was walking on the road, touched her face. The scar was easy to see.

If it weren’t for the fact that her clothes had covered most of it, her dragon scales would have been exposed.

“Senior Sister, how long do you need to digest the gift?” Jiang Lan asked.

Xiao Yu’s words might not be wrong.

“It shouldn’t take too long, just five to six years.

Let’s try again after I digest it, “said Xiao Yu.

Jiang Lan nodded slightly. Five to six years was indeed not long. By then, Xiao Yu would have reached the perfected Human Immortal Realm.

The speed at which she advanced to become a True Immortal was not much slower than him.

At the foot of the Ninth Summit.

Xiao Yu stood opposite Jiang Lan and pointed behind her.

“Junior Brother, look.”

Jiang Lan was curious. He turned around and didn’t see anything strange.

Thus, he turned around, intending to ask.

Just as he turned around, he felt something touch his mouth.

It was Xiao Yu who was tiptoeing.

Her kiss was a little cold.

Xiao Yu took a step back and smiled brightly.

“It’s two sticks of candied fruits now. I still remember.

I’ll turn back to my normal look after you give them to me.

I’m going back to seclusion.”

As she spoke, she mounted her sword and bade farewell to Jiang Lan.

A long time later, Xiao Yu disappeared in the direction of the Jade Pool, but Jiang Lan stood there for a while longer.

The sun was high in the sky and the breeze was blowing.

Only after a while did he turn around and return to the Ninth Summit.

“A mere dragon…”

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