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Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 484 - Killing All From The Heavenly Human Race

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Chapter 484: Killing All From The Heavenly Human Race

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Qi Wei’s expression changed upon hearing Mo Zhengdong’s words.

For a moment, he did not understand what the other party meant.

What could have happened?

That was impossible. The people he had arranged to act would never fail.

What was on the surface was not their true strength as well.

Then, when he looked down, his heart trembled.

In the wilderness, he saw an endless bloody mist.

Meanwhile, this bloody mist was collated from all from the heavenly humans.

The ground was stained red with blood, and in the blood mist, he saw two people.

Or rather, there were only two people left in the entire wasteland.

All the rest had been killed.

Then, he saw the two people clearly. One was the pawn he had arranged.

The other was… Jiang Lan of the Ninth Summit.

It was a battle between late-stage Celestial Immortals.

Furthermore, the other party had the advantage. His mid-stage Immortal Realm cultivation was comparable to the late-stage.

He was fighting against the odds.

“How is this possible? He shouldn’t have entered Kunlun for seven hundred years. Why does he have the cultivation of a Celestial Immortal?”

Qi Wei’s heart trembled. He was momentarily unable to accept this.

He thought that he had already sufficiently prepared for this by having a late-stage Celestial Immortal in the team.

But he realized that he might be wrong.

Especially when he saw that the other party had already destroyed all the phantoms.


Had he foregone his emotions?

For a moment, he couldn’t obtain an answer. But the moment his mind fluctuated, the power of lightning surged towards him.

It was Mo Zhengdong’s power. He had begun to counterattack.


Shocked, Qi Wei stopped thinking and started fighting Mo Zhengdong.

As long as he could kill the other party, it would not be a problem for him to go down.


Mo Zhengdong’s attack swept past, and more power followed.

Qi Wei frowned, but he was not at a disadvantage yet. He still had an advantage.

A great battle erupted.

Jiang Lan fought with the Heavenly Human Race’s Celestial Immortal for a long time.

The power continued to collide. No one used any extra spells, only their fists.

The ground split beneath their feet, and the barren mountain disintegrated beside them.

Power spread out like a storm.

Their figures disappeared and reappeared on the ground. Energy waves surged in all directions.

As they fought, the surrounding space rumbled, as if something terrifying was stepping through the void.

It was Jiang Lan’s fist that had changed space.

The aura of calamity appeared.

Soon, all of the tribulation aura condensed in Jiang Lan’s fist.


A punch passed.

His fist smashed into the heavenly human’s fist.


Blood spurted out from the other party’s arm.

However, the heavenly human didn’t stop, even though he knew that he was about to lose.


He continued to attack Jiang Lan.

“You’re really too strong.”

The voice came out of his mouth in shock.

“I’m a little glad that you didn’t cultivate the Great Oblivion Dao, but I’m also a little disappointed that you became stronger because you didn’t cultivate it.”

He was a middle-aged man and a late-stage Celestial Immortal. His status was extremely high.

He had originally thought that asking him to kill Jiang Lan was a waste of his time.

However, he never expected that he would be about to die at the hands of the other party.

Jiang Lan didn’t say anything. He continued to brandish his fist, shattering the other party’s arm.


Before long, the other party would be killed by him.

Only, this heavenly human continued speaking.

It was as if he knew he was about to die and wanted to say more.

“I’m very curious if you have comprehended the Empyrean Scripture or if you have the help of the Empyrean Scripture on your path to becoming stronger.”

His voice was not loud, but it was clearly heard.

Jiang Lan punched out.


A bull’s cry sounded from the void. Mountains and rivers shattered beneath its feet, and the void disintegrated before it.

The late-stage Celestial Immortal took a look, his mind shaken.

He did not have much of an expression, as if he had expected it.

However, he still did his best, trying to break through this attack, trying to kill Jiang Lan.



A powerful force transmitted from his fist, and then his arm instantly disintegrated. The power arrived at his body.

His golden body began to shatter.


A punch passed.

He, who was at the late-stage Celestial Immortal Realm, discovered that most of his body had disintegrated.


He fell to the ground. The Dao in his body was defeated, and his golden body disintegrated.

A realization appeared in his heart.

The other party’s golden body was inferior to his to a certain extent, but his comprehension of the Dao completely crushed his.

This was a person who had his fingers on the Dao Immortal Realm.

It was a fair defeat.

Jiang Lan arrived at the other party’s side, about to kill him.

“Have you heard of the Unmoved Sage?”

When he heard this, the Heavenly Human Race was stunned for a moment, looking at Jiang Lan with disbelief. His body was currently disintegrating, his voice a bit weak.

“Did you cultivate this?”

“I have this, but I don’t cultivate it.” Jiang Lan’s expression was cold as he spoke softly.


“It’s not my Dao.”

“But it will make you become stronger.”

“But that’s not me.”

Jiang Lan gathered his strength and punched down.

“It’s dark down there, but there should be quite a few people. You won’t be lonely.”


The fist fell.

Blood mist scattered.

Looking at the deserted land around him, Jiang Lan let out a sigh of relief.

Then, he sat down.

His body was also reaching its limit.

A late-stage Celestial Immortals was too powerful. Killing the other party was too strenuous on him.

Now, he could only make the best use of his time to recover.

As for the fight in the sky above, that was not his domain. Unless there was a very good opportunity, it was impossible for him to interfere.

He would leave it to his master.

Then, he ate a medicinal pill and set up an array formation to begin healing his injuries.

If anything abnormal happened around him, he would wake up immediately.

Of course, his body was also slowly sinking.

Recovering above the ground surface was too dangerous for him.

Although it wasn’t much different underground, he felt more at ease.

The power from the fight between the Dao Immortals didn’t spread out. Jiang Lan fully recovered and was not disturbed.

After an unknown period of time, Jiang Lan’s injuries began to recover, and his strength began to condense.

He could continue attacking at any time.

When he opened his eyes.

What he saw was a dark land covered in lightning.

Most of them were purple lightning.

It was as if someone was protecting him.

“Master won?”

Jiang Lan roughly knew the outcome. Otherwise, his master wouldn’t have the strength to protect him.

After confirming that his injuries were fine, he directly headed towards the wasteland.

When he went up, the sky returned to normal, and there were no fluctuations in the surroundings.

Only his master stood at the side, holding the Netherworld Halberd in his hand as if he was touring.

“Are you done resting?” Mo Zhengdong asked Jiang Lan.

As he spoke, he tossed the Netherworld Halberd in his hand to Jiang Lan.

He did not ask any more questions.

“En, I’ve mostly recovered,” Jiang Lan replied.

He didn’t know if that Heavenly Human Race’s Dao Immortal had escaped or died.

There was a high chance he was dead.

“Then let’s go back. The training this time is pretty good,” Mo Zhengdong said with a smile.

Only by being able to get injured and obtain benefits could one consider it a useful training.

Otherwise, it could only be considered a sightseeing trip.

It would not be worth mentioning.

Jiang Lan had no objections to his master’s words.

Not only were there no Dao Immortals around him, there was no aura of the Netherworld either.

In other words, his master had closed the crack in the Netherworld. He could indeed leave now.

He had been out for some time.

Mo Zhengdong flew into the sky with Jiang Lan.

At this moment, Jiang Lan felt as if two great Dao had fallen on the wasteland. Moreover, the entire wasteland felt as if lightning was wreaking havoc.

The effects of his battle had all disappeared without a trace.

Two great Daos had fallen just like that…

His master had killed two Dao Immortals and erased all traces of his battle.

After Jiang Lan and his master left the wastelands for a period of time, Di Jing arrived again.

He looked at the two fallen Dao Immortals and sighed.

“Although Mo Zhengdong will be weak for a while, two Dao Immortals had just died like that under his hands.

He’s terrifying.”

He landed on the ground and began to look around.

“It’s fine if there’s only one person in Kunlun but there’s more than one. I have to be wary of the others as well.”

Without further thought, he began to examine the wastelands.

At the same time, he wanted to see if he could take back what had opened the Netherworld.

However, he was rather puzzled as he looked at the desolate land ravaged by lightning.

“That shouldn’t be the case. Mo Zhengdong fought a great battle with the Heavenly Human Race, so how could it directly affect the entire wasteland?”

Is there a secret, or is there another reason? ”

With these doubts, he tried to find out the reason behind this.

Soon, he discovered a strange place. He did not act rashly but approached it bit by bit.

It seemed to be a light spot. There was something different in the light spot.


Violet gold lightning.

“I’ve been tricked.”


In that instant, countless bolts of lightning soared into the sky. The lightning was like dragons, killing everything.

Di Jing, who was trying to escape, was targeted by all the purple lightning dragons. At this moment, ten thousand dragons gathered.

It seemed as if they wanted to destroy the world.

Di Jing looked at the gathered dragons and sighed.

“Kunlun is really not to be trifled with.”


Ten thousand dragons arrived.

Di Jing’s body shattered and disintegrated.

After the lightning calmed down.

In the forest far away from the desolate land under the clouds, Di Jing’s body gathered again.

This was his last resort.

However, his face was pale and he was severely injured.

“I’ve never heard of Mo Zhengdong being so scheming. Has someone guided him?”

Di Jing had no idea.

Without any hesitation, he turned around and left.

He wasn’t sure if there was any killing intent left in the wastelands, but…

He did not dare to gamble.

The wastelands had been ravaged by lightning, so there was a high chance that the other party was intentionally guiding him somewhere.

If he went there again, there was a high chance he wouldn’t be able to return.

The Heavenly Human Race and the Netherworld Race had all fallen at Mo Zhengdong’s hands. Adding him in wasn’t a big deal.

There was no need for himself to send himself to die.

As for the harvest this time…

Di Jing took out the bead with the Netherworld Aura in his hand, his eyes filled with joy.

He was barely considered the final winner.

The Netherworld Race and the Heavenly Human Race were the biggest losers.

Jiang Lan, who was originally leaving, felt the power of lightning behind him.

It seemed like there were still people there.

It just didn’t feel good.

“The Demon Race’s Di Jing isn’t very strong, but he’s very dangerous,” Mo Zhengdong reminded.

In a few years, Jiang Lan’s enemy would no longer be Celestial Immortals.

His enemies would be top experts of the Grand Desolate World, Dao Immortals.

This day was not far away.

Jiang Lan nodded, remembering Di Jing.

Then, he recalled what had happened below the wasteland.

“Master, I found a place under the wastelands.”

Mo Zhengdong looked at Jiang Lan, as if asking what it was.

“It’s a village in front of a tree. According to them, it’s related to the Ancient Imperial Heavenly Court.

There’s a Tree of Creation inside.” Jiang Lan roughly explained.

After all, it was just a one-sided story. He did not dare to believe it completely.

But he could trust most of it.

Mo Zhengdong was silent for a moment. He didn’t ask for more details. He only turned his head and said.

“When you become a True Immortal, I’ll bring you to the First Summit.

Go and broaden your horizons there.”

The First Summit connected to the Heaven Realm.

“So Master wants me to understand more?” Jiang Lan thought.

He had a Deity Position and could know more things.

He also needed to know more things because the Deity Position itself carried many unknowns.

Perhaps he could learn more after entering the entrance to the Heaven Realm.

The only thing he needed to do was not to be discovered.

As for why needed to become a True Immortal first, he also understood the reason behind it.

Only by becoming a True Immortal on the surface would it be suitable for him to go.

His current cultivation level was at the late-stage Human Immortal Realm. He could advance to the perfected Human Immortal Realm in a few years.

He could only become a True Immortal after a hundred years.

It seemed like he still needed to wait a while more.

There was no rush. He could try to break through to a higher realm over the years.

He wondered if he could reach the Dao Immortal Realm after a hundred years.

Because of the Tree of Creation, his path had changed and become wider.

In the past, it would have taken him a few decades before he could advance, but now, it was faster.

The later stages would definitely be very fast.

It was hard to say when he was at the perfected Celestial Immortal Realm.

“Many thanks, Master.” Jiang Lan bowed respectfully.

Then, they didn’t say anything else and headed towards Kunlun.

This trip took more than a month.

Jiang Lan took more than half a month to recover from his injuries.

Several days later.

Jiang Lan passed through half of the Western Wastelands and returned to Kunlun.

Under normal circumstances, it was impossible to cross it so quickly.

However, since his master was the one bringing him this time, he would naturally be faster.

He himself was not strong enough.

Jiang Lan landed at the old inn. He said that he wanted to look for the Eighth Prince, but in reality, he wanted to enter the spiritual inn.

Ever since he understood the space of the Tree of Creation, he suddenly realized that the spiritual inn might have something like this.

The innkeeper’s Catoptric Deflection was most likely formed from the fusion with the ability of the Tree of Creation.

Or something like that.

He wanted to try comprehending it again.

It was beneficial to his Dao, so it couldn’t be considered a sudden advancement.

However, even the slightest improvement was impressive.

He had already walked out on his own Dao path. After strengthening himself once, it was basically impossible for him to continue strengthening.

He needed to gain new insights.

He was now a Human Immortal. It was normal for him to comprehend the Dao.

It would not attract much attention.

It was noon.

The innkeeper shouldn’t be here. He had more time.

There was only one girl from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race at the counter.

There were no guests in the living room, which was unusually deserted.

“You want good wine? Boss is coming back in the evening this time,” Hong Ya said to Jiang Lan.

Jiang Lan nodded slightly. After confirming that the wine was ready, he sat in a corner and waited quietly.

His mind began to calm down as he tried to communicate with the spiritual inn.

He had no choice but to ask for good wine. He did not need to wait here for ordinary wine, so he could not communicate with the spiritual inn.

Then, he entered the spiritual inn. This time, it was different from before. He could see even more things.

There were indeed things that he could not learn in the Catoptric Deflection realm.

It was related to the structure of space.

This time, he saw the inn again and realized that the spiritual inn was glowing. It was light from space.

It was extremely complicated.

It was extremely mysterious.

Even just by looking at it, he could comprehend something.

He just looked and felt.

The girl at the counter hesitated for a moment before giving up on trying to pull Jiang Lan to the spiritual inn.

The youth wasn’t around. Doing such a thing was offensive.

However, perhaps it was an illusion, but she felt that the inn seemed to have changed.

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