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Chapter 443 - The Ninth Summit's Secret

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Chapter 443: The Ninth Summit’s Secret

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Kunlun Main Hall.

A few summit leaders sat in the main hall, discussing some matters.

“The Heavenly Dragon Saber has always been present, so there’s nothing to be concerned about. The truly surprising thing is the long-lost Dragon Saber Art.

This technique has reappeared in the Grand Desolate World. Once it is grasped by a Dragon Race powerhouse, it would be a huge help to the Dragon Race.

In the future, if they want us to return the Eighth Prince, they will have the confidence to do so.” Liu Jing sighed.

The Dragon Saber Art had long been lost, or rather, the Dragon Saber Art should have returned to the heavens and would basically never reappear.

But now, the spell technique had once again appeared.

Everyone was a little surprised. Not only them, but even the Dragon Race was the same.

“The Dragon Race probably doesn’t know of this person’s existence, and the Eighth Prince has the Heavenly Dragon Saber, which means that they haven’t found this person either.

Do you think the Dragon Race is deliberately hiding that person, or is that person in Kunlun?” Miao Yue looked at the other summit leaders with a faint smile.

“In Kunlun?” Zhu Qing frowned.

“What did Senior Sister discover?”

Not only Zhu Qing, Jiu Zhongtian and the rest were also puzzled.

“We can narrow it down to the fifteen people who entered the island,” said First Summit’s Feng Yixiao. “Instead of searching for clues that we can’t find, we might as well make a guess from them.”

“The fifteen people who entered the island? Only the Dragon Race can use the Dragon Saber Art. In that case, we can exclude the nine people from Kunlun.” Jiu Zhongtian drank his wine and said.

“There are six people left, and the Eighth Prince is the only innate immortal from the Dragon Race, so…” Liu Jing looked at Miao Yue and Feng Yixiao.

“Are you suspecting that the Eighth Prince is hiding his cultivation?

He’s actually that person?”

“I don’t think so.” Zhu Qing shook her head.

“Although the Eighth Prince is an innate immortal, he was just born not long ago.

Even though he is extremely special, it is absolutely impossible for him to attain the cultivation of a Celestial Immortal.

Moreover, according to Senior Brother Jiu Zhongtian, that person is comparable to a mid-stage Celestial Immortal.

The difference in strength is too great.”

“Actually, according to normal circumstances, there is another one from the Dragon Race that is extremely abnormal.” Miao Yue looked at everyone and said softly:

“An innate immortal is indeed special, but it is not rare for them to appear in the Dragon Race.


There is only one dragon born in the Qi Refinement Realm. Since ancient times, there has only been this one dragon.”

Everyone was stunned.

Was she doubting the Goddess?

“Impossible.” Zhu Qing retorted.

“I watched Xiao Yu grow up. It’s not easy to hide her cultivation level from me. Moreover, we were all there during the Human Immortal tribulation.

She has only been a Human Immortal for such a short time. Her time as a Human Immortal is even shorter than the Eighth Prince. Therefore, it is absolutely impossible for her to be stronger.”

“That’s true.” Miao Yue nodded slightly before continuing.

“However, Goddesses are also special. Their subsequent growth might exceed conventional knowledge.


Miao Yue turned to Mo Zhengdong and said.

“Does Senior Brother know of Jiang Lan’s with the Goddess?”

“I’ve seen them at the square once in the past few days. There shouldn’t be any problems with their relationship,” Mo Zhengdong said softly.

He didn’t say anything.

Actually, he might know who that person was, but it was against common sense.

The person had become a Heaven Immortal within six hundred years.

No, perhaps he was already a Celestial Immortal.

Six hundred years to become a Celestial Immortal…

That simply went against common sense.

They discussed many things, but did not take any action.

The time was not yet right.

Currently, it was suitable for them to wait it out. They could also make use of the people around Kunlun to earn some resources.

A long time later.

When the meeting ended, Miao Yue returned to the Fifth Summit.

She sat alone in the pavilion and looked at the Ninth Summit with one hand supporting her chin. Her eyes narrowed.

“Senior Brother’s expression this time is very different from before. I specially asked a question, and his words are also different.

Senior Brother knows the inside story, so…

What could it be? And about who? ”

Miao Yue squinted her eyes with a smile on her lips, as if she had discovered something incredible.

In the inn, the Eighth Prince was cutting the wild animal in his hands.

He was cutting it with his newly acquired saber.

The others would at most think that this saber looked good, but they had no idea how powerful it was.

For an ordinary person, this saber was indeed just an ordinary sharp saber.

It was useless.

Even in the hands of the Eighth Prince.

Only those who had mastered the three saber moves of the Dragon Saber Art were qualified to wield this saber.


It could only be used to cut vegetables.

“According to the girl from the Qilin Race, Hong Ya is in danger.” The youth was rather anxious.

“She’s not even in a hurry herself, so why are you in a hurry?” The Eighth Prince picked up the meat and plated it.

He would only borrow tools and territory here in the morning and wouldn’t dare to do so in the afternoon.

At that time, the boss was around and he didn’t dare to be impudent.

There were some people around Kunlun that he could not afford to offend.

He did not see where his Uncle Ao Ye was and what he was doing.

There was no sign of him when he returned to the Dragon Race, but Ao Ye wasn’t restricted in the first place, so he could return whenever he wanted.

He didn’t need to be with him.

The youth looked at Hong Ya, who was focused on wiping her wine glass, and whispered.

“Didn’t that person from the royal family say that sometimes girls are forced to show off their weakness?

Protecting her now would make her dependent on me. Back in Big Brother’s illusion, the fake Hong Ya said the same thing.”

“You still remember?” The Eighth Prince was a little stunned.

The youth sighed.

“Although she is a fake Hong Ya, every word that comes from her is unforgettable to me.

If that had been the reality, that would have been perfect. It’s clearly the hope in my heart, but it’s fake. ”

“Speaking of which, the person from the royal family is about to die of old age, right?” The Eighth Prince ignored the youth’s pain.

After using the halberd to strike the girl from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race’s head a few times, the pain would be basically gone.

“Oh, no.” The youth immediately recovered and said.

“I gave him some medicine, allowing him to live another two to three hundred years.

I can still ask him questions when I am free next time.

Don’t use your halberd against him the next time.”

The Eighth Prince waved his saber. It seemed like it was not a bad idea to use his saber next.

“By the way, should we take the initiative to attack? The other party has about two perfected True Immortals. The rest should be in the early-stage and mid-stage True Immortal Realm. They might even be Human Immortals.” The youth sat at the table and ate the roasted animal.

“When someone comes to lure Hong Ya out, we’ll head over and capture them all.”

The Eighth Prince wiped his saber and sat down.

“That’s fine, but I have to ask my brother-in-law so that he can make a decision for us.”

“That makes sense. Big brother must know. Help me ask if this action of mine can move Hong Ya as well.” The youth was very excited.

The Eighth Prince would naturally help the youth. However, the other party had two perfected True Immortals. This was very dangerous.

He wanted to ask his brother-in-law if he could get the Fist God to back him up.

If he could, it wouldn’t be a problem.

They could act boldly.

Of course, in the end, there was still the inn owner to back him up.

The Eighth Prince felt that it was indeed very safe in Kunlun.

“Heavenly human?”

Jiang Lan, who had originally planned to go to the Ancient Imperial Palace, suddenly saw the Eighth Prince visiting.

The Eighth Prince then explained how the Heavenly Human Race wanted to deal with the inn’s Hong Ya.

“The girl from the Qilin Race said that she heard it with her own ears. It should have happened half a month ago.” The Eighth Prince nodded and continued.

“Although she often got lost and was asking for a beating, she never lies, other than saying that she knew the way.”

“You seem to know her pretty well,” Jiang Lan thought.

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