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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion Chapter 486 - It's Easy To Enter Kunlun, But Hard To Leave Kunlun free read Here - BochoNovel
Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 486 - It's Easy To Enter Kunlun, But Hard To Leave Kunlun

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Chapter 486: It’s Easy To Enter Kunlun, But Hard To Leave Kunlun

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Jiang Lan stood in the inn. He seemed to see a brand new staircase.

The steps were different from before, and the location was also different. It was as if he could reach a completely new height in the inn.

At this moment, the inn was filled with dense lines in his eyes. They were all embodiments of the Dao.

The entire inn was outlined by such lines. The lines were like a brand new door standing in front of him.

It was a mysterious door.

Looking at the stairs that were like doors, Jiang Lan felt an indescribable joy in his heart.

It was as if being able to encounter such a completely new opportunity for comprehension was something worth celebrating.

He didn’t stop and walked up the stairs.

Every step was very heavy. He could see more with each step and gain some insights.

The Dao that originally belonged to Jiang Lan had already become corporeal, and now, it seemed to become even richer.

There were even more details in his original Dao world. There were already shadows, underground rivers, and the four seasons.

Now, a mirror version started to appear. It seemed real and fake.

It was like a completely new Dao, but in essence, there was no change.

He was walking, gaining enlightenment and sensing more.

This time, he felt that he could make a breakthrough.

However, he could only make up for his Dao, not fully manifest it.

Otherwise, it would bring him a lot of trouble. He should have attracted the attention of others now.

He could only comprehend the Dao normally.

As for why he could suddenly comprehend the Dao in the inn, his master would explain it to him later on.

Outside the inn.

Mo Zhengdong descended from the sky, while Miao Yue followed.

She was rather curious about what Jiang Lan had done to make the innkeeper call out her Senior Brother.

However, when she came out, she saw the abnormality of the inn. She frowned in surprise.

The core Dao of Catoptric Deflection.

This was not easy to comprehend. One could not touch the core of Catoptric Deflection just by comprehending the Dao.

Mo Zhengdong watched expressionlessly.

He was not surprised or emotional.

He was rather happy.

This was very similar to his disciple’s style.

Mo Zhengdong landed beside the innkeeper, while Miao Yue landed next to Mo Zhengdong.

The three of them looked at the inn.

The youth and the others stood quietly at the side, not daring to breathe loudly.

The summit leaders of the Ninth Summit and the Fifth Summit were here.

The Eighth Prince knew these people the best.

If not for his impressive background, his sister being the Jade Pool Goddess, and his brother-in-law being the only successor of the Ninth Summit.

He might very well be eaten up by these two.

The invincible posture and the piercing gazes made him want to kneel down and pay his respects.

His brother-in-law’s master was also an elder, so it was reasonable for him to pay his respects.

Hong Ya was naturally afraid as well. These people controlled her life and death with absolute power.

Yan Xiyun was confused, but the earth was telling her to stay far away from them and not be seen.

It was very dangerous. It was as if one look by the other party would cause one to die.

Even the Pixiu quietly ate grass, treating itself as an ordinary spirit beast.

Ao Ye, who originally planned to come over for a drink, was squatting at the side pulling weeds for the Pixiu.

He specially chose the worst food.

He hid behind the Pixiu so that he wouldn’t be seen.

“Boss, can you sell one copy of Catoptric Deflection to me?” Miao Yue looked at the innkeeper and said.

“I only have just one. Mo Zhengdong bought it,” the innkeeper replied.

He knew what kind of person Miao Yue was. She was too dangerous.

It was not that she was strong, but he could not understand her thoughts.

There were roughly two people in Kunlun who were least afraid of Miao Yue.

One was the Kunlun Sect Master, while the other was the Ninth Summit’s Mo Zhengdong.

Then, the innkeeper looked at Mo Zhengdong and said.

“What did you guys obtain during your trip?”

Mo Zhengdong looked at the inn and said softly.

“Tree of Creation.”

Miao Yue was a little surprised, but she also felt that it was normal.

This made sense.


Things didn’t seem that simple.

She neither spoke nor asked.

With the Tree of Creation, comprehending the core Dao of the inn was normal.

It was very reasonable.

“What a fortuitous opportunity.” The innkeeper sighed.

“However, I wonder if he will be able to reach the top and pluck the fruits inside.”

“Boss, you can try to estimate the price first,” Mo Zhengdong said.

Mo Zhengdong didn’t care if he plucked it or not.

It would be best if he could afford it.

“Boss.” Miao Yue looked at the innkeeper who was about to speak and smiled.

“Be careful with your price. Jiang Lan most likely won’t take it this time.”

“Why are you so sure?” The innkeeper asked.

“Senior Brother cares about his disciple. As his disciple, how can he disappoint his master?

Jiang Lan understands the value of the Catoptric Deflection manual.

After coming into contact with the core this time, he definitely knows the value of it.

Do you think that he will pluck it?

Therefore, if the price is too high, it will be hard to sell it.

If you want to wait for the result before coming up with the price, it might be too late then as well.

If Jiang Lan doesn’t want it, you won’t be able to offer a price either.

If you make an offer now and the price is suitable, Senior Brother can bring Jiang Lan to pluck it next time.”

The innkeeper :”…”

For a moment, he did not know if he should speak or not.

“I have a suggestion.” Seeing that the innkeeper did not speak, Miao Yue continued.

“Why don’t you set two prices? One is the price if Jiang Lan were to pluck it, while the other is the price if Jiang Lan does not pick it.

Your fruits were indeed not prepared for Jiang Lan, and the fruits can indeed be plucked by your child in the future. But have you thought about the time needed?

Treasures that can’t be used and has no demand are worthless.”

Miao Yue then looked at Mo Zhengdong.

“Senior Brother, what do you think?”

“Anything is fine.” Mo Zhengdong did not refute.

In the end, it would depend on the innkeeper.

The innkeeper thought for a moment. Time was the real problem.

This world…

There was an upcoming great calamity.

He didn’t have that much time.

“Alright, I agree.” The innkeeper nodded.

Then, they looked at the inn, waiting for Jiang Lan to go up and make his final decision.

Miao Yue only took a glance and did not pay much attention to it.

She already seemed to have a rough idea in her heart.

She turned to look at Yan Xiyun and waved her hand.

“Little girl from the Qilin Race, come here.”

Yan Xiyun pointed at herself and looked around. She was the only one from the Qilin Race.

Then she walked over, a little afraid.

But no one else said anything, and she didn’t dare to say anything.

The Eighth Prince and the others lowered their heads, not having any thoughts of doing anything.

The girl from the Qilin Race would definitely not be in danger.

If there was danger, nothing they said would help.

They were all puny in front of these three.

At this moment, Miao Yue also moved to Yan Xiyun. She touched Yan Xiyun’s head and smiled.

“How long have you been around Kunlun?”

“Three, three hundred years,” Yan Xiyun replied.

Miao Yue extended her hand, and a jade tablet appeared in her hand. She then handed the jade tablet to Yan Xiyun.

“Take this. You can visit most of Kunlun. If you have any problems, you can ask Kunlun for help.

You can also in Kunlun in peace.

If you have any problems that can be solved by Kunlun, just come to us for help.”

“Really?” Yan Xiyun looked excited.

The people of Kunlun were really nice.

Miao Yue nodded.

Hong Ya sighed. Yan Xiyun could now no longer leave Kunlun.

Although she already could not leave as well.

But it was different now. Ever since the fortuitous opportunity landed on Yan Xiyun, she knew that such a day would come.

But was it considered a bad thing?

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