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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion Chapter 467 - An Ant Shaking A Tree free read Here - BochoNovel
Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 467 - An Ant Shaking A Tree

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Chapter 467: An Ant Shaking A Tree

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Mei Li came to the edge of a cube.

The other two female cultivators also stood at the edge.

It was normal to push forward bit by bit.

Although they were confident, it was too impolite for them to directly walk through the opening.

It was not something they could do.

Even if the array formation here was very ordinary, they still had to do it normally.

Especially when the Goddess was still around.

Arriving at the cube, Mei Li tried to sense the array formation.

It was a very simple defensive formation. Its purpose was to strengthen the plaza square.

She could naturally sense that. Then, she squatted down and tried to examine the array formation.

This array formation was open, which meant that she could see the array formation inscriptions inside.

She had analyzed the Fifth Summit’s array formation mountain. She was confident that she could analyze and understand this array formation, or even crack it.

Not long after, she saw the array formation inscriptions and arrangement of the defensive array formation.

The moment she saw it, she was stunned.

Could she understand it?

She was unsure if she could understand it.

The most intuitive feeling was that she knew every inscription but even so, she actually…

Didn’t understand at all.

However, as long as she found a starting point, she should be able to understand.

She did not give up. It was good to have some challenges.

Back at the array formation mountain, she did not know anything either. In the end, she still reached the mountain peak.

Heaven rewards the diligent.

She neither agreed nor disagreed, but she admired the person who wrote those words.

And right now, all she needed was focus and sort out her thoughts.

Diligence was important, methods were important, and talent was essential.

And she had all.

Mei Li tried to find the starting point.

As time passed, her forehead began to sweat, but she found nothing.

In the end, she took out a Dharma treasure that could aid in analyzing array formations.

Four Symbols Square Plate.

Xiao Yu sat at the side and looked at the three of them.

She saw that all three of them were in a focused state. Each of them took out something different and tried to analyze the array formation.

She naturally did not know what progress there would be, but her Junior Brother had said that the array formation here was not complicated.

This meant that it could be analyzed or even broken.

After all, the people brought by Martial Aunt were definitely talented in array formations.

She waited quietly for some time.

Xiao Yu saw the three of them stop.

Have they understood it? Xiao Yu thought.

At that moment, she saw Mei Li stand up. The square plate that she had placed in her hand fell to the ground.


The square plate shattered.

Mei Li did not check the square plate.

She stood rooted to the ground.

The others were the same.

Xiao Yu was curious and went over to take a look.

Then she saw Mei Li’s face. Her eyes were filled with awe, fear, even despair and shame.

That’s right, after countless efforts, Mei Li finally understood something.

She was nothing before this array.

She knew all the array inscriptions, but the entire array formation was too difficult for her to understand. It was like an unknown world to her.

She was like an ant standing before this unknown world, looking at it and even wanting to understand it.


She was just like an ant trying to shake a tree.

Han Qi’s eyes were moist. She sat on the ground weakly, her eyes filled with fear and despair.

She even wanted to escape from the array formation beneath her feet.

She felt like she was in a vast ocean. The weak her actually wanted to understand the boundless ocean and even shake it.

How could a mortal on the ground understand the great roc hovering above the nine heavens?

She came with confidence, and confidence became a lethal poison.

She turned helpless and desperate.

Yan Ling squatted on the ground and sobbed.

She cried as she picked up her Dharma treasure. She understood now that she was not facing an array master of the same generation.

Instead… this person was on the level of her master.

They thought that Senior Brother Jiang said that his attainments in array formations were not high because he knew his limits.

In reality, their talents were too low and they were not qualified to receive guidance.

While they were still feeling smug about their talents, Senior Brother Jiang had already gone to chase after the strongest array formation master in Kunlun.

They were ignorant, arrogant, and did not have the heart to learn.

Their master had told them clearly that they could learn new things here.

And they thought that the Ninth Summit was nothing much.

“Are you guys alright?” Xiao Yu asked.

She did not quite understand.

Her Junior Brother’s array formation would not cause people to be like this. She often walked around in the array formations of the ninth summit, and occasionally, she would destroy some of it unintentionally.

“Although the array formation here is not complicated, it is ranked third in the Ninth Summit. It is normal for it to be difficult to crack.” Xiao Yu looked at the pitiful trio and continued.

“Shall I bring you three to a simpler array formation?”

At this moment, the three of them walked up to Xiao Yu. Their attitudes were completely different.

Instead, they bowed respectfully to Xiao Yu.

At this moment, they came with the intention to learn. They did not dare to question or disrespect her.

Seeing their attitude, Xiao Yu felt that it wouldn’t be a problem to ask about their backgrounds now.

Jiang Lan had no idea what was going on in the square.

And he had never cared.

He did feel that he could not give any pointers, but if there were any questions, he would answer them.

The person sent by Martial Aunt Miao Yue could not be ignored either.

But it was impossible to do too much.

Everyone had their own ideas. He only needed to guide them to start successfully.

This way, he would not create trouble for himself and would not casually make enemies.

Speaking of making enemies, he was worried about Xiao Yu..

Xiaoyu would always unintentionally become enemies with others, and telling the truth would sometimes make people unhappy and hate her.

“In recent years, Xiao Yu has become much livelier. There shouldn’t be any big problems.”

With this thought in mind, he took out the book that explained about Deity Positions.

He had planned to read this book long ago.

Later on, because of a lot of things, he had no choice but to push it till now to read it.

This also reminded him of the Ancient Imperial Court.

Ever since his battle with Heavenly Human Yunxiao, he had never gone up again.

It was still too early, so he was worried that he would encounter Heavenly Human Yunxiao.

He decided to wait a few more years.

Then, he opened the book on Deity Positions and wanted to see what was inside.

He had already finished looking at the book that talked about the nine summits of Kunlun. He did not know how much they were related.


The Grand Desolate World originally did not have Deity Positions. It was just that at some point in time, some people began to gather the fortuitous opportunities of the Grand Desolate World into one.

A Deity Position was thus born.

The Deity Position originates from the heaven and earth, and will also return to the heaven and earth.

Those with a Deity Position enjoy the fortuitous opportunities of heaven and earth.

A Deity Position that is condensed has nothing to do with living beings, but it can connect living beings.

There is no way for living beings to influence a Deity Position which has already been controlled by someone, but for Deity Positions that are not controlled by someone, it can be slightly influenced by living beings, albeit almost negligible.

And the first person to condense a Deity Position in the Grand Desolate World was most likely someone from the Ancient Imperial Palace.

Everything is based on my guesses. No one can prove it for me.

The Deity Position is an opportunity between heaven and earth. It is also a kind of staircase, a path, and a kind of power.

If the owner of a Deity Position dies, the Deity Position can be inherited.

But this is severely limited.

All speculations stem from the origins of the Ancient Imperial Palace.

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