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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion Chapter 463 - Teaching The Dragon Saber Art free read Here - BochoNovel
Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 463 - Teaching The Dragon Saber Art

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Chapter 463: Teaching The Dragon Saber Art

The next morning.

Jiang Lan sat under the peach tree and started embedding his sword intent into the wooden sword.

Xiao Yu continued to swim in the Jade Pool.

She looked like a fairy dancing in the air.

When Jiang Lan looked at the Goddess Diagram, he could see a white dragon circling around.

It was autumn now, and the gentle breeze ruffled Jiang Lan’s clothes.

He wasn’t in a hurry to leave the Jade Pool. He would probably do so in another two years.

It was not suitable for him to go out right after his seclusion.

In another two years, it would be seventeen years. To a normal person, one’s child would have been sixteen years older already.

Perhaps the summit leaders were hoping so too.


He glanced at Xiao Yu, who was still swimming.

Jiang Lan felt that his Senior Sister had never had such a realization.

Of course, he did not know when he would find out whether the child his Senior Sister gave birth to had a shell or not either.

Was it better if his child came in a shell?

This question had been bothering him for a long time and he was unable to come up with an answer.

He was also reading books that talked about such matters..

He knew of roughly all the races in the Grand Desolate World.

However, even though there were quite a number of offsprings whose parents were from different races, there were very few records of them.

There were even fewer books that explained how a child between a dragon and a human would be like.

Most were just rumors and there were no actual records on such matters.

It was possible for him and Xiao Yu to be he first to enter the records, one that mainly talked about the Goddess.


The sound of water could be heard as Xiao Yu leaped in front of Jiang Lan.

Her clothes were not wet.

“The clothes are dry. I still remember what Junior Brother said.” Xiao Yu sat beside Jiang Lan.

“What is Junior Brother’s cultivation now?”

“Mid-stage Human Immortal,” Jiang Lan replied.

This was his surface cultivation. His hidden cultivation was at the late-stage Human Immortal Realm.

His true cultivation level was still at the early-stage Celestial Immortal Realm.

However, he had already started his journey on a Dao path that belonged solely to him. He, who originally needed one or two hundred years to advance, had already shortened it to a few decades.

It could not be any faster.

He had already reached the limits.

The Dao that belonged to him had already been completed. He only needed time to accumulate his cultivation before he advanced.

What he needed now was just time.

If everything went well, he could become a Dao Immortal within a thousand years of entering the sect.

He has already touched upon the limit of immortals. One day, he would definitely be able to enter that realm.

After entering, he might be able to learn some things using his Deity Position.

After that, he should consider going further.

But what was above the Dao Immortal Realm?

He did not know.

He did not plan to find that out in advance.

In his view, it should be becoming a Sage.

However, whether it was true or not, he needed to reach the next level first.

Of course, since he was about to arrive at the Dao Immortal Realm, it was also time to care about the matter of finding his master a wife.

He was still at the early-stage Celestial Immortal Realm. Although he could not make concrete progress in finding his master a wife, he could still ask around.

This was to prepare for the future.

It was just that Martial Aunt Miao Yue gave off a very dangerous feeling. What if she really became his master’s wife.


Was this considered luring the wolf into the house?

“Hmm…” Xiao Yu, who was in deep thought, looked at Jiang Lan and said.

“Junior Brother, has our challenge been postponed for too long?

When are we going to the Ninth Summit to complete it?

I’m going to win this time.

Junior Brother should listen to me then.”

Arrogant, ignorant dragon, Jiang Lan thought to himself.

But he still nodded.

Since his Senior Sister wanted to lose, he could only win.

“Junior Brother, when are we going to the Ninth Summit?” Xiao Yu came to Jiang Lan’s back and leaned against Jiang Lan as she swung her leg in the air.

“In two years,” Jiang Lan replied.

“Two years? Then what are we doing? Seclusion?”

“I am going to help Senior Sister get used to not transforming into a dragon.”

“I feel like I haven’t gotten used to the ninth summit in the Jade Pool, and I can’t control myself.”

“Take your time.”

Such things could not be forced, not to mention that Senior Sister was a dragon.

He decided to let nature take its course.

They still had a lot of time.

They had a long life.

Xiao Yu’s eyes were smiling. It was nothing to her that her Junior Brother wanted to stay at the Jade Pool for two more years.

Since she had yet to win the challenge, she naturally had to listen to her Junior Brother.

If she won…

Her Junior Brother’s suggestion could be accepted.

Time passed.

During these two years, Jiang Lan didn’t cultivate in seclusion. He only familiarized himself with the changes in the Dao most of the time.

His Dao would become his battle prowess.

The impact was not that great, but he had indeed gained much more insights.

Both in his array formations and his spell techniques.

This was especially so for the Dragon Saber Art. If he wanted his Senior Sister now, he could do it.

But his Senior Sister did not want to learn.

She even insisted on her being the one teaching him spell techniques.

After some nitpicking, she decided to teach him a Dragon Race spell technique, Thousand Scaled Dragon Cry.

The foundation of this spell technique was to carve runes into each dragon scale to strengthen oneself.

Similar secret arts allowed one’s body to reach a higher level.

Secret techniques usually dealt damage, but the Thousand Scaled Dragon Cry was different. This was accumulated in the dragon scales beforehand.

It was a one-time usage skill.

It would not leave any internal damage.

At most, his body would be unable to withstand it and he would suffer some external injuries.

It was indeed very useful.


He had no scales.

“Your skin is fine too, but the runes are similar to dragon language. Junior Brother, do you want to draw it yourself, or should I help you?”


In the end, Xiao Yu started to draw runes on his hands.

Two years was enough for him to learn, and he even set up many array formations at the Jade Pool.

It was what he had learned over the years.

When he returned to the Ninth Summit, he would apply these insights into his array formations there once again.

By doing so, the Ninth Summit’s array formations would once again reach a higher level.

As for the matter of Xiao Yu’s half-dragon transformation, there was not much progress.

Her scales appeared once or twice in two years.

Whenever the arrogant dragon felt that she no longer had any problems in controlling her transformation, she would prove herself wrong.


“I wonder if the vegetative egg and Udumbara Flower are still good.” Xiao Yu smiled.

Today, they planned to head to the Ninth Summit.

He had not returned for seventeen years. He did not know how the Ninth Summit was and how much Kunlun had changed.

There was naturally no problem.

The fact that the Eighth Prince and the youth were still in the mood to send roasted wild animals to them meant that there had been no major changes in Kunlun.

However, the Eighth Prince had the Heavenly Dragon Saber with him. Was it suitable for him to teach him the Dragon Saber Art?

He was not worried about the Eighth Prince becoming stronger, but he was concerned about the influence the Dragon Race would have on Kunlun.

After pondering for a moment, he recalled what the being from the Netherworld had said. The world was about to collapse.

Imperial Lord Youdu of Ba Country also had similar words.

If those people knew, then Imperial Lord Xi He must also know about this matter.

Below Kunlun, there were people from various races lingering around. It seemed that the special aura of Kunlun was helpful to one’s Deity Position.

The Heavenly Human Race, Dragon Race, Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race, Devil Race and the Demon Race had all come for this.

Kunlun, on the other hand, did not do any cleaning.

Was it on purpose?

“So that they can obtain the Deity Position as soon as possible and become stronger?”

After a moment of hesitation, Jiang Lan made a decision.

He would wait for the Eighth Prince and the others to deliver some roasted wild animals the next time before finding out more.

“Junior Brother, you can be the one flying this time. I’ll stand behind you.” For once, Xiao Yu let Jiang Lan be the one in charge of flying on the sword.

He never rejected her.

Jiang Lan left the Jade Pool with Xiao Yu and headed to the Ninth Summit.

His speed…

Was same as the speed he used when he was at the Void Refinement Realm.

“Junior Brother, can we be faster? If you ae like this, I won’t know your how well you can control the sword.” Xiao Yu moved closer to Jiang Lan and asked.

Jiang Lan looked back at Xiao Yu and started to think.

A dragon standing on a flying sword should have overloaded it. Such an impact on speed was reasonable.

“We will definitely get a response this time. I feel like it’s about time. The Fist God should have come out of seclusion.”

The Eighth Prince took the roasted wild animals and walked to the top of the mountain.

“If the dragon’s words can be trusted, I would have already knocked Hong Ya’s forehead.” The youth expressed his disdain..

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