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Chapter 472 - When Will The Vegetative Egg Hatch

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Chapter 472: When Will The Vegetative Egg Hatch

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In the Netherworld Cave.

Jiang Lan opened his eyes. After eighteen years, he had become a bit stronger.

He was one step closer to becoming a mid-stage Celestial Immortal.

The power of his golden body grew stronger.

After clenching his fists and sensing his strength, he looked at the entrance to the Netherworld.

“The eruption has begun. I wonder if the demons are taking action.”

Now that he had entered the sect for 670 years, there should still be about 15 years before the eruption of the Netherworld Entrance ended.

The peak of the eruption was ten years later.

He had heard from the girl from the Qilin Race that the Demon Race had made a move, but he had yet to discover anything.

He could only continue to wait.

After nearly twenty years, the Eighth Prince and the youth finally learned the saber technique he was teaching.

Although it was only the first move.

But the seed had been planted.

The three moves of the Dragon Saber Art would allow the Dragon Race to become stronger in all aspects. Once the Ancestral Dragon learned it, it would have a huge impact on Kunlun.

To remove the prefix of the Deity Position, one needed to obtain the recognition of heaven and earth.

And the recognition of heaven and earth was related to the Heaven Realm and the Netherworld.

If they were desperate, Kunlun might have to face the entire force of the Grand Desolate World.

This was the worst possibility, although there should be other unknown reasons as well.

However, he was in the Ninth Summit, which belonged to Kunlun.

If something like this really happened, he would definitely have to stay.

It was because he had the strength to protect Kunlun already.

In another two or three hundred years, he would most likely advance to the Dao Immortal Realm.

He would stand at the highest point of the Grand Desolate World.

If he escaped at that time, he would be unworthy of his master’s nurturing and protection over the years.

Furthermore, Xiao Yu was the Kunlun Goddess and bore a huge responsibility.

This made him further unable to leave.

Not to mention, he had long wanted to shoulder the heavy burden on behalf of his master.

He would bear the responsibility of the Ninth Summit.

No matter how difficult it was.

This was his choice and his duty.

Jiang Lan stopped thinking and walked out of the Netherworld Cave. He brought the vegetative egg and the Udumbara Flower out.

Because they had been exposed to the elements outside for many years, he had placed them within the Netherworld Cave all these years.

Now that the entrance to the Netherworld had erupted, it would definitely affect them if they continued to linger.

He was naturally happy with how easy it was to take care of the two.

It was also convenient for Xiao Yu to take care of them.

However, after so many years, he was very curious about the egg.

He wanted to know when the egg would break out of its shell and what would happen.


It did not go according to his wishes.

The vegetative egg was very stable.

It was the same for the Udumbara Flower. It was unknown if it was infected by the vegetative egg.

Walking out of the Netherworld Cave, Jiang Lan recalled the scene he saw in the Mountain Sea Mirror.

“I wonder what their purpose is.”

If they targeted the Ninth Summit, then there was nothing he could do.

The difference in strength was too great.

He needed his master to take action.

If there were other clues, he would inform his master.

In the courtyard.

Xiao Yu stood under the peach blossom tree and looked at the returning Jiang Lan. She said confidently.

“Junior Brother, it’s time for the challenge match. I’ve already fully grasped the array formation in the square.

For the next hundred years after today, Junior Brother should listen to me.”

After a while.

At the square of the ninth summit.

“Aiya, Junior Brother, stop knocking. I admit defeat. I admit defeat.”

Jiang Lan kept the wooden sword when he saw Xiao Yu hugging her head.

How dare she spout nonsense like that?

What an arrogant dragon.

However, he discovered that even though this dragon was arrogant, his strength was improving very quickly.

It should be because of the Ancestral Dragon’s gift from before.

In another thirty to forty years, she might be able to attempt to advance and become a True Immortal.


Several days later.

First Summit.

“Thank you for the trouble, Junior Sisters,” Lin An said to the three of them.

He could only count on these three to break the array formation this time.

Their attainments in array formations were not low and they cooperated well.

The three of them joining hands was truly something that very few people could compare to.

Those that could be compared to them were not suitable to break the array formation.

It was either because the person’s cultivation was high or there were other reasons.

“Senior Brother Lin is too polite. Our attainments in array formations are still shallow, so we can only do our best.” Mei Li lowered her head and said humbly.

Then, the three of them stepped into the array formation.

It was a square, connected to a huge building.

The gate was wide and grand.

The array formation was in the courtyard.

Lin An smiled as he watched the three of them enter.

“Junior Sisters, did something happen?

They have all become much more humble.”

“Is it because they no longer have the arrogance they had when they first came?” Hong Luan asked.

“It’s only right to be a little arrogant. Their cultivation speed is fast, and their attainments in array formations are astonishing.

There aren’t many that are on their level on the entire Fifth Summit,” Lin An said.

“Do you think they can break the array formation this time?” Hong Luan asked.

Lin An was silent for a while before shaking his head.

“I have no answer.

The array formation is indeed stronger than before, but I trust that the three Junior Sisters has not remained stagnant.

In addition to their present modesty, I felt that they might have experienced some growth.

Things are different now.”

“Your evaluation of them is very high,” said Hong Luan.

“Haha.” Lin An chuckled.

“I’m afraid that if I underestimate them, I’ll lose face.”

Hong Luan: “…”

A month later.

First Summit.

In the pavilion halfway up the mountain.

“Has the array formation been broken?” Feng Yixiao asked as he looked down the mountain with a smile.

“It hasn’t been solved yet, but the effects brought along by it have decreased. I think it can be solved.” After a moment of hesitation, Lin An continued.

“This time, the three Junior Sisters brought about a strange influence.

The previously restless array formation seemed to have calmed down.

When they first came, they did not have such an effect.

Some of the Senior Brothers have speculated that the three Junior Sisters have used a different method to break through the array formation.”

“Have you asked around?” Feng Yixiao didn’t turn around.

He looked down the mountain with a calm expression. He was looking at the grand entrance of the plaza.

“I’ve asked. These three Junior Sisters have studied array formations in the Ninth Summit for nearly twenty years.

The array formations set up by the Junior Brother of the Ninth Summit are different from everyone else’s.

It is as if he had walked his own path.” Lin An revealed the results of his investigation.


Suddenly, a gust of wind blew from the foot of the mountain.

An aura seeped out from the grand door, but it quickly returned to the courtyard.

Lin An was a little surprised to see this.

In the past, the aura brought by the array formation could not return, but this time, it did.

Did it mean that this array formation had become more compatible?

“Master?” Lin An immediately asked.

If it was compatible and if they invited the Junior Brother of the Ninth Summit…

Wouldn’t that be extremely effective?

However, he heard that his master did not get along well with his Martial Uncle of the Ninth Summit.

Feng Yixiao lowered his eyebrows and looked at the courtyard below. Then, he said calmly.

“Once he becomes a True Immortal, I’ll go to the Ninth Summit.”

After a pause, Feng Yixiao turned to look at Lin An.

“Who sent them to the ninth summit?”

“It’s Martial Aunt Miao Yue.” Lin An was perplexed.

“Master, do you think there’s a problem?”

“No.” Feng Yixiao as he turned to look at the sky. He then said.

“But sometimes, finding no problems is the biggest problem.”


Miao Yue felt a chill run down her spine.

“I feel like you guys are always speculating about my intentions. Does everyone else think that I have a motive?”

“No.” Chen Xi shook her head.

“I also think that you have ulterior motives.

For example, right now, I’m wondering why you’ve been with me for so long.”

Miao Yue smiled lightly at Chen Xi.

“Aiyaya, Senior Sister discovered me.”

Chen Xi: “…”

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