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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion Chapter 497 - Summoning Of The Deity Position free read Here - BochoNovel
Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 497 - Summoning Of The Deity Position

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Chapter 497: Summoning Of The Deity Position

Jiang Lan stood in the Lower Palace.

He did not continue forward. Instead, he felt the changes around him.

He felt the gift from the Lower Palace and the words the seniors left behind.

Everyone knew that they would definitely die. Everyone only chose to send back some things. No one had returned.

That was true either. If they returned, how could he be here?

How could he have a gift left for him?

Jiang Lan calmly accepted their gift.

Since he had chosen to bear the responsibility, he would no longer worry and hesitate.

Instead, he would accept it and do it.

It was good as long as he had a clear conscience.

After a long time, everything returned to the initial calmness. Jiang Lan looked around him, silent.

He looked at the broken sword that was stabbed under his feet.

From now on, the sword on the platform represented him.

If the sky collapsed, he would hold it up.

This was the compensation for the gift he had received.

After that, Jiang Lan looked into the depths of the Lower Palace. He didn’t know what was inside. Perhaps there were records of the Ancient Imperial Palace’s enemy inside.

However, he could not stay any longer. As he was not strong enough, he could only stop his venture here.

He was going back.

With this thought in mind.

He was sent out of the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace and returned to the gate.

At this moment, he turned to look at the pitch-black void. He no longer went out casually.

Hiding behind the darkness were terrifying existences.

He was going to reach the Dao Immortal Realm. He might be able to see who they were after some time.

That would be the greatest crisis.

In the end, his thoughts sank, and he returned to the Netherworld Cave.

As soon as he returned, he felt his Dao World begin to move, as if he was about to enter a state of enlightenment.

Without any hesitation, he left the Netherworld Cave, heading towards the courtyard to gain an epiphany.

The Ancient Imperial Lower Palace’s gift allowed him to gain even more. Undergoing an epiphany would allow him to transform everything into his own.

But this would take him some time.

In addition, it was better to gain an epiphany about the Dao in the courtyard. The Netherworld Cave wasn’t too suitable.

Soon, he appeared in the courtyard. His Senior Sister had yet to return.

He sat at the stone table and closed his eyes.

At this moment, his Dao world seemed to expand, enveloping the entire courtyard.

At this moment, the courtyard seemed to have become a part of the Dao.

It did not affect the outside world. It was as if everything was happening in the Catoptric Deflection realm.

Then, he entered a state of enlightenment, sensing the great Dao traces left behind by the Ancient Imperial Palace.

He was understanding the gift and digesting it, before finally making it his own.

The starry sky that dotted the path.

At night.

Xiao Yu returned to the Ninth Summit.

She pouted.

“Why didn’t Junior Brother pick me up?”

She felt a little strange. Her Junior Brother had said that he would pick her up.

Unless he was held back by something.

But what else did Kunlun need Junior Brother to do?

Because his level of cultivation did not meet the requirements, he did not need to participate in the selection. The Ninth Summit was more or less cleaned already.

“Junior Brother must have forgotten about this matter.”

She took out her wooden sword, intending to educate her Junior Brother.

However, she frowned as soon as she returned to the courtyard.

The courtyard today was a little different.

Although it was very weak, she could sense it.

Just by looking at it, one would have an indescribable understanding, as if they could use this to perfect the Dao in their hearts.

Her Junior Brother had another epiphany?

It had only been half a day.

As expected, her Junior Brother would fall into an epiphany if she wasn’t watching over him. She had thought that since her Junior Brother was about to become an expert, he wouldn’t fall into an epiphany so easily.

But she was wrong.

Then, she walked into the courtyard.

After entering, she realized that she didn’t need to worry about disturbing her Junior Brother’s epiphany. It was as if she was just a part of this place.

Then, she carefully sat opposite Jiang Lan, her chin resting on her hands as she quietly watched.

She decided to cultivate here for a period of time.

He would accompany his Junior Brother.

Time passed bit by bit. Five years passed in the blink of an eye.

Xiao Yu had stayed in the courtyard for five years. She checked herself a few times and realized that because the courtyard seemed to have been seperated from the outside, the influence of the Netherworld Aura was very small.

Thus, she gave up on the idea of going back to the Jade Pool and continued to stay in the courtyard.

However, she suddenly thought of something and stood up to return to the Jade Pool.

Under normal circumstances, she could not stay here for long.

But if she didn’t go back, others would definitely be curious.

Her Junior Brother liked to hide, so she naturally couldn’t expose him.

Xiao Yu left and planned to come back in a few years.

Jiang Lan stood in the world of his Dao. He had already understood everything, but he still felt that something was lacking.

He was lacking his Senior Sister.

His Senior Sister was not in the Dao World.

He could not reach the final perfection.

He looked at the world of the Dao, at the plants and vegetation, at the rivers and mountains. It looked as if nothing was wrong.

The space, shadows, soil, undercurrents, mirror, and even the starry sky looked all fine.

They were all approaching perfection.

He just lacked the final embellishment.

He was lonely in his Dao World. Being lonely was not bad, but it did not suit his heart.

This way, his Dao World would not be perfect.

However, this opportunity had yet to arrive. It could only be chanced upon by luck.

He did not force it.

With this thought in mind, Jiang Lan began to retreat from the world of the Dao.

In the courtyard, he slowly opened his eyes.

The moment he opened his eyes, he saw Xiao Yu again.

At this moment, Xiao Yu was sleeping opposite him and did not look at him.

Did she like to take this form even without anyone watching?

Jiang Lan was surprised.

Xiao Yu had already become smaller out of habit. When she returned to normal at night, she was not as cold as the last time anymore.

Her temperaments in both her forms were around the same now, but she would still take the form of Xiao Yu often.

He looked around and realized that there were still traces of cleaning here. His courtyard should be taken care of by Xiao Yu.

However, some places had become much older. In other words, it had been quite a while.

He did not wake Xiao Yu up but watched on quietly.

It had been a long time since he watched Xiao Yu sleep.

In the past, when he was augmenting the wooden sword, he would often look at her sleep. At that time, they were not husband and wife yet.

They would not enter the room to rest together.

He could only sit in the courtyard.

From the looks of it, he had obtained many things and lost some things.

Just like power.

He had obtained quite a bit of power. At the same time, he had lost his enemy and his freedom.

The responsibilities he had to bear increased, and he was unable to extract himself from it.


He did not regret or feel vexed.

Just as Jiang Lan was about to read, a light suddenly erupted outside.

It was outside Kunlun.

The light rushed into the sky and disappeared into the clouds.

It was as it had reached an endless height.

At this moment, a dragon’s shadow appeared in the light.

Then, a point of resonance appeared in his Deity Position.

“The Eighth Prince?”

Jiang Lan was a little surprised. This light actually came from the Eighth Prince.

Soon, he realized that the Heaven Realm was summoning him up. As long as he responded, he could directly enter the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace.

“Someone has called for him?”

“It must be Imperial Lord Xi He.”

This was Jiang Lan’s first thought. Imperial Lord Xi He was the only one with such an ability.

Furthermore, he had a feeling that the center of the call was the Eighth Prince.

The Eighth Prince had six fortuitous opportunities.

Although the opportunities from the Left and Right Palaces were in the minority, they should still be able to connect with this.

He needed to go up and take a look.

Without any hesitation, he chose to respond to the call.

He would go and take a look at the situation, but he needed to be more vigilant.

With only a few hundred years left, he could no longer ignore such matters.

However, there was no need to be too anxious. He was about to enter the Dao Immortal Realm.

After that, he would pursue a higher realm.

It was fine as long as he just keep walking his own path..

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