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Chapter 444 - Entering the Ancient Imperial Palace

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Chapter 444: Entering the Ancient Imperial Palace

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Jiang Lan lowered his eyebrows.

Currently, he had been in the sect for 626 years and roughly two hundred years had passed from the previous Witchcloud Gathering.

The girl from the Qilin Race had stayed behind at that time and had stayed in Kunlun for more than two hundred years.

Therefore, it was not surprising that the Eighth Prince understood her.

She could roughly be trusted.

It was reasonable for the Heavenly Human Race to make a move on Hong Ya.

It was probably for that strand of fortuitous opportunity.

“They only know that the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race has a strand of fortuitous opportunity. I wonder if they know about what the youth and the Eighth Prince have?” Jiang Lan pondered for a moment.

“It’s hard to say. The girl from the Qilin Race really doesn’t have any reason to lie, but that doesn’t mean the Heavenly Human Race isn’t lying.” Jiang Lan didn’t look down on anyone, even if the difference in strength between him and the other party wasn’t small.

If one were to underestimate his enemies, it would be very easy for problems to arise. By then, it would be too late for regrets.

Thus, he had to consider the possibility that the Heavenly Human Race had intentionally allowed the girl from the Qilin Race to overhear their conversation. By doing so, they could make use of the youth’s enthusiasm and their relationship with the Eighth Prince to capture them all.

He was not surprised if they sent someone else to come deal with him.

He had always been on guard. It would be good if he did not go out too much.

He would also be on full alert when he went out.

However, he didn’t need to go out recently, so it was still safe.

“Have you considered the fact that the heavenly humans deliberately let the girl from the Qilin Race hear them so that they can lure all of you out?” Jiang Lan asked the Eighth Prince. He paused for a moment before continuing.

“Perhaps the Heavenly Human Race’s goal isn’t just Hong Ya, but also the youth and you.”

“Why?” The Eighth Prince was stunned. Then, he thought of something.

“Could it be because of the fortuitous encounter obtained during the Witchcloud Gathering?

Is it because I, the youth, and the girl from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race all have it? ”

Jiang Lan nodded slightly.

He did not say much. Very few people knew about this.

Only a very small number of people could see this opportunity.

Basing off one’s cultivation level, they could only be seen by people like his master or someone who was about to reach the Dao Immortal Realm.

There was also the Deity Position.

“It’s quite exciting.” The Eighth Prince was not worried, but he still had to ask.

“Brother-in-law, can I read out the name?”

If he could read it, it meant that he had a backer. That person was too terrifying.

“It’s not a big problem, but…” Jiang Lan thought for a while and continued.

“There are some that are not friendly as well. It’s impossible to know the other party’s goal.”

The Eighth Prince thought for a moment and then understood.

It was Imperial Lord Xi He.

Yes, this name was given to him by his brother-in-law’s master.

The Eight Prince was from Kunlun, and he was Kunlun’s mobile treasure. Therefore, he could seek help from this person in times of danger.

However, since he did not know the other party’s situation, he could not casually mention his name.

Otherwise, he might turn from a mobile treasure to a fixed one.

Before long, the Eighth Prince left the Ninth Summit.

Jiang Lan didn’t mind.

He did need to pay a bit of attention to the Heavenly Human Race. It would be easier to deal with them in the future.

As for the heavenly humans…

“Every major force should have their own means and techniques. Perhaps they are like the Devil Race and have some means to cast their gazes over.”

It would be very dangerous for the Eighth Prince and the others if someone of this level were to notice them.

But this was Kunlun after all.

It wasn’t that Imperial Lord Xi He would make a move.

It was just that the innkeeper would notice, so the problem wouldn’t be too big.

Of course…

Everything was just his guess. As for what would happen, there was no way to confirm.

If the name of the Fist God was called upon, he would not idly sit by.

At night.

Jiang Lan watered the vegetative egg and the Udumbara Flower with spirit liquid before arriving at the Netherworld Cave.

He sat cross-legged in the straw hut and began to sense the Deity Position.

“I’ll go up first to confirm my conjecture, then I’ll come back to read up more on the book about Deity Positions.”

After reading “Kunlun’s Nine Summits”, he had a guess, so he wanted to check out the situation first.

With his early-stage Celestial Immortal cultivation, he should be able to leave the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace now.

Before long, he felt his spiritual self rising.

It was as though he had entered the endless skies.

A moment later, he felt solid ground beneath his feet.

He looked up and saw a huge gate.

It was written—Ancient Imperial Lower Palace.

The cracks remained on the gate, making one feel a sense of age.

After looking at the gate for a moment, Jiang Lan gave up trying to enter. If he failed, he would be kicked out of the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace.

This time, he wasn’t here to explore the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace. He was here to determine what exactly the Ancient Imperial Palace was.

Then, he turned to look at the void.

Occasionally, there would be some light in the void, like stars.

“It should be the palace that corresponds to the other Deity Positions. I can’t approach them.”

Without further thought, he leaped up and began to fly into the void.

However, when he tried to leave, he felt an obstruction.

Fortunately, he was at the Celestial Immortal Realm so he could barely break through the obstruction.

However, it also meant that there would be some danger. If he could leave, the others might be able to leave as well.

The consequences would be unimaginable if they were to encounter him.

Standing in the void, darkness covered everything.

It was as if he had fallen into a sea of darkness, unable to find any light spots.

When he turned around, light entered his eyes. It was the Ancient Imperial Palace.

However, the Ancient Imperial Palace seemed to be covered by an aura. Or rather, the Ancient Imperial Palace was like a star. There were two different lights on the star.

One was brighter, while the other was darker.

The dim light covered most of it.

There was only a small portion that was brighter.

“Is it Imperial Lord Youdu?”

Jiang Lan understood something. The Ancient Imperial Lower Palace had two Deity Positions, but it did not mean that the two had the same power.

He was at a disadvantage.

He didn’t know what the difference was, and he wasn’t sure if it was limited by the other party.

Or perhaps the other party had taken all the advantages.

“Perhaps the book on Deity Positions will give me an answer. Now is not the time to think about this.”

Without thinking too much, Jiang Lan started to head towards the darkness ahead.

This was a path where there was no light. It felt hopeless walking on this path. Darkness seemed to be devouring everything.

If one’s heart wasn’t firm, it was extremely likely that one would be completely lost here, consigned to eternal damnation.

Jiang Lan had been stabilizing himself all this time, but even he was a bit worried when facing this endless darkness.

It was as if he was being sent into the mouth of a giant beast.

Fortunately, worry was only worry, and there were no fluctuations in his state of mind.

He was still calm.

Only then could he continue forward.

However, could it really be as what Imperial Lord Xi He had said, that he would be able to find out what the Ancient Imperial Palace was?

He didn’t completely believe Imperial Lord Xi He’s words. Instead, he kept his doubts in case something unexpected happened.

He turned around and discovered that the light from the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace had already disappeared.

If not for him being able to sense it through the Deity Position, he suspected that he would have completely lost himself.

He had considered this before, and it was still within his tolerance.

And he could return to his body at any time.

As long as there were no major accidents, it should be fine.

After an unknown period of time, perhaps a day, or perhaps three days.

It was impossible to know how much time had passed.


Just as Jiang Lan was guessing how much time had passed, a streak of light suddenly entered his eyes.

He had finally encountered something new.

He wasn’t excited because he didn’t know if what he encountered was what Imperial Lord Xi He was talking about, or if it was the other palaces in the Ancient Imperial Palace.

If it was the latter.

It would be a dangerous place.

His One Leaf Vision revolved wildly as it slowly approached.

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