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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion Chapter 458 - Leading Senior Sister To Comprehend The Dao Immortal Realm free read Here - BochoNovel
Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 458 - Leading Senior Sister To Comprehend The Dao Immortal Realm

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Chapter 458: Leading Senior Sister To Comprehend The Dao Immortal Realm

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

In the Ninth Summit.

Mo Zhengdong looked in the direction of the Jade Pool.

That was the direction where Jiang Lan and Ao Longyu had disappeared. He had just seen the two figures heading in that direction.

He knew that the Goddess would often come to the Ninth Summit.

He also knew that his disciple would occasionally go to the Jade Pool.

However, after he mentioned about the child, they had both gone to the Jade Pool together. This made him feel that it might have something to do with this.

This was just a general guess.

“He suddenly came to me to ask about matters regarding Celestial Immortals, and he also asked me questions regarding the Dao.

Is he going to start his own Dao path? ”

Mo Zhengdong found it impossible.

“I thought he was only a Heaven Immortal initially, but from the rumors that had come from the Dragon Race, he should be a Celestial Immortal.

Thus, his current cultivation level should have just reached early-stage Celestial Immortal Realm.

He still has a long way to go if he wants to walk on his own Dao path.”

Mo Zhengdong smiled.

“To be able to accomplish this within three centuries is already incomparably impressive.

Am I being too greedy? ”

He shook his head and stopped thinking about it.

He was indeed a little greedy. No rush, no rush.

It was better for him to take his time.

On the way to the Jade Pool, Jiang Lan felt someone reciting his Deity Position title.

It was still the Eighth Prince and the youngster.

“Should I keep them quiet for a while?”

Jiang Lan hesitated.

The Eighth Prince and the others would call upon him once every few months. He didn’t really mind.

However, he had to go into seclusion in the future. It was not suitable for him to be disturbed then.

Back then, the Eighth Prince had specially asked him if the wild animals he had been delivering were suitable.

At that time, he didn’t want to interfere as he didn’t want to cause too much trouble.

His seclusion was extremely important. A small detail could easily lead to a disaster.

Therefore, he wanted to make them quiet.

However, the Eighth Prince and the others were not the only ones who would call upon his Deity Position. Imperial Lord Xi He and the other members of the Demon Race would also do the same.

It was impossible for him to notify everyone not to call upon his title.

“I should eliminate the effect when my name is called upon and not stop them from doing so.”

As such, Jiang Lan no longer paid attention to the Eighth Prince and the youth. Instead, he planned to go to the Jade Pool to observe the Deity Position and reduce the impact it brought to him.

He was now a Celestial Immortal who also had the support of the Ancient Imperial Court. He should be able to do this.

It was just that he did not pay much attention to this previously.

After a while.

Jiang Lan landed on the Jade Pool.

He immediately went to the Jade Pool and couldn’t see if there was any wine inside.

It seemed like it was not convenient to confirm.

Speaking of which, his Senior Sister had been in the Jade Pool the entire time. Was she constantly drinking the water she bathed in?


Then, he placed his attention on the Deity Position. If it was others who called upon his title, it did not affect him much.

There were mainly three light spots.

It represented three people.

Qing Mu of Ba Country, Eighth Prince of the Dragon Race and the youth from the inn.

He gently triggered the Deity Position, and the light spots seemed to become blurry.

As long as it was not a loud shout, it would not affect him.

As for those who called his name normally, they would be put aside. If he did not pay attention to it, it would not affect him.

By doing so, he would no longer be affected and there was no problem.

Xiao Yu squatted beside Jiang Lan.

“What is Junior Brother thinking?”

Jiang Lan retracted his gaze from the Jade Pool. Before he opened his mouth, he heard Xiao Yu’s following voice.

“The water in the Jade Pool is actually quite sweet. Junior Brother, do you want to try it?”

“…” Looking at Xiao Yu’s serious face, Jiang Lan shook her head.

“No thanks.”

He couldn’t touch the Jade Pool as he would feel repulsion.

He wondered if it would work if he took out the Goddess Diagram.

Of course, it was better to forget about drinking the water in the Jade Pool.

“Then what does Junior Brother want to do next?” Xiao Yu squatted on the ground with her hands supporting her cheeks as she looked at Jiang Lan.

She still didn’t know what Jiang Lan planned to do.

“Was Senior Sister’s Kunlun’s Power comprehended at the Jade Pool?” Jiang Lan asked.

He had yet to sense Kunlun’s Power.

It was even to the extent that he didn’t notice any force.

As long as it was not in the Jade Pool, he should be able to sense the presence of Kunlun’s Power.

However, he had been here for a long time and had never noticed anything.

But his Senior Sister directly comprehended it. It must be in the Jade Pool.

“Yes.” Xiao Yu nodded.

She had indeed comprehended Kunlun’s Power in the Jade Pool.

“Then use this place as the starting point. It will be of some help to Senior Sister’s subsequent transformation.

There’s no help in the Ninth Summit.” As he spoke, Jiang Lan stood up and walked towards the straw hut.

“Senior Sister, follow me.”

Xiao Yu jumped up and landed beside Jiang Lan. The wind blew her clothes, making her look like a beautiful fairy.

Jiang Lan took a glance. This beautiful fairy didn’t have high bumps on her chest.

“Junior Brother, do you think it’s best for me to be in my normal state?” Xiao Yu asked softly.

“Senior Sister, you can choose whichever you want,” Jiang Lan replied.

Both were indeed fine for Jiang Lan.


As soon as Jiang Lan’s voice fell, Xiao Yu began to expand at a speed visible to the naked eye, returning to her normal appearance.

The gentle breeze ruffled her clothes, revealing a completely different scene from before.

The bumps were magnificent and the undulating curves were clear.

Without looking further, he continued walking towards the house.

He still had to prepare a lot of things. Helping his Senior Sister was one, but this was also part of the process of him comprehending the Dao.

This was not the Netherworld Cave. If he did not make sufficient preparations, he lacked a sense of security.

Ao Longyu walked beside Jiang Lan.

They did not speak and just walked together.

During the process, she ran her fingers through her hair and looked at Jiang Lan.

However, her Junior Brother did not look in her direction.

“It’s very nice.”

Just as Ao Longyu was about to remind Jiang Lan, Jiang Lan stopped in his tracks and turned to look at Ao Longyu. His voice sounded.

Ao Longyu, who was originally calm, now had a smile in her eyes.

She looked dazzling.

After a while.

They sat in the house.

He sat down cross-legged.

“Senior Sister, hand.”

Jiang Lan extended his hands, indicating for his Senior Sister to place her hands on his.

Without any hesitation, Ao Longyu placed her hands on Jiang Lan’s hands.

It was a bit cold. This was what Jiang Lan felt.

His Senior Sister’s slender hand didn’t have much warmth. Perhaps it was because she was a dragon.

It was said that snakes were cold-blooded animals. He wondered if dragons were the same too.

If there was a chance, he would let out some of the Eighth Prince’s blood.

Then, he looked at the clothes on his Senior Sister’s body. As they were in the room, she wasn’t wearing much.

Furthermore, it was a style that his Senior Sister often wore when she wasn’t in her half-dragon form.

With this thought in mind, Jiang Lan took out a rather tight set of clothes and draped it over his Senior Sister. He spoke with a calm expression.

“I need to focus.”

Ao Longyu faltered slightly before a rare smile appeared on her face.

“I suddenly feel a little happy.”

Jiang Lan didn’t reply and closed his eyes.

“Senior Sister, do you still remember when you asked me if I wanted to pull you into an epiphany together?

It was during the time before we were about to get married. ”

“Yes.” Ao Longyu nodded.

“Then Senior Sister, relax your mind. I have retained the epiphany from back then. This time, I will bring you to walk my Dao.

On that path, even though Senior Sister isn’t at the Celestial Immortal Realm, you can borrow my cultivation realm to comprehend your own unique power.” Jiang Lan said quietly.

At the same time, the aura of Dao began to emanate from Jiang Lan’s body.

Everything seemed to slow down.

Ao Longyu was astonished as an indescribable realization welled up in her heart.

Then, she closed her eyes and experienced that epiphany.

Although she did not know what kind of path her Junior Brother would take her on, she was not worried.

At this moment, her heart was completely open to Jiang Lan, not holding anything back.

It was based off trust and mutual understanding.

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