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Chapter 448 - Fury Of The Heavens

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Chapter 448: Fury Of The Heavens

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Within the canyon.

The two of them hid in the dark and looked ahead of the canyon, frowning.

“They’ve come, but killing them won’t be easy. And there’s only one chance.” It was a male voice.

“Miao Hua is already prepared. We just need to seize the opportunity and kill one of them.” It was a female voice.

“We can use the green python and try to lure out the person behind them to see how they react.”


Painful cries appeared in the canyon.

At this moment, the Eighth Prince and the young man had already arrived at the canyon. The sudden shout startled them.

Then, the aura that belonged to a Heaven Immortal spread out.


A giant green python emerged from the depths of the canyon.

Its powerful body crushed the surrounding rocks.

The wind came from inside.

The wind ruffled the hair of the Eighth Prince and the others, preventing them from moving.

Sensing the aura, they were stunned.

“How — how can we fight this?” asked the youth, looking startled.

Looking at the green python charging towards him, he felt that now was the best time to escape.

“It feels a little unnatural, and it doesn’t seem to be that strong.”

The Eighth Prince felt that if the other party could really fully unleash the strength of a Heaven Immortal, they would have already been severely injured.

Jiang Lan frowned. He could feel it as well.

The green python’s strength was indeed not fully at the early-stage Heaven Immortal Realm. However, dealing with the youth and the Eighth Prince was not too much of a problem.

Not to mention that there were still people hiding in the dark.

“Looks like their target is indeed one of the three.

Not bringing in the girl from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race, the Eighth Prince and the youth aren’t ordinary in Kunlun either.

To dare touch them, it means that the other party is willing to endure enough danger.

So far, those who acted were only True Immortals. So…

Will a Heaven Immortal interfere?”

Without any hesitation, Jiang Lan raised his hand and grabbed at the air.

Lightning gathered in his hand. It was a halberd formed from lightning.


The moment the halberd took form, he threw it towards the green python.


A bolt of lightning flashed through the air before piercing into the canyon.


Screams rang out in the canyon. The green python had been nailed to the ground by the lightning and was struggling in pain.

The sudden change startled the young man and the Eighth Prince. Needless to say, it was the Fist God who was watching them.

Without any hesitation.

The two of them moved forward again.

The remaining heavenly humans should be inside.

That’s right, there were at least two more heavenly humans. The girl from the Qilin Race had said that there might be two perfected True Immortals.

However, they had yet to see a single one of them up till now.

The previous few were not that strong, so they should be hiding inside.


The two of them disappeared from the spot and went around the green python.

Even if the green python was nailed to the ground, they might not be its match.

It was very difficult to break through its defense.

When they passed the green python, they discovered that there were two heavenly humans standing behind them, waiting for them.

“Two perfected True Immortals.” The Eighth Prince frowned.

“You have to act faster or I won’t be able to take it,” the youth said immediately.

It was fine if he went up against a late-stage or a mid-stage True Immortal, but going up against a True Immortal at the perfected stage could be fatal.

As for the Fist God…

From the looks of it, it seemed like the other party wasn’t intending to make a move.

He would attack only if their opponents were above the True Immortal Realm. As for True Immortals…

They could only count on themselves.

Besides, they were not children.

They didn’t need help for everything.

Miao Fu looked at the Eighth Prince and the youth and frowned slightly. They had no idea what that lightning strike was.

But there must be someone behind them.

He had to guard against this.

Why didn’t he attack them?

He didn’t know, but he could only try to kill these two people now.

Once something uncontrollable happened, he would use his last resort.

“Attack,” said Miao Fu.

Qi Dan nodded, and power began to surge from his body.

All sorts of phantoms appeared.

In the blink of an eye, they disappeared from the spot and charged towards the Eighth Prince and the youth.

Spells erupted across the canyon.



The four of them faced each other.

Their figures continuously disappeared and reappeared in the canyon.

Thunder raged as a violent aura erupted.

Thousands of spell techniques swept through the canyon like a waterfall.



Mountains fell as if it could not withstand the power struggle between them.


The youth growled. He was pinned down and beaten.

The Eighth Prince transformed into a half-dragon and let out a dragon roar.

The battle continued.

The youth was forced to retreat again and again. The violent aura on his body became increasingly heavy, but no matter how heavy it was, it could not make up for the difference in cultivation level.

He could only take the beating passively.

More and more wounds appeared on his body.

However, he was still persisting. Since he was already out, how could he admit defeat?

The Eighth Prince brandished the halberd in his hand. He was also injured, but his opponent was not in a good state either.

He had just reached the perfected stage not long ago, but he had just received the Ancestral Dragon’s gift. He was about the same level as that of his opponent.

As for secret arts…

How could his Dragon Race not have them if the Heavenly Human Race had them?


A dragon roar resounded in all directions as the phantom of a True Dragon appeared. The Eight Prince’s bloodline boiled.


The Eighth Prince was furious. He wanted to kill these two heavenly humans here.

At the same cultivation level, how could he lose?

He was an innate immortal, and being a dragon allowed him to have the advantage.

Miao Fu was not to be outdone. His 10,000 phantoms began to grow in size.

So what if his opponent was from the Dragon Race?

So what if his opponent was an innate immortal?

It was not like he could not be killed.

Since the great battle erupted, things were already beyond their control. As such, they could only do everything they could now to kill the other party.

Jiang Lan stood under the gate, watching them fight.

The youth was being beaten up. Even though he tried his best, it was still impossible for him to kill the other party.

However, the youth’s true strength should be around the early-stage perfected True Immortal Realm.

To be able to persist for such a long time was simply inconceivable.

“This isn’t normal. Even a true Qiong Qi wouldn’t be able to reach such a terrifying defense.

Is this the work of the innkeeper? ”

The innkeeper should be on the same level as his master. If he groomed the youth with all his strength, it was indeed possible that he would be able to develop extraordinary abilities for the youth.

Especially since the youth had a good foundation.

Perhaps it had something to do with the youth not growing up.

On the other side, the Eighth Prince was truly competing with his opponent in terms of strength, experience, and foundation.

“They are equally matched. However, the Eighth Prince has just reached the perfected stage and is still young. If he is polished, he should be able to defeat his opponent.”

Then, Jiang Lan shifted his gaze to the depths of the canyon.

Something was being nurtured there. It was extremely dangerous.

Furthermore, he could sense that the other party was about to come out. Regardless of whether he made a move or not, it was meaningless.

The other party seemed to be unleashing a very powerful technique.

He could only passively face the enemy.

But he still needed some preparations.

Knowing that the other party was powerful, he felt uneasy if he didn’t do anything.

Then, lightning began to appear behind him. In an instant, countless bolts of lightning entered the image.

They landed directly at both ends of the canyon.

At this moment, the girl from the Qilin Race and the Hong Yi were looking at the canyon in horror.

Lightning and thunder roared down from the nine heavens, striking the two ends of the canyon, as if wanting to destroy everything.

The heavens seemed angry.

What sort of might was that?

It was definitely not something Human Immortals like them could compare to.

“This… are they really going to be fine?” Hong Yi felt like this wasn’t something True Immortals could deal with.

There might be some extremely powerful experts inside.

Yan Xiyun shook her head.

“I don’t know. Currently, Little Brother and Brother’s lives are not in danger.

The earth told me their power was still pounding the ground.

But for the sake of safety, you should go back to the inn and tell the innkeeper. If it doesn’t work, you can go to the backyard to look for the Pixiu.

If it’s still there.”

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