Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 461 - : Junior Brother Is An Indestructible Light in My Heart

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Chapter 461: Junior Brother Is An Indestructible Light in My Heart

Sixth Summit.

On the grass.

Miao Yue and Zhu Qing walked towards the depths.

This path was only accessible to them.

The others were completely unable to approach.

Even the other Peak Leaders would rarely be able to walk on this path.

A word about men and women being different could shut them out.

There was nothing they could do.

“Junior Sister told the Goddess about the matter of bearing a child?” On the way, Miao Yue looked at the grass and felt that it was very beautiful.

Each time, the location of each strand of grass was different.

After Senior Sister Chen Xi became a woman… after recovering her female appearance, her cultivation level had increased.

“No, but Senior Brother should have said it.”

Not long after Xiao Yu came out of seclusion, she returned to the Jade Pool and Jiang Lan went in with her.

“They have yet to come out. Perhaps it is because Senior Brother has said something,” said Zhu Qing.

“They haven’t come out yet?” Miao Yue turned to look at Zhu Qing and asked curiously.

“Yes.” Zhu Qing nodded.

“It has been quite a few years, I think.”

Miao Yue narrowed her eyes, her voice carrying a smile.

“Junior Sister, what do you think they are doing?”

Zhu Qing had a cold personality, but she could not resist Miao Yue’s question.

“Anyway, it’s not what Senior Sister thinks.

They are both children. It is too early for them to have children.

Perhaps they are just acting cooperative. In reality, she might be bringing Jiang Lan to comprehend the power she just comprehended.”

“Junior Sister, what are you thinking about? I also feel that they are in seclusion at the Jade Pool.” Miao Yue said with a faint smile.

Zhu Qing: “…”

They didn’t say anything else and had already arrived in front of the bamboo house.

It was time to look for their Senior Sister.

Jade Pool.

Ao Longyu closed her eyes.

She let her Junior Brother lead her forward with ease.

At first, she only felt a kind of epiphany, but as time passed, she realized that the path ahead was getting brighter.

Ever since she entered this state of enlightenment, she hadn’t seen Jiang Lan, but she could still sense him.

The light in front of her was like a ray of light, coming towards her.

Soon, the light approached her.

At this moment, a figure appeared. It was her Junior Brother.

The light was emitted from Jiang Lan.

A moment later, Ao Longyu realized that Jiang Lan was standing in front of her and had extended her hand.

“Senior Sister, let’s go. I’ve already paved the way.”

Jiang Lan’s voice sounded.

Ao Longyu extended a hand toward the calm yet familiar face before her.

Jiang Lan turned around and led Ao Longyu away.

On the way, Jiang Lan reminded him.

“Senior Sister, your heart wasn’t too stable just now. It’s easy for me to become your mental demon.

Be careful in the future. ”

“No.” Ao Longyu’s voice was confident and pleasant to hear.

“Junior Brother doesn’t understand a dragon’s heart.

Not only will Junior Brother’s figure not become my inner demon, but you will also become the last ray of light before my inner demon appears.

A light that will never fade. ”

Jiang Lan turned around and took a deep look at Ao Longyu. He opened his mouth and spoke with a faint smile.

“Let’s go, Senior Sister, come onto my path.”

He gently pulled Ao Longyu into a space where the sun and moon alternated, the stars shifted, and all things constantly changed.

It was the world of the Dao.

The moment Ao Longyu entered, she felt as if Dao was revolving around her.

At the same time, she discovered that a blurry path had appeared beneath Jiang Lan’s feet.

Because Jiang Lan stepped on it, the road began to become clear.

She gently landed on the path.

At this moment, the Dao seemed to be in resonance, and the world was revolving.

She could sense that a path that belonged to her or perhaps her Junior Brother was appearing.

It was incomprehensible, but it posed no threat.

“I’m holding Senior Sister’s hand. Senior Sister, you don’t need to worry about your feet. Just focus on comprehending.” Jiang Lan looked at Ao Longyu and said softly.

“I’ll protect Senior Sister.”

Because it was normal, Ao Longyu did not retort.

Instead, she nodded towards Jiang Lan, a brilliant smile on her face.

This surprised Jiang Lan.

This was the first time his Senior Sister had such a smile with her normal appearance.

He reaffirmed to always protect his Senior Sister’s smile.


The entire world of Dao began to bloom, and the staircase that belonged to Jiang Lan began to extend.

And in Kunlun.

An endless rumble followed, louder than before.



Miao Yue, who was walking, suddenly looked up at the sky.

At this moment, they saw the lightning in the sky and the multicolored light, as if cracks had appeared.

She soon realized that it was not.

Instead, it was a multi-colored glow. Endless lightning was retreating.

A path appeared in the sky, connecting to the heavens.

“All the way to heaven?” Miao Yue frowned.

“He might be strong, but his temperament isn’t strong enough. It’s easy for hidden dangers to appear.”

“Senior Sister, look at the rainbow light.” Zhu Qing immediately directed Miao Yue to see the rainbow light.

First Summit.

Feng Yixiao sat in the pavilion and watched the rainbow light descend. It seemed to envelop the entire Kunlun and form a defense.

“Master, what is this?” Lin An asked curiously.

There were actually new changes to today’s phenomenon.

At first, there was only lightning in the sky and the seven-colored light.

Unexpectedly, a path had appeared and rainbow light had descended.

He tried to fly higher and discovered that the seemingly high altitude gave off a feeling of flat ground, while the seemingly flat ground below seemed to be in the air.

His understanding seemed to have been overturned.

“The light of protection protects the Dao and the heart.” Feng Yixiao said.

“Without the protection light, the path to heaven is merely the path to heaven.

But with the protection light, the path to heaven is both a bridge to heaven and a bridge to flat land.

The radical Dao will then become a stable Dao.

This will result in the unity of heaven and earth.”

Feng Yixiao glanced at Lin An and continued.

“There’s no need to understand the Dao of others.

You have to recognize your own Dao. ”

“Thank you for your guidance, Master.” Lin An immediately lowered his head.

The other party’s Dao was indeed impressive. He wanted to understand for a moment.

However, he had not been a True Immortal for long, and he was at the crucial point where he needed to comprehend the great Dao of heaven and earth.

If he was affected by the Dao comprehension of others, it would affect his future path.

“Master, who is this person?” Lin An asked.

“No news yet.” Feng Yixiao said as he stood up and looked at the rainbow light. He shook his head lightly.

“But there’s no need to know. The appearance of the protective light at Kunlun means that his foundations are at Kunlun.

Since that’s the case, why should we bother finding out who he is?”

Lin An lowered his head and fell silent.

“How is it in the cave?” Feng Yixiao did not turn his head, only looking at the rainbow light.

“Things aren’t looking good.” Lin An frowned.

“Senior Brother and some of the elders can no longer maintain stability.

The cave is becoming increasingly spacious.

“According to what the elder says, the seal has yet to be undone. However, the effects will only grow stronger.”

“What is Gu Qi’s cultivation level?” Feng Yixiao asked.

“Late-stage Human Immortal. After he became an immortal, his progress has been extremely fast.

In another hundred years, he should be able to become a True Immortal,” Lin An said.

“Go ask him if he wants to enter the cave to cultivate.” Feng Yixiao said.

“Yes.” Lin An hesitated for a moment before asking.

“Master, what will happen if the seal in the cave disappears or fails?”

He knew what that hole was, but he did not know what would happen.

His master had never mentioned it.

Feng Yixiao turned to Lin An with a smile.

“Heaven and earth shall fall then!”

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