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Chapter 478 - Paying Respects To The Exalted God

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Chapter 478: Paying Respects To The Exalted God

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The sudden attack stunned the Netherworld expert.

He turned to look at Mo Zhengdong.

He frowned slightly.

“You are strong, human, but I can be stronger than you.”

With a single thought from the Netherworld Race expert, his strength wreaked havoc in all directions.

He took a step toward Mo Zhengdong.

He wanted to make this human pay.

Mo Zhengdong raised his hand and closed his fingers.



The lightning in the sky transformed into a giant palm and grabbed at the Netherworld expert.

The speed was so fast that no one could avoid it. It carried the power of the great Dao.

The Netherworld expert was shocked and immediately used his Dao to interfere in an attempt to dodge.


The Netherworld expert avoided most of the attacks except for one hand.

The lightning hand broke his arm.


Blood spurted out as his flesh was pulverized.

“Stronger? Is that all?” Mo Zhengdong shook his head.

How disappointing.

This Netherworld expert was worse than Di Jing.

The Netherworld expert looked at Mo Zhengdong in shock. The other party’s strength was unreasonable.

“Dao friend, I advise you not to feel that you are unmatched. Are all people from the Netherworld like you?”

The Netherworld is really not qualified to come to our Grand Desolate World.” Di Jing appeared beside the Netherworld expert and said softly.

“This is someone who can suppress the Netherworld Entrance by himself.

It’s still too early for you to provoke him. ”

“The one guarding the entrance to the Netherworld?” The Netherworld expert was fearful for a moment. However, he looked at Di Jing doubtfully.

“And who are you?”

“The person who let you out.” Di Jing smiled and said,

“I need your help now. How about we join forces to deal with him?

Of course, you can refuse. When the time comes, we will join forces to deal with you. Do you think you, who just came out, can escape?”

The Netherworld expert looked at Di Jing’s smile and his face darkened.

“Haha, of course you can continue thinking.

But do you think Mo Zhengdong would just watch us chat like idiots?

The reason he didn’t make a move is because he is saving his strength.

I can sense that the longer you delay, the stronger he will become.

If we delay any longer, I can only escape.” Di Jing reminded the Netherworld expert.

Mo Zhengdong only looked at them and did not make a move.

At this moment, the lightning in the sky had already changed.

The ordinary lightning had turned purple.

It was purple-gold lightning.

“Attack.” The instant the Netherworld expert felt the divine lightning, he immediately started to make his move.

His arm grew back.

Now was not the time to hesitate.

The other party seemed to be rather powerful.

They were both Dao Immortals and although there was no clear distinctions.

There were still strong and weak Dao Immortals.

Normally, the gap wouldn’t be too great, but there would always be someone who could break the norms.

“Too late.”

Mo Zhengdong took a step forward.

Standing high in the sky, he looked like the lord of lightning.

His power was extremely destructive.


The power of the great Dao collided.

The three Dao Immortals began to clash.

Mo Zhengdong dominated the two Dao Immortals.

A violent power erupted in the sky, and the entire wasteland seemed to be unable to withstand it.

Outside the wasteland.

There was a group of people who were three feet above the ground, looking at the wasteland below the clouds, waiting calmly.

The leader was a middle-aged man.

Heavenly Human Race’s Dao Immortal.

Behind him was a Celestial Immortal, several Heaven Immortals, and a hundred True Immortals.

He came here today to leave someone behind.

“Aren’t we going in?”

The mid-stage Celestial Immortal who was a cold woman, Miao Qi, said.

The person she was asking was naturally the Dao Immortal of the Heavenly Human Race, Qi Wei.

“Wait. After the divine lightning passes, he will be in a weakened state.

That will be our chance.

There is no advantage in entering now.

Let them stall for time.” Qi Wei said.

There was no obvious emotion in his eyes.

It was as if this trip was ordinary to him.

After entering the stone wall.

Jiang Lan felt the resonance of his Deity Position disappear.

The calling began to weaken.

At this moment, he landed in a strange void. There was a faint light around him, but it was mostly darkness.

What puzzled Jiang Lan the most was that there was a mountain path beneath his feet.

There were wildflowers and grass along the way, as well as moist soil.

The path was like a bridge in the void.

There seemed to be something shining at the end.

He could not see clearly.

He was a little shocked as he walked over.

Power coursed through him. He wondered what he would encounter.

If there was danger and he needed to escape, he was already prepared for it.

His body was also in a better condition and could handle many things.



He walked in step by step.

The call seemed to come once again. It was a call from this land.

He had no idea where he was.

He had no idea what he would encounter.

After some time, Jiang Lan saw that there was a village in the dark void.

All he could see were ordinary houses.

How could this be?

Furthermore, the road beneath his feet was connected to the entrance of the village. At this moment, it was filled with people.

About a hundred people.

Most of them were middle-aged.

There were only ten or twenty children.

They were looking at him.

The leader was an old man. His skin was dark, and his face was covered in wrinkles. It was as if he felt uncomfortable when he opened his eyes.

Then there were some middle-aged men, and finally some curious children.

They stuck their heads out, as if something new was presented to them today.

Most striking of all were two young men, a man and a woman, both wearing battle armor. They stood in the crowd as if waiting.

The anticipation was mixed with apprehension.

“They are not ordinary people, but they look like one.

There are no immortals.”

Jiang Lan didn’t understand what was goig on, especially the way those people looked at him.

Respect, expectation, decisiveness.

The ydid not harbor any ill intentions.

Jiang Lan approached step by step. When he arrived at the village entrance, he saw a stone at the side with two words written on it—Treefront Village.

At this time, the elder moved. He respectfully bowed towards Jiang Lan.

The others followed suit.

“Welcome, Exalted God.”

The voice reached Jiang Lan’s ears.

He was rather astonished.

“Exalted God?”

Hearing Jiang Lan’s doubt, the old man was a little excited.

“Exalted God, have you forgotten about us?

It’s not that we’re afraid of death, it’s just that we didn’t have anyone suitable that year.

We’ve been preparing for the right people for generations.

Finally, you have arrived.

How could we forget the Ancient Imperial Court’s grace?

It is our honor to join the Ancient Imperial Court and fight for it.”

“Ancient Imperial Court?” Jiang Lan frowned.

“Exalted God, you must be joking. Other than the Ancient Imperial Court, are there any other courts?” The old man lowered his body and asked.

“There’s blood on the Exalted God’ body. Are you all still fighting?”

Is the battle going well?

We naturally know that participating in the battle would mean certain death, but we still want to ask.

Are there any survivors from our village?”

Jiang Lan couldn’t answer the old man’s question.


The Ancient Imperial Palace had fallen.

Seeing that Jiang Lan did not reply, the old man’s expression became a little lonely.

He knew the answer.

Then, two armored young men and women were called over.

“They are the people we have chosen. They are the people with the most potential in recent years.

I hope the Exalted God can take them.

We want to do our part as well.”

At this moment, the two youngsters were kneeling on one knee.

They were nervous and uneasy, but there was determination in their eyes.

“We have nothing to fear.. Please lead us into battle.”

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