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Chapter 503 - The Opportunity To Perfect The Great Dao

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Chapter 503: The Opportunity To Perfect The Great Dao

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Qingcheng Town.

As Jiang Lan walked along the streets, he naturally activated his Loneliness Spell slightly.

His Senior Sister was walking on the streets with her normal appearance. As the Jade Pool Goddess, she would be easily recognized.

But with a slight circulation of his Loneliness Spell, others would know that they were here, but they would not be able to remember their appearance.

This way, they could play on the streets normally.

To ordinary people, his Senior Sister’s temperament was also extraordinary and could easily attract trouble.

With the Loneliness Spell, she would not be treated differently.

“Junior Brother, give me ten copper coins.” Ao Longyu looked at the elder selling candied fruits excitedly.

“Senior, a skewer of candied fruits.” Ao Longyu, who had received the money, ran to the elder to ask for the candied fruits.

One stick of candied fruits was seven copper coins.

The price did not seem to have increased much.

However, the way Senior Sister addressed the other party was not right. Senior Sister was now more than eight hundred years old.

That old man was only about fifty years old.

After buying the candied fruits, Ao Longyu took a bite and returned to Jiang Lan’s side. She handed the remaining three copper coins to Jiang Lan.

“Junior Brother, this is the change.”

Jiang Lan: “…”

In the end, he accepted the three copper coins.

After eating a piece of candied fruit from the stick, the rest fell into Jiang Lan’s hands. They were still shopping, so Xiao Yu saw a lot of things and was excited by them.

She seemed to be very curious about everything.

It was as if she could finally come out and walk around after being imprisoned for hundreds of years.

Jiang Lan looked at his Senior Sister who was picking books and felt that he had brought her out too late.

However, he was not strong enough in the past. The risk was too great.

Recently, he had fused with the core of the Tree of Creation and his ability to escape danger had become special. This was why he was no longer worried.

“Junior Brother, I realized that Junior Sister Siya might have been reading book of such genre.” Ao Longyu bought a book for Jiang Lan.

“Heaven Immortal Descent”.

It was the name of the book.

After flipping through it briefly, Jiang Lan knew that it was a story about a fairy descending from the heavens.

In the mortal world, there were always people who wished to meet such a fairy.

However, Jiang Lan wasn’t optimistic about it.

The difference between the two was too great, and it would only bring great trouble.

He had such thoughts when he was engaged to his Senior Sister.

He originally thought that his Senior Sister would definitely hate him, so that he could annul the engagement normally.

Otherwise, he would be bound by the engagement.

He just needed to make a baby with her.

But his Senior Sister had become much more important than he had expected.

“Junior Brother, let’s make things clear first. If we are shopping, let’s go shopping. Don’t just stand there and attempt to comprehend something out of the blue.” Ao Longyu stared at Jiang Lan as she spoke.

“No.” Jiang Lan shook his head.

How could enlightenment be so easy? How could one gain enlightenment while shopping?

Previously, he had only entered an epiphany while plucking the weeds and watching the sunrise because he had a sufficient accumulation and had naturally fallen into it.

But shopping was almost impossible.

“Then I’ll continue shopping.” As she spoke, she took another ten copper coins from Jiang Lan.

It seemed like she wanted to see what she could buy with ten copper coins.

Jiang Lan felt a headache. There weren’t many copper coins left.

He needed to exchange for some.

However, throughout the entire process, he watched Xiao Yu and accompanied her forward.

The place was bustling with people.

The voices were rather chaotic, but his Senior Sister’s laughter reached his ears very clearly.

Slowly, Jiang Lan felt the voices around him disappear.

It was as if everything around him had become much faster. It was so fast that he couldn’t grasp it or touch it.

Soon, the feeling changed again. He seemed to be in a bustling city, having integrated into and became a part of it.

Along the way, children could be seen playing and playing. There were teenagers reading books, young men seeking improvement, young men seeking livelihood, women watching over children, and even old men sitting in the shadows, as if they were watching over something.

The streets were bustling with activity. One could see the hawkers hawking their wares and the mood of the customers.

His Senior Sister was among them.

It was just that she was different from the others. His Senior Sister was especially bright and he felt as if he could touch her.

It was as if she was in the same realm as him.

Yes, there were countless lives on the streets. They were together and had their own world.

And in his world, there was his Senior Sister. They would naturally travel together their entire lives.

It was like his Dao.


A gust of wind blew.

The entire street seemed to be pulled into the unknown by a force.

The world that belonged to Jiang Landao began to resonate, and the peaceful world began to move.

It was as if he had welcomed that strand of extraordinary vitality.

But soon, everything disappeared again.

In Jiang Lan’s eyes, the street returned to normal. The sounds of hawking and bustling noise reached his ears again.

Everything was so normal.

Ao Longyu, who was walking around, seemed to sense something and turned to look at Jiang Lan.

Ao Longyu was even more confused when she saw Jiang Lan smiling at her.

Then, she walked up to Jiang Lan and stared at him.

“It’s just an opportunity.” Jiang Lan could only explain under Ao Longyu’s stare.

It was really just an opportunity. He had found an opportunity to completely perfect his Dao.

As long as he opened the opportunity in a few years and brought his Senior Sister into his Dao World.

He would be able to perfect his Dao.

After his epiphany, his Dao World would be perfected, and he would truly step into the Dao Immortal Realm.

“Junior Brother.” Ao Longyu looked around at Jiang Lan.

“Say, why didn’t the sect detect that you were a peerless genius?”

“Perhaps it’s because my talent in absorbing spiritual energy isn’t very strong.” Jiang Lan helped his Senior Sister turn around and let her continue shopping.

“And there are some things that can’t be detected.”

Ao Longyu ignored this and continued shopping.

First Summit.

In a pavilion halfway up the mountain.

“You are going to participate in the fortuitous opportunity battle?” Feng Yixiao asked Lin An.

“Yes, Master. If I work hard, I should be able to represent the mid-stage True Immortals of Kunlun to participate in the battle.” Lin An nodded.

“Gu Qi has also entered the True Immortal Realm?” Feng Yixiao looked at the magnificent door at the foot of the mountain and asked.

“Yes, but what Junior Brother Gu Qi is pursuing is not the fortuitous opportunity, so he might not participate.

He seems to really like staying in the cave, but he’s also very concerned about his own condition. Thus far, he hasn’t acted rashly, “Lin An explained with a hint of admiration in his voice.

His Junior Brother Gu Qi was really different from the others.

Being talented was one thing, but doing something was another.

His Junior Brother Gu Qi was indeed capable. He had the temperament, talent, wisdom, courage, killing intent, and heart.

Feng Yixiao nodded slightly. He was silent for a moment before saying.

“What’s going on in the cave?”

“Although we had the help of the three Junior Sisters from the Fifth Summit last time, the situation didn’t get much better. However, it’s already good that it didn’t worsen,” Lin An said.

Sometimes, the best news was that there was no news.

Because this meant that the situation did not get worse.

Once it worsened, it would be more serious for them.

“How long more do we roughly have before the situation becomes worse?” Feng Yixiao turned to look at Lin An.

“Probably less than a hundred years.” Lin An thought for a moment before continuing.

“I specially went to ask. Junior Brother Jiang of the Ninth Summit should be able to become a True Immortal within a hundred years.

If the array formation is really suitable, perhaps the problem and pressure can be alleviated.”

Feng Yixiao looked at the Ninth Summit, then at the Fifth Summit. Finally, he closed his eyes.

“Go and pay more attention to it.. After Jiang Lan becomes a True Immortal, I’ll go look for his master.”

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