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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion Chapter 508 - Don't Kill Me free read Here - BochoNovel
Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 508 - Don't Kill Me

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Chapter 508: Don’t Kill Me

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Three dragons were blocking his way.

Jiang Lan felt a bit strange. If it was someone else, he would not have minded much.

This was especially true for the Underground’s Devil Race and the Heavenly Human Race.

He just needed to find a remote place and send them on their way.

But dragons…

There was no reason for them to act against him.

When he saw the three of them appear, Jiang Lan didn’t stop. Instead, he tried to take a detour and leave.

However, he was still stopped by these three people.

“What’s the matter?” Jiang Lan asked softly.

His power naturally circulated secretly in case of an emergency.

Their cultivation seemed to be about the same as his on the surface, but since he had hidden his cultivation, the other party might have done the same.

Even if their cultivation did not change at all.

“You are Jiang Lan who knows the Dragon Slaying Sword?” The man with the highest cultivation among the three asked.

Among the three, the one with the highest cultivation was a man in blue flexible armor, and the weakest was a shorter youth.

The early-stage True Immortal dragoness looked worried.

“Are you stopping me for the Dragon Slaying Sword?” Jiang Lan asked.

He thought that it was because of his Senior Sister, but he did not expect it to be the Dragon Slaying Sword.

Although he knew the Dragon Slaying Sword, he had yet to successfully use it on the Dragon Race.

Originally, he would have used it on the Eighth Prince, but the Eighth Prince had surrendered midway and prevented him from using it.

He had never used it again.

Although he had faced the Black Dragon before, it was not suitable for him to use the Dragon Slaying Sword at that time.

Thus, it had dragged on until now.

“We won’t bully you with our cultivation. I’ll challenge you.

Don’t use any other moves, just use your Dragon Slaying Sword.

I heard that the Dragon Slaying Sword is exceptional but I don’t believe it. If we don’t see it with our own eyes, we won’t let this matter go.” The youth Ao He looked at Jiang Lan and said seriously.

Was he here to challenge his Dragon Slaying Sword? Jiang Lan felt helpless.

“You… Please show mercy. Ao He will definitely not act rashly. We will watch.” Ao Qing was a little flustered.

She looked around, seemingly afraid that they would be seen.

Did they sneak out? Jiang Lan felt that these people belonged to the category of rash people.

They seemed to be the type of people who would ignore their family’s instructions and proceed to offend someone.

“Can you bear the consequences of facing the Dragon Slaying Sword head-on?” Jiang Lan looked at the other party and asked.

His expression did not change much.

He was just giving a kind warning.

“Of course.” Ao He took a step forward with pride. However, this pride did not last long. He added.

“Just don’t kill me.”

Jiang Lan :”…”

So he was afraid of death.

Naturally, he did not let down his guard. If these words were meant to numb his senses, it would be very dangerous for him.

“Are you ready? I’m going to attack.” Ao He transformed into a half-dragon and prepared to attack.

Ao Qing was very nervous, afraid that something would happen.

“You can make your move.” Jiang Lan looked at the other party and said.

He never felt any higher strength in the place, and there was no power around him.

There were no array formations or ambushes around him.

This was rare.


Ao He launched his attack.

Jiang Lan didn’t underestimate Ao He’s attack.

In his eyes, Ao He was an adult dragon. At this moment, his fingers were like swords.

He then gently slashed his fingers down.

A moment later, Jiang Lan left and walked towards Kunlun.

Behind him was a youth holding his dismembered arm and enduring the pain.

However, there was fear in his eyes.

“I told you not to provoke him. Why did you have to try his Dragon Slaying Sword?” Ao Qing immediately helped Ao He heal, looking like she was about to cry.

Long Zhi watched Jiang Lan leave and broke out in cold sweat.

“I have a feeling that the sword just now can directly kill the three of us.”

Ao He lowered his brows and endured the pain.

“I suddenly understand the Eighth Prince.”

“That’s right. This person is completely different from the rumors. Not only is he not bad, he’s ridiculously strong.

His cultivation level is powerful, his temperament is exceptional, and his battle prowess is unmatched.

What is even more terrifying is that he, who is so powerful, still dosen’t mind being criticized in Kunlun.

For the first time, I’m glad I’m not arrogant,” said Long Zhi with a sigh of relief.

Yes, in that instant just now, even if this person killed the three of them, there was no need for him to bear any responsibility.

This was Kunlun.

“We’ll definitely be punished when we return. What are you guys trying to do?” Ao Qing didn’t know what to say.

“Let’s go back.” Ao He didn’t seem to mind as he endured the pain. However, he quickly said to Ao Qing,

“Remember to take my hand back as well. It should still be able to be reattached.”

The Ninth Summit.

As Jiang Lan walked on the road, he felt that it would be very easy for something to happen should he go out over the next few years.

Furthermore, those with high cultivation bases had also come out.

In the past, most people were at most Human Immortals.

Now, there were even more True Immortals and Heaven Immortals.

It was all because of the fortuitous opportunity battle.

Of course, the main thing was that building the fortuitous opportunity platform required one to have a high cultivation level. Even Human Immortals might not necessarily be qualified. True Immortals and Heaven Immortals were needed to build it. It was even possible that a few Celestial Immortals were needed.

A Celestial Immortal…

He had yet to see other Celestial Immortals in Kunlun, but he often saw Dao Immortals.

So far, the Celestial Immortal he knew was probably himself.

However, the Dragon Race was here. He needed to meet his Senior Sister’s mother with his Senior Sister soon.

It was unlikely that the other party would not welcome their visit in Kunlun.

Then he sat in the courtyard and began to read some books about spell techniques.

He had read most of the books his master had given him. There was also a book regarding Dao Immortals. He would read it after some time.

That evening.

Jiang Lan stopped at the Third Summit.

He was waiting for her Senior Sister to come out from her master’s place.

“Junior Brother.” Ao Longyu arrived beside him moments later.

She was not as spirited as she was normally.

“We’re going to visit your mother tomorrow.” Jiang Lan looked at Ao Longyu.

“What if she doesn’t want to meet us?” asked Ao Longyu.

“We will meet,” Jiang Lan promised.

Yes, they would definitely meet.

The dragons came to provoke him today. If he went to visit them, they might not think that the visit was for Xiao Yu.

Speaking of which, he had to thank the three dragons for creating an opportunity for him.

The next day.

They indeed managed to see Xiao Yu’s mother.

They did not talk about anything.

However, it seemed to be enough for Xiao Yu.

After that, he returned to his routine of cultivation. This was because the Netherworld Entrance had begun to erupt. He spent most of his time inside.

Within eight years, the eruption of the Netherworld Entrance had reached its peak.

Jiang Lan stood at the entrance of the well, looking down at the Netherworld that seemed to be breathing. There seemed to be someone staring at him from inside.

The other party should be an expert from the Netherworld. It was just that the other party couldn’t cross over.

However, the opening of the Netherworld would result in the descent of the Heaven Realm.

There should be a connection between the two, but he did not know how they were interconnected.

After sensing that there wasn’t much of a threat, Jiang Lan sat down cross-legged in the straw hut and continued to cultivate his golden body.

But just as he started cultivating, there was a prompt from his Deity Position.

Something had happened to the youth he had been taking note of.

He looked at the light that belonged to the youth and realized that the light was a little dim.

Was he seriously injured?

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