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Chapter 468 - Kunlun Will Be Attacked?

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Chapter 468: Kunlun Will Be Attacked?

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Jiang Lan flipped through the book.

The book on Deity Positions was actually going to start from the origins of the Ancient Imperial Palace?

Furthermore, the first person to condense a Deity Position was also someone from the Ancient Imperial Palace.

“No wonder.”

The existing prefixes of the Deity Position were Ancient Imperials, so it naturally made sense that the Deity Position originated from the Ancient Imperial Palace.

However, the function of a Deity Position was not so clear.

He could sense the fortuitous opportunities but as for the stairs, he did not know anything about it.

There might be further records.

The book was slowly turned over. Jiang Lan read very slowly because the things recorded in this book were quite bizarre.

The origin of the Ancient Imperial Palace originated from a single person, the Ancient Emperor.

The Ancient Emperor was a person’s title, but was later derived to become the name of a certain power, the Ancient Imperial Palace.

According to the books, when the Ancient Emperor condensed his Deity Position, strange phenomena appeared in the heaven and earth. His figure could be seen everywhere in the Grand Desolate World.

His name then spread throughout the Grand Desolate World.

At that time, the name of the Ancient Emperor was also made known to everyone.

Then, the Ancient Imperial Palace became a power that began to appear in countless corners of the Grand Desolate World.

Many of these records were guesses, but they were reasonable.

Almost everyone was talking about the origin and influence of the Deity Position.

The Deity Position was result of the condensation of fortuitous opportunities. If one obtained a Deity Position, they would have obtain the fortuitous opportunity. Furthermore, this was a brand new power.

One could cross the Grand Desolate World to manifest their divine force and transmit words.

One could wield a special power.

Jiang Lan didn’t think too much about it and continued to flip through the contents.

Regarding the Deity Position, he had many questions. He wanted to know if there was a difference in the different Deity Positions.

For example, if there were superior ones.

Soon, he saw these records.

Main body of text:

The origin of the Deity Position belonged to heaven and earth, and there is no difference in ranks amongst them.

However, the effects of each Deity Position are different, and the power contained in each Deity Position is also different.

There is no difference between whether one was superior or not, but only whether one is strong or weak.

It was extremely likely that it had something to do with those who had condensed the Deity Positions. There were many powerful experts in the past, but they were all different. With different strengths, the Deity Positions they condensed would naturally be different.

For the same fortuitous opportunity, two Deity Positions or even three Deity Positions might even appear.

Dual Deity Positions were the same as other Deity Positions, but the power contained within was different.

“In that case, the reason why the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace has two Deity Positions is because the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace’s powerhouse strength was inferior back then?”

This was the first time he knew the reason for the dual Deity Positions in the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace.

In that case, the fortuitous encounter hidden in the east, south, and north palaces would be slightly stronger than the top, bottom, left, and right.

As for the Central Palace…

No one in the Grand Desolate World could directly inherit it.

Did this mean that the person who condensed the Ancient Imperial Central Palace’s Deity Position back then completely surpassed everyone present in the Grand Desolate World?

They could only inherit the Deity Positions and were unable to condense their own Deity Positions.

There was a certain possibility that the people who condensed their Deity Positions in the past had surpassed the people currently in the Grand Desolate World.

Why had the Ancient Imperial Court perished?

Jiang Lan continued to flip through the pages. He wanted to learn more about Deity Positions.

Then came a hypothesis.

Assuming that the condensed Deity Position had an ownerless state.

A fortuitous opportunity would descend at a specific and suitable time.

Those who obtained the fortuitous opportunity could connect to the Deity Position and use the place they were in as a medium to come into contact with the Deity Position. Once they gained recognition, they could inherit the Deity Position.

If one succeeded, one would give birth to a title of the Deity Position.

Inheriting the Deity Position would definitely cause one to be restricted by the Deity Position and temporarily lose one’s freedom.

But when was the specified suitable time?

Perhaps it was when the calamity of the heavens and the earth would arrive, or the fortune of the heavens and the earth would be thrown into chaos, or when the grand Dao would undergo an unknown change.

Anything was possible.

There were countless possibilities for obtaining a Deity Position, but it was most likely related to the original owners of the Deity Position.

“This is a bit strange.” When Jiang Lan saw this, he felt that it was a bit strange.

He did not receive the recognition of his Deity Position, nor was he restrained by it.

However, the Deity Position had appeared on him directly.

Part of the carrier belonged to Ba Country, but he was not there.

It was very strange.

As for the impending disaster, he already knew about it. The Netherworld being had said it, and so had Imperial Lord Youdu.

Without much thought, he continued to read.

After flipping through, he found something new.

The inheritance of the Deity Position was only the first step, and every Deity Position title would definitely have traces of the previous one.

There was only one way to make the Deity Position completely belong to him and get rid of the previous traces.

That was to obtain the acknowledgement of heaven and earth.

The easiest way was to absorb the aura of heaven and earth, enrich the Deity Position, and completely change it from its original location to its original location, then concentrate it on the individual.

Only then could he complete the inheritance of the Deity Position.

To gain freedom.

What was the aura of heaven and earth?

The Heaven Realm. The Grand Desolate World. The Netherworld.

The Heaven Realm was mysterious, and so was the Netherworld. However, if one wanted to condense a Deity Position, it was impossible to avoid them.

At this time, Jiang Lan stopped flipping through the book.

“So that’s how it is. It’s no wonder that there are always people approaching Kunlun and bringing benefits back from Kunlun.

The Eighth Prince and the girl from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race have also became precious because of this.

Kunlun has the entrance to the Netherworld and Heaven Realm. “Jiang Lan was shocked.

What confused him was that he had been always standing in front of the Netherworld’s Entrance.

But why didn’t he feel anything?

Had he already completed the inheritance?

In theory, it was impossible. It seemed like he had completed the inheritance, but he could feel that his Deity Position was still in the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace.

The connection point never belonged to him.

Therefore, he did not complete the inheritance.


Why was he the only one who didn’t feel anything?

“I wonder what the problem is.”

Perhaps he could find an opportunity to ask Imperial Lord Xi He, but not now. He needed to be strong enough.

Only when he was strong would he be qualified to have a normal conversation with the other party.


As long as he advanced to become a Dao Immortal, he would have the qualification.

Or he could approach the Heaven Realm’s entrance and see if he could gain anything.

Only, he discovered a huge problem.

Since Kunlun had the entrance to the Heaven Realm and the Netherworld, wouldn’t the other forces target Kunlun?

This way, Kunlun would become the target of everyone.

“I haven’t seen them make any major moves yet. Is it because they don’t know enough, or is it something else?”

Whatever he could think of, the summit leaders of Kunlun and the major forces of the Grand Desolate World should have been able to as well.

There must be a deeper reason why they did not make a move.

In a rather remote area of the Ninth Summit.

Mei Li and the other two sat down to rest.

There was a smile on their faces. They finally understood.

And it was too magical.

This was the first time they knew that array formations could be set up in such a manner. It was a completely different arrangement and contained endless mysteries.

They had focused for too long and had to rest.

This was the Ninth Summit. They had to resist the aura of the Netherworld.

Thus, they could not cultivate till they forget to eat and sleep. Otherwise, it would be very dangerous for them.

This was quite a pity.

“Senior Sister, you previously said that the array formation in the square is ranked third.

Then where are the first and second?” Yan Ling asked curiously. She paused and asked another question.

“Right, where are the fourth and fifth too?”

“Fourth and fifth?” Xiao Yu, who was sitting on a rock, shook her head and said.

“There are no fourth or fifth array formation. There are only three array formations that Junior Brother set up seriously.”

Yan Ling: “…”

Mei Li: “…”

Han Qi: “…”

At first, they thought that it was normal for them to lose their composure because this array formation was ranked third. However, it turned out that there were only three array formations that the Ninth Summit had seriously set up.

The third array formation, which was also this one, was also the worst.

For a moment, they were somewhat depressed.

To their dismay, they also felt that these unranked formations were very profound.

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