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Chapter 475 - Battle Of Dao Immortals

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Chapter 475: Battle Of Dao Immortals

Central Plains.

Li Fire Island.

On the highest mountain peak.

Heavenly Human Yunxiao stood in mid-air and looked up into the sky as if he had become one with heaven and earth.

Heaven Man Unity.

At this moment, the Dao of heaven and earth appeared on his body.

He was about to go further.

He was a new talent of the Heavenly Human Race, and he had a thorough understanding of the Heavenly Human Race. Thus, he had walked ahead of everyone.

The Deity Position was also obtained by him.

After forgoing his emotions and obtaining the Deity Position, it could be said that he had received the help of the heavens and his cultivation improved by leaps and bounds.

The Dao Immortal Realm was right in front of him.

Then, he would go a step further and reach the top of the stairs to fight for the only spot.

Ordinary Celestial Immortals would be slower than others in obtaining the Deity Position, but he would not.

Soon, he would be in the same position as the others.

At this moment, a middle-aged man came to his side. Before he could speak, Heavenly Human Yunxiao spoke first. His voice was calm, like a calm lake.

“Someone is out?”

“The target is the Ninth Summit of Kunlun.” The middle-aged man nodded slightly and continued.

“You can also take a look at the demons’ harvest. It might be of sufficient help to you.”

“It does help.” Heavenly Human Yunxiao nodded and looked into the distance.

“Would the Heavenly Human Race fear a human?”

“There’s no right or wrong,” the middle-aged man said in a soft voice. “It’s only because of the competition between races that he has to be eliminated. Furthemore, he might not be able to tolerate us in the future.”

Being born in the Grand Desolate World and the Heavenly Human Race meant that there was no way for one to escape the related rules.

Heavenly Human Yunxiao looked at the sky and slowly closed his eyes. He stood in the air, but it was hard for him to notice. His Heaven Man Unity was activated again.

The middle-aged man stopped talking.

He disappeared from the spot.

North of the Western Wastelands.

Mo Zhengdong flew high into the sky with Jiang Lan.

He didn’t seem to be anxious at all.

“Master isn’t worried?” Jiang Lan asked curiously.

The problem with the entrance to the Netherworld was probably related to the demons’ previous actions. A new crack had opened up.

It was based on the small crack in the Netherworld’s entrance.

This was why the entrance to the Netherworld had changed.

This time, the crack was much larger than before, and it was very far away.

There would definitely be some creatures rushing out from within, and the Netherworld Aura would seep out in large amounts.

“This is not serious.” Mo Zhengdong shook his head.

“The Netherworld indeed cannot be opened at will, but the Grand Desolate World requires the presence of the Netherworld Aura.

Since that is the case, we can let them succeed.

As long as it is shut down in time.

Furthermore, they will have to pay for their actions.”

Jiang Lan was enlightened.

The Grand Desolate World required the aura of the Netherworld because of the Deity Positions.

Therefore, Kunlun still wanted them to become stronger, but it couldn’t be too exaggerated.

“Master, what will happen if the entrance to the Netherworld is completely opened?” He only knew that his master was guarding the entrance to the Netherworld, but he did not know what would happen if the entrance was opened.

In the past, he felt that the creatures on the other end would fight their way out and overturn Kunlun.

However, the opening location was in the Witchcloud Mountain Range. In theory, it had nothing to do with Kunlun.

“The Heaven Realm will descend,” Mo Zhengdong answered softly.

Jiang Lan frowned.

The Heavenly Realm would descend?

In other words, the Heaven Domain and the Netherworld were either sealed or connected?

What would happen if the Heaven Realm descended?

The Ancient Imperial Court of the Heaven Realm had perished. The Kunlun Patriarch Gu had entered the Heaven Realm and never returned.

The empty seat of the Deity Position would descend into the Grand Desolate World once again.

From this, it could be seen that the descent of the Heaven Realm might bring about a huge crisis.

Perhaps it was as the Netherworld creature had said. The world was about to collapse.

Thus, the entrance to the Netherworld could be opened for a while, but it could not be opened forever.

The entrance at the Ninth Summit of Kunlun could not be opened directly.

Three days later.

A black light appeared in the sky.

It was the aura of the Netherworld.

The gap was opened.

“Looks like they’ve already succeeded. Not bad,” Mo Zhengdong said softly as he looked at the black light in the sky.

He could see it now, and it would be achieved in a few days.

A great battle would break out at any moment.

Jiang Lan also felt that this time was different from the past.

Someone had climbed out the last time. This time, someone should have climbed out as well.

He wondered what level the other party was at.

Furthermore, with such a huge commotion, there should be quite a number of experts.

There was nothing he could do about Dao Immortals, but as long as the other party was not a perfected Celestial Immortal, he should be able to handle it.

He didn’t know if he could win.

But he had some confidence in protecting himself.

With his Nine Steps of Heavenly Travel, he wouldn’t be a burden.


This was the wilderness.

If he remembered correctly, this was the place he saw through the ancient symbol last time.

The other party had a Dao Immortal.

The location had something to do with the Ancient Imperial Palace. This meant that the other party was using something from the Ancient Imperial Palace to connect to the entrance of the Netherworld.

Doing so allowed them to let the Netherworld Aura to seep out.

“There should be quite a few people. Do you feel any pressure?” Mo Zhengdong looked towards Jiang Lan.

He didn’t know Jiang Lan’s true cultivation, but he knew that Jiang Lan knew his own limits.

“A little, but it shouldn’t be a problem,” Jiang Lan replied.

There was indeed pressure.

No matter what enemies he encountered, he would feel pressure.

No one knew if the other party’s Human Immortal was in fact a Celestial Immortal in disguise.

He would give it his all no matter who his enemies were.

This would ensure nothing would go wrong.

Whenever he made a move, he would ensure that it was a sure-kill. He would not hold back.

If he could launch a sneak attack, he would definitely not attack head-on.

Thus, Mo Zhengdong did not ask any more questions. Instead, he led Jiang Lan forward.

It wouldn’t be long before they’d confront the demons directly.

The battlefield would be split into two.

Jiang Lan started to prepare silently. His master would fight with the Demon Race’s Dao Immortal later. That was a battlefield that he couldn’t get close to.

The rest was his alone.

What he wanted to do was very simple.

After killing all the demons he saw, he would close the entrance to the Netherworld.

If any Netherworld organisms appeared, he would have to clean them up as well.

He had an advantage, but he needed to expand it and become the only person standing.

Unless the other party had a perfected or multiple late-stage Celestial Immortals.

However, the possibility wasn’t high. Those at the peak of the Celestial Immortal Realm should be comprehending their own Dao.

Once they walked on their own Dao, they would become a Dao Immortal. Thus, those here would at most be at the late-stage Celestial Immortal Realm.

Perhaps even just mid-stage Celestial Immortals.

Of course. He couldn’t be sure.

A long time later.

Jiang Lan felt the presence of the Netherworld in front of him.

At this moment, he saw a middle-aged man standing in the sky. However, he immediately recognized him.

It was the person he saw through the Mountain Sea Mirror.

“Dao Immortal.”

This was not his enemy, but his master’s.

“You’re faster than I expected,” Di Jing said softly as he looked at Mo Zhengdong. Then, he looked at Jiang Lan.

“Mid-stage Human Immortal? No, Late-stage.

Were you two planning to go out and train?

Unfortunately, one of you is too weak. It’s equivalent to sending yourself to death.”

Mo Zhengdong rose into the air and looked at Di Jing.

“Worry about yourself. Do you think you can walk out of here alive?

Or do you think that it doesn’t matter if you die here after doing what you need to do? ”

“Haha, I’ve heard that you’re very strong. In fact, you might even be able to advance a little bit further. However, it’s hard to say if you’re really that strong.” Di Jing had a smile on his face, as if he wasn’t worried about his own safety at all.

“You’ll know whether I’m strong or weak now.” Mo Zhengdong stepped forward.

Lightning appeared under his feet, and light blossomed on his body.

The great Dao was like a rainbow, piercing through the horizon.

Di Jing wasn’t afraid. Brilliance appeared on his body like a blazing sun.

The battle between Dao Immortals erupted in the sky.


Lightning illuminated the world and occupied the sky.

Raging and violent..

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