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Chapter 477 - Primal Chaos

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Chapter 477: Primal Chaos

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A cow’s cry rang out in the air.

The entire underground plaza was shaking, as if it could not withstand this terrifying power.

In the blink of an eye.

Jiang Lan arrived in front of the late-stage Celestial Immortal.

He let out a punch.


This punch was aimed directly at Long Ji’s face, wanting to blow him up.


Although Long Ji lost the initiative, he still managed to block Jiang Lan’s attack.


The powerful force caused Long Ji to retreat a little. He wanted to adjust his condition and counterattack.


A new fist had arrived.

He had no choice but to continue defending.




One punch, two punches, three punches, four punches.

Jiang Lan’s fists didn’t stop, not weakening in the slightest.

The invisible bull’s cries became louder and louder, and cracks appeared in the void.

Dong! Dong!

It was as if a bull was crushing mountains and rivers as it descended from the sky.

Facing a late-stage Celestial Immortal, Jiang Lan couldn’t stop. He wanted to kill him in one go.

He could not give the other party any chance.

If he gave the other party a chance, he would face a huge crisis.

The Power Of Nine Tribulations continued to fill up.

Their power spread out and wreaked havoc.

Dragon scales appeared on Long Ji’s body. He was a demonic dragon.

The more he fought, the more fearful he became.

Powerful, extremely powerful.

The other party only had the cultivation of a mid-stage Celestial Immortal, yet he was beaten until it was hard for him to resist.


The dragon scales on his arm began to shatter.

The flesh began to disintegrate.

No, if this continued, he would definitely die.

At this moment, he began to burn his blood in an attempt to increase his strength.

He had to fight for a chance.

However, as he burned, he felt as if he was facing a great calamity.


Invisibly, he heard the bull cry.

Then, he heard the sound of the ground shattering.

In the end, he seemed to have seen the void shatter. A towering giant bull was stepping towards him.

Barren Bull?

How could this be?

It seemed to have come from the Primal Chaos.

At this moment, he felt despair.

When he snapped out of his daze, that towering giant bull already disappeared, only a fist that carried disaster was heading towards him.

He couldn’t stop it…


Long Ji’s arm was shattered by a punch.

Then, he tried his best to resist, but it was useless.

After losing the initiative, he could no longer take it back.




Jiang Lan’s fist didn’t stop in the slightest, and the blood started to turn into a bloody mist.

The surroundings began to be covered in blood mist.


A dragon’s roar sounded.

It was rather miserable.

However, Jiang Lan’s fist didn’t show the slightest bit of mercy.


A punch flew past.

Blood mist scattered in all directions.

The battle ended.

Jiang Lan used a split second to kill a late-stage Celestial Immortal.

The process didn’t last long, but it was abnormally long for him.

During this process, he did not dare to hesitate or relax at all.

Otherwise, there was a certain chance of the other party reversing the situation.

He would not let that happen.

Long Ji died and turned into a bloody mist, leaving nothing behind.

Perhaps the other party did not even know why a human who was originally a Human Immortal suddenly became a mid-stage Celestial Immortal, or perhaps he regretted underestimating his enemy.

Jiang Lan had no idea what the other party was thinking.

He only knew that he could not follow the other party’s path.

When facing an enemy, one could not underestimate or hold back.

Even if it was just a Golden Core expert, he had to be prepared.

After killing the late-stage Celestial Immortal, Jiang Lan looked behind him. There were still some living demons behind him.

Then, he moved.

The two Celestial Immortals had already been killed. The remaining ones didn’t seem dangerous, but they couldn’t be underestimated either, in case there was someone who hid their cultivation.

Furthermore, forcefully increasing his strength would have some effect.

If the side effect was large, the demons would have a chance.

Everyone had to be cleaned up.

A long time later.

Jiang Lan walked out from the bloody mist, his body feeling a bit weak.

Fortunately, the effects weren’t too great. The effects of the medicinal pills and secret techniques did exist, but they could still maintain the current state.

Right now, he was unable to calm down and heal his injuries.

It was because there seemed to be something calling him from the front. The Deity Position could not respond to it and he could only head there.

This was a place related to the Ancient Imperial Palace.

He wasn’t sure what was going on, but his inability to calm his mind greatly affected him. He had to enter as soon as possible.

Only in this way would he be able to recover in peace and close the entrance to the Netherworld.

The call came from a wall in front of them.

There was a mural on the wall.

The contents of the mural were blurry.

When he arrived in front of the stone wall, Jiang Lan reached out to touch it. However, the moment he touched the stone wall, his entire body was pulled in.

An internal world?

As he did not sense any danger, he did not resist. He only circulated his energy within his body.

He could react at any moment.

Just in case.

A desolate land beneath the clouds.

Lightning covered the entire area.

The scorching sun was drowned by lightning.

Mo Zhengdong stood high in the sky, wielding thousands of lightning bolts. The lightning dragons wreaked havoc in all directions, directly surging towards the scorching sun.


A dazzling light shone in the sky.

Destructive power swept out in all directions.


The scorching sun burst forth with powerful heat and began to burn the lightning.

Within moments, half of the sky was occupied by the scorching sun.

At this moment, Di Jing appeared before Mo Zhengdong in a sorry state. He was extremely shocked.

“As the rumors say, you had a chance to move forward a little, but why didn’t you?

Did you fail?” Di Jing was curious.


Mo Zhengdong did not think that he had failed, but…

He just gave up.

Was it worth it?

He felt that it was worth it.

That was enough.

“You are not someone who would allow yourself to die so easily.

You have a backup plan?” Mo Zhengdong asked.

If that was all, Di Jing would die in his hands.

However, since the other party had yet to leave, he definitely had something to rely on.

“Of course.” Di Jing looked down at the wastelands and said.

“There seems to be an accident below. Aren’t you worried about your disciple?”

“Do you think I would bring my own disciples to die?” Mo Zhengdong asked.

“What did you leave on him?” Di Jing was very curious.

Mo Zhengdong looked up at Di Jing and extended his hand.

At this moment, the thunderbolts in the sky were like a huge hand that surged towards Di Jing and then gathered together.


The lightning drowned Di Jing’s figure.

Blood oozed out from within and splattered onto the ground.


With a loud roar, Di Jing rushed out of the lightning hands.

He had many injuries on his body.

“I’ll tell you when you’re dead,” Mo Zhengdong said as he looked at Di Jing.

“It seems unlikely. The people from the Netherworld’s Entrance have come out.” Di Jing retreated a little.

At this moment, an aura appeared from the Netherworld’s Entrance.

A giant hand pressed down on the wasteland, and half a body appeared.

In the blink of an eye, a gigantic figure crawled out from the Netherworld’s Entrance.

He appeared on the wasteland like a black mountain.

An explosive power began to engulf the surroundings.

“Haha! Haha!

I am out! I am finally out!”

Unbridled and arrogant laughter rang out, and the surrounding mountain rocks crumbled under this laughter.

“Dao Immortal.”

“Then I will change this place…”


The lightning turned into a long whip and struck the face of the Netherworld creature that was speaking.

Blood oozed from his face, and lightning burned his skin like a raging fire.

“Noisy.” Mo Zhengdong looked coldly at the Netherworld expert.

There was no obvious change in his gaze, as if he was looking at a dead person.

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