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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion Chapter 445 - Let's Go free read Here - BochoNovel
Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 445 - Let's Go

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Chapter 445: Let’s Go

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

At the foot of Kunlun.

In front of the old inn.

Hong Yi of the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race looked around to make sure that no one was around before walking in.

“Why are you here?” Hong Ya lowered her head and wiped her teacup as if she was questioning her.

She did not raise her head, but she knew who had come.

It was naturally the member from her race who had caused her trouble and also the one who had been beaten up by the Eighth Prince and the youth.

She could have provoked anyone, but she just had to provoke the sole disciple of the Ninth Summit.

The other party was very important to Kunlun and what she had done could have easily caused a huge trouble.

“Someone from our race has contacted me just now.” Hong Yi walked over and lowered her head in an obedient manner.

“I feel that something’s a little strange. The higher-ups from our race have clearly only asked me to come over and take care of you. Why would someone suddenly want me to tell you that there’s an extremely important piece of news that you need to hear outside of Qingcheng Town?”

Upon hearing this, Hong Ya’s hand stopped wiping the wine cup. Then, she said softly.

“What do you have in mind?”

“I don’t know. However, it is true that they are from our race. It seems that the other party is even seriously injured.” Hong Yi shook her head.

“Did you tell anyone about this?” Hong Ya raised her head and asked Hong Yi.

It was as if Hong Yi was unable to lie under the might of the other party.

“N-no,” said Hong Yi, looking down fearfully.

“Pretend that nothing happened. Go back.” Hong Ya lowered her head and continued wiping the cup.

Hong Yi lived in Kunlun and she didn’t dare stay in the inn.

“Ah?” Hong Yi was a bit confused, but in the end, she still nodded and agreed.

She did feel strange, but it was only right that they did not go over.

Who knew if it would be dangerous?

She didn’t linger and left the inn. She wanted to return to Kunlun to see if the people from her race would still contact her.

However, not long after she left the inn, three people surrounded her.

They were none other than the Eighth Prince of the Dragon Race, the youth from the inn, and the girl from Qilin Race who had been asking for peanuts.

Yan Xiyun jumped to the side and raised her hand.

“We agreed that it has nothing to do with me. Big Brother and Little Brother wanted me to eavesdrop on your conversation.”

“Cut the crap. Knock her out and take her away.” The Eighth Prince took out his halberd as his True Immortal powers surged forth.


Hong Ya, who was originally at the inn, heard Hong Yi’s miserable scream.

Without any hesitation, she left the inn.

She came to the place where Hong Yi met the Eighth Prince and the others, frowning.

After that, she returned to the inn. After some time, she walked out the door and closed it.

After that, she disappeared from the inn and left in the direction of Qingcheng Town.

“W-what do you want?”

Under the guidance of Yan Xiyun, the few of them advanced quickly.

At this moment, Hong Yi was being held by Yan Xiyun.

“Nothing.” The Eighth Prince held his saber and clapped his hands.

“You just have to listen to us. Contact the people of your race and ask them where they are. Tell them that you’ve brought the person over.”

“But…” Hong Yi hesitated.

Although she didn’t know what was going on, the other party was still from the same race as her.

“Not long ago, I heard that someone wanted to deal with Big Sister. It is the Heavenly Human Race who wants to silence her. They said that they wanted to find an opportunity to lure Big Sister out.

Now that someone has contacted you, it means that the other party might be someone from the Heavenly Human Race.

Big Brother and Little Brother plan to capture them all at once. I guarantee that I have not lied,” Yan Xiyun explained immediately.

Her hidden meaning was: Don’t resist. You’ll get beaten.

The dragon and the youth were especially heavy-handed.

Hong Yi was stunned. So there was actually such a thing going on?

She somewhat understood why Hong Ya had asked her to go back. She was certain that the other party was here to kill someone.

“What are their cultivation levels?” Hong Yi was curious.

“There might be two perfected True Immortals. I don’t know if there are any of them who are stronger. In any case, I didn’t discover anyone stronger,” Yan Xiyun replied.

She didn’t want to go either, but she had no choice.

If she didn’t go, not only would she be beaten, but she would also not have any peanuts to eat in the future.

There was no one to help her when she was outside. She could not go back.

She would die whenever she asked for directions. It was too dangerous outside.

“Two… two perfected True Immortals? I’m only a perfected Human Immortal.” Hong Yi felt as though she was sending herself to her death.

“It’s alright. I’m also only a perfected Human Immortal,” said Yan Xiyun.

Hong Yi: “…”

“Our time is precious,” said the youth, holding the halberd.

If his grandpa found out what they were doing, he would be punished.

Hong Yi didn’t dare to hesitate any longer and tried to contact the people from her race.

She did not believe that someone from the same race would come all the way here to harm Lady Hongya.


It had indeed happened last time.

She quickly contacted the people and told the Eighth Prince and party.

“They’re in the canyon outside Qingcheng Town. The other party said that they can’t hold on much longer.” Hong Yi was a little unconfident.

“Could it be that the people from the Heavenly Human Race are chasing after them, and that they are forced to ask for help?”

Is the other party being used by the Heavenly Human Race?”

The Eighth Prince rubbed his Heavenly Dragon Saber silently.

The youth touched his hand. The halberd was leaning on his side and he did not say anything.

They were all thinking.

And looking at the two silent people, Hong Yi felt a killing intent. The other party didn’t care about the situation of the one from her race.

They just wanted to clear the enemies present.

What dangerous creatures.

Yan Xiyun didn’t feel anything. She blinked and continued on her way.

She had seen many dangerous people.

“This saber seems to be made of fragments. If it’s broken, will it recover?” Eighth Prince thought as he wiped the saber.

“If I help Hong Ya get rid of the enemy and take the chance to pat her shoulder, will she dislike me even more?” The youth was hesitant.

Wasn’t the leap a little too big?

A moment later, the Eighth Prince suddenly thought of something and looked at the youth.

“Are you the one giving directions?”

The youth was stunned.

“Weren’t you the one giving directions?”

The two of them: “…”

Then, they looked at Yan Xiyun.

“Don’t worry, I know the way,” Yan Xiyun said confidently.

Outside the canyon on the east side of Qingcheng City.

The Eighth Prince and the others were hiding in the forest and observing the canyon.

“It feels dangerous.” The youth frowned at Canyon.

“I also feel an inexplicable uneasiness.” The Eighth Prince frowned and said softly.

“There might be existences above the realm of True Immortals present.”

“But I heard that it’s very difficult for Heaven Immortals to get close to Kunlun, right?” Hong Yi asked curiously.

There was nothing she could do.

She could only follow.

After being beaten up, Yan Xiyun hid far away.

She was beaten even though she didn’t ask for directions.

“It is indeed difficult for Heaven Immortals and above to come here, but…” the Eighth Prince looked into the canyon.

“What if there was originally already a Heaven Immortal here?

Both of us have sensed danger. It means that this place has long been occupied by a powerful figure.”

“It might also be some vicious beast who is used by the Heavenly Human Race. It is extremely dangerous to rush in now.” The youth squatted on the ground and sniffed around, wishing to get a rough idea.

“It’s fine. We can call for help,” the Eighth Prince said confidently.

“The price for the help last time has not been paid…” The youth naturally knew who the Eighth Prince was going to call.

“We’ll give it to him together after this. We can also ask him how we can give it to him as well,” Eighth Prince said.

Hong Yi and Yan Xiyun had no idea what these two were talking about.

At the same time, Jiang Lan, who was in the void, was heading towards the light spot.

He did not approach quickly to prevent himself from being unprepared from a sudden attack.

As long as he dodged the attack, he should be fine.

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