Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 471 - The Phoenix With Broken Wings

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Chapter 471: The Phoenix With Broken Wings

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“I understand now.”

On the nameless mountain, the youth who was striked by lightning till he was smoking sat up.

“Not only does he want us to cut meat, he wants us to cut meat according to his method.”

“So he was going to demonstrate it to us first? Why do you think he did that?” The Eighth Prince sat up.

“At that time, saber intent was everywhere. Does this means he wants to teach us a saber technique?” The youth tried suggesting.

“Why does he want to teach us saber techniques though?” The Eighth Prince asked.

“Perhaps it’s because you keep asking me to hit Hong Ya’s head with the halberd every day which has infuriated the Fist God. Now, he wants us to abandon the halberd and learn the Dao of the saber.” The youth stood up and continued.

“I have to go to the backyard and find a saber my grandfather treasured.”

“I don’t need to look for it.” The Eighth Prince’s voice sounded.


The Heavenly Dragon Saber was unsheathed.

“Alright, I’ll cultivate the saber technique in a month’s time.

I shall use this Dragon Saber.”

“There’s a small gap in your saber. It’s easy to break.” The young man glanced at it and said.

The Eighth Prince did not care.

The two of them packed up and walked down the mountain.

“The last time you said that after the Fist God responds, you will go knock on the head of the girl from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race. It’s been a month. When do you plan to knock her?”

“Now, the Fist God wants us to practice a saber technique.”

“So does that mean that after you learn it, you will use your saber to cut off her wings? A phoenix without wings?”


In the Netherworld Cave.

Jiang Lan shook his head slightly. He was rather disappointed by the performance of the Eighth Prince and the youth.

There should be progress later. There was no hurry now.

Thus, he placed his attention on the Mountain Sea Mirror and began to activate it.

He quickly connected with the symbol.

Then, the surface of the Mountain Sea Mirror changed.

At this moment, he had already activated his One Leaf Vision to the limit to prevent any accidents from happening.

The array formation in the cave could also prevent any accidents from happening.

Even for a moment.

“The wilderness?”

At this moment, the wilderness appeared in the Mountain Sea Mirror. There was no sign of life, and everything was withered.

“Is this the birthplace?”

This place was very similar to the birthplace described by his Senior Sister. It seemed that the Junior Sister wasn’t lying.

Very quickly, the scene started to approach a certain area. It was near a hill.

Then, figures appeared. There were many of them, all of them carrying some type of characteristics.


With this thought in mind, he had some guesses. Perhaps they were similar to Fei Yuan.

However, when he wanted to confirm, the image suddenly stopped moving.

It was frozen.

A figure appeared on the screen.

Dressed in white, he exuded an imposing aura, like a blazing sun.

Jiang Lan’s pupils shrank when he saw this. Without hesitation, he broke the connection of the Mountain Sea Mirror.

However, the moment before it was severed, an incomparably powerful force struck him.

His power instantly moved.


A soundless collision occurred.


His golden body was injured, and he threw up a mouthful of blood.

At this moment, the Mountain Sea Mirror ended its connection.

A light injury that could even make his heart palpitate.

“A Dao Immortal? Is it the Dao Immortal of the Demon Race since it has come from the direction of the Demon Race? It doesn’t seem like it. It seems like they are taking action.”

Jiang Lan adjusted his aura.

He did not dare to pay attention to it anymore.

Now, he began to suspect if his Martial Aunt Miao Yue really knew where the array formation was connected to.

A Dao Immortal, or even a Celestial Immortal, was still extremely dangerous for the current him.

Or maybe she was sure it was okay in the past, but something had happened recently?

Or perhaps he had misused the Deity Position?

He shook his head.

He couldn’t get any answers.

However, it could be confirmed that the demons were plotting something that had something to do with the Ancient Imperial Palace.

There was no need to guess the importance of the matter. The prescence of a Dao Immortal had made everything clear.

After taking a deep breath, Jiang Lan closed his eyes and began cultivating.

He had to advance as soon as possible.

Now that he had entered the sect for 652 years and it was now close to the eruption of the Netherworld Entrance, he could use this time to enter seclusion and quickly advance.

His Senior Sister was at the perfected Human Immortal Realm and had her own power. Her future advancement would be faster.

She shouldn’t take too long in the True Immortal Realm.

On the surface, his cultivation level has already been at the Human Immortal Realm for a hundred years. If he wanted his hidden cultivation to be raised to the perfected Human Immortal Realm, he would need to wait a few dozens of years. He would then also need another hundred years to advance to become a True Immortal..

Jiang Lan closed his eyes.

After which, he began cultivating.

The power of the Dao flowed through his body and activated his golden body.

When the power of his golden body reached its peak, it would be the day he tries to enter the Dao Immortal Realm.

It was still in its initial state.

He would try to do it as fast as he could, but he would not rush the process.

He would take it step by step, to prevent any accidents from happening during cultivation.

Time passed, and the sun and moon alternated.

Jiang Lan’s heart completely calmed down. Apart from special days, he had always been using his own rhythm to cultivate.

The power of his golden body was being mobilized bit by bit.

His strength was becoming stronger, but still, he couldn’t reach the mid-stage Celestial Immortal Realm.

But it should be soon.

The Ninth Summit.

At the foot of the mountain.

The three of them looked at the mountain and sighed.

“I feel like we can still continue learning. After all, we haven’t even comprehended much about the array formations that are ranked last.”

“We can’t stay here any longer. We’ve already stayed here for almost twenty years. I heard that the Netherworld Entrance has begun to erupt.

Staying too long will only bring us harm.” Mei Li shook her head.

They were studying hard here and had indeed gained a lot. They felt that they could continue.


The time was wrong.

Moreover, they had other things to do such as preparing to face their tribulation.

They could not stay any longer.

“I’ll come back after I become an immortal. What’s important now is to ensure that I can survive the heavenly tribulation,” Han Qi said softly.

Their talents were indeed very high, but transcending the tribulation was not an easy matter. They could not underestimate it at all.

“That’s the only way. However, we only had a single chance where Senior Brother Jiang explained his array formations to us during this period of time. It’s a pity.” Yan Ling recalled.

“Back then, when I saw Senior Brother Jiang sitting in the vast ocean of array formations, it gave me a similar feeling I had when I faced Master.

Do you think Senior Brother Jiang’s skills in array formations can match Master’s? ”

“I don’t think so, but it doesn’t make any difference to us.” Mei Li didn’t really care about this.

“Actually, I’m very curious about the relationship between the Goddess and Senior Brother Jiang.

I realized that it is very different from what the outside world are saying. They are very, very close, and they are not pretending to be close either.

As a Goddess, Senior Sister doesn’t put on any airs. It’s as if she listens to Senior Brother Jiang wholeheartedly and willingly.”

“Like you?” Han Qi asked curiously.

Yan Ling also looked at Mei Li curiously.

“No.” Mei Li immediately turned around to refute.

“I am the biggest in my family.”

At this moment, they arrived at the foot of the mountain. There was a man waiting in the distance.

Seeing the three of them, the other party finally smiled.

Han Qi and Yan Ling stopped when they saw the other party.

“Senior sister Mei Li, you should go first. We’re going to take a look elsewhere.”

After that, the two of them smiled as they watched Senior Sister Mei Li return with her husband.

However, when they returned to the Fifth Summit, Senior Sister Hong Luan came to find them.

“We’re going to the First Summit to break the maze array formation in a few days?” Han Qi was somewhat surprised.

“Why the rush?” Yan Ling was rather surprised.

They had just returned.

“Yes, I heard that this time, the maze array formation is much stronger than the last time you guys went there. If you guys really have no other choice, you don’t have to give yourself too much pressure.” Hong Luan consoled softly.


Han Qi and Yan Ling did not think much of it.

They had seen the Ninth Summit’s array formations and had improved a lot. Things were different now.

They were eager to try.

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