Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 511 - I Will Save You When You're About to Die

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Chapter 511: I Will Save You When You’re About to Die

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“Do I need to pay attention to anything after entering?”

Jiang Lan asked.

He was asking Martial Aunt Miao Yue more with regards to the First Summit’s cave.

After his cultivation on the surface advanced to the True Immortal Realm, he waited for a few more days. In the end, he felt that this might be an opportunity.

He did not know what was going on between his master and his Martial Uncle of the First Summit, but he could sense that the two parties were not friendly.

It was not a good thing for the his Martial Uncle of the First Summit to invite him.

It didn’t feel right. If there could have a middleman, it would be much easier for them.

Of course, it was mainly because of the opportunity for there to be a middleman. He wanted his master to discuss it with Martial Aunt Miao Yue.

This could create space for them to interact.


His thoughts were very good, but when he arrived at the peak of the Ninth Summit, he noticed that his Martial Aunt Miao Yue had already arrived.

She was here to be the middleman between the First Summit and the Ninth Summit.

So all of this was within Martial Aunt Miao Yue’s scheme?

If that was really the case, Jiang Lan felt that Martial Aunt Miao Yue was a little dangerous.

It had been too long. No one knew if her careless actions had a deeper meaning.

If such a person did not become his master’s wife, he would feel uneasy staying in the Ninth Summit.

Jiang Lan felt helpless that he had disturbed his master’s discussion with Martial Aunt Miao Yue.

He could only brace himself and ask some questions.

“There’s no need to care about anything. As long as you don’t do what they don’t let you do, you will be basically fine.

It’s not much different from the Netherworld Cave.” Miao Yue said.

There was a smile in his voice.

“Then when do I leave?” Jiang Lan asked again.

“Stabilize your cultivation level, about three months later.” Miao Yue said.

After a pause, she continued.

“I’ll bring you to the First Summit in three months.

Is Senior Brother going?”

Miao Yue looked at Mo Zhengdong.

Mo Zhengdong lowered his eyebrows, as if he was hesitating.

Jiang Lan naturally knew that his master was unwilling to go to the First Summit, but he also saw Martial Aunt Miao Yue smiling at him.

This way, he knew what to do.

“Master, this disciple’s strength is limited. Perhaps I might trigger some accidents.” Jiang Lan spoke respectfully.

The meaning was obvious. He naturally hoped that his master would go with him.

On the surface, his master naturally did not care too much, but there was a deeper meaning.

Mo Zhengdong looked at Jiang Lan, understanding.

His disciple’s cultivation level was too high and his perception was too strong. It was very easy for something to happen that he could not control.

And the Heaven Realm was indeed not safe for people of their level.

Thus, he had no choice but to go.

“When the time comes, I’ll go to the First Summit first,” Mo Zhengdong said.

This time, Martial Aunt Miao Yue’s smile was much more obvious.

Jiang Lan heaved a sigh of relief and bade farewell to the two of them.

He needed to go back and prepare.

After leaving the peak of the Ninth Summit, he walked towards the courtyard. His Senior Sister was waiting for him in the courtyard.

Actually, he did not quite understand. Martial Aunt Miao Yue was so outstanding, so why did she not make any progress with his master?

Perhaps it was because of their position.

Although he was at the perfected Celestial Immortal Realm, he was still a disciple.

His master and the rest stood at the peak of Kunlun. Their every move represented Kunlun.

Therefore, they were restrained.

After he successfully advanced this time, he could try to let his master go to the Fifth Summit.

After becoming a Dao Immortal, he could naturally focus on researching array formations. Then, he would need his master to ask Martial Aunt Miao Yue for help.

This way, he could create a chance for his master. When he took over the Ninth Summit in the future, his master would not be alone.

He could also let his master raise the vegetative egg or the Udumbara Flower.

It was a form of self-cultivation.

When he returned to the courtyard, he saw Xiao Yu placing the vegetative egg and the Udumbara Flower on the table. She was looking at the two plants with her chin resting on her hands.

Jiang Lan sat opposite her and picked up the wooden sword on the table.

“Senior Sister, what are you observing?”

“Junior Brother, why do you think the vegetative egg can’t hatch?” Xiao Yu didn’t raise her head and was still looking at the vegetative egg.

“Does Senior Sister know why?” Although Jiang Lan didn’t know why, he felt that this would save him a lot of trouble.

At first, he thought that a pet would hatch and help look after the house. Later on, he realized that there was nothing bad about raising a vegetative egg.

He didn’t have to worry about feeding or the other party’s emotional changes.

He just needed to water it occasionally.

“I don’t know, but has Junior Brother ever thought of breaking open the eggshell to take a look?” Xiao Yu looked up at Jiang Lan.

“Why would Senior Sister have such thoughts?” Jiang Lan asked.

Breaking the eggshell was a very dangerous thing. It was fine if it was only trapped inside, but if there was something being nurtured inside, it was equivalent to harming it.

Xiao Yu touched her stomach and said.

“What if I give birth to an egg for Junior Brother in the future?”

Jiang Lan :”…”

This dragon spoke in an inauspicious manner.

“The Udumbara Flower and the vegetative egg coexist very harmoniously. There shouldn’t be any problems with them.

Even though there are some changes with their aura sometimes, they are normal most of the time. They should be just like that.” Jiang Lan spoke.

He remembered that he had raised the vegetative egg very well.

He did not do anything strange.

Therefore, it was probably innate that it couldn’t hatch.

The Udumbara Flower was catalyzed by his master. He might have discovered a mutated version of it.

He did not do anything abnormal to these two.

Dong dong!

Xiao Yu knocked on the vegetative egg, trying to communicate with the pet inside.

This was a good chance for her to practice raising an egg.

However, she still had to get used to not transforming into a half-dragon.

Jiang Lan took the wooden sword and began to embed it with his Dragon Slaying Sword sword intent. It had been a long time since he had set a duration for how long his sword intent would last in the wooden sword. He basically just casually enhanced it.

Even without the augmentation, this wooden sword was already not an ordinary wooden sword.

Other than not causing any harm to Xiao Yu, it was fatal to other dragons.

Actually, he was still very curious if the wooden sword would hurt Xiao Yu.

“Senior Sister, do you want to cut your nails?” He wanted to test how much damage the wooden sword could do to his Senior Sister.

Xiao Yu looked at her hands. Her fingernails were short.

However, she still extended her hand and let Jiang Lan help her cut it.

“For Junior Brother.”

Looking at Xiao Yu’s slender hand, Jiang Lan didn’t make a move.

Instead, he was thinking if he should ask his Senior Sister to transform her two hands into her dragonifed form.

Only by doing so could he know the exact effect. The dragon claw was rather sharp and huge, and he could test the power of the wooden sword.

But a dragon’s hand was short and thick…

It did feel a little strange if his Senior Sister appeared as such.

The foot…

After thinking about it, he felt a little strange.

In the end, he took out a grindstone and helped Xiao Yu cut her nails.

The next time Senior Sister transformed into a dragon, he would find a chance to try.

Three months later.

Jiang Lan brought Ao Longyu to the peak of the Ninth Summit.

He did not see his master.

His master had gone to the First Summit early. It seemed that going to the First Summit was not an easy task for his master.

However, because the First Summit had asked the Ninth Summit for help this time, the situation should be much better.

“Should we wait for Martial Aunt Miao Yue?” asked Ao Longyu.

It was not suitable to use Xiao Yu’s appearance when going out, especially when going to the First Summit.

Naturally, going in her original appearance was the most suitable.

“En, Martial Aunt Miao Yue should be coming soon.” Jiang Lan nodded.

Sure enough, not long after, they saw a beam of light descend.

It was the veiled Miao Yue.

“Greetings, Martial Aunt.”

“Greetings, Martial Aunt.”

The two of them bowed.

Miao Yue looked at the two of them with a faint smile.

“Let’s go. I’ll bring you to the First Summit. Once you enter the First Summit, it will probably take quite some time for you to come out.”

Jiang Lan nodded in understanding.

Ao Longyu naturally understood that she wouldn’t be restricted, but it would take quite some time for Jiang Lan to come out.

She did not know how long her Junior Brother would stay inside. It was definitely not a short duration.

If it was not suitable for her to stay on the First Summit, she could return to the Third Summit or the Jade Pool.

“Are you very curious about why the First Summit is inviting you this time?” On the way, Miao Yue asked Jiang Lan.

Jiang Lan was indeed curious, but he didn’t really want to ask.

He had a feeling that he would fall into Martial Aunt Miao Yue’s trap.

Curiosity kills the cat.

“It’s because of Martial Aunt,” Jiang Lan replied.

Miao Yue did not mind Jiang Lan’s reply.

She continued her topic.

“Who do you think will be the biggest winner this time? The First Summit, Fifth Summit or the Ninth Summit?”

“Is it Martial Aunt?” Jiang Lan asked.

Miao Yue looked at Ao Longyu.

“What do you think, Xiao Yu?”

“The Ninth Summit?” Xiao Yu did not have the same answer as Jiang Lan.

She felt that the Ninth Summit did not need to do anything to reap the benefits.

“What about the loser?” Miao Yue asked again.

Jiang Lan thought for a moment.

For a moment, he did not answer.

Ao Longyu was the same, because she discovered that there were no losers during the entire process.


“No losers?” Miao Yue’s voice carried a smile, she felt that playing with children was quite interesting.

“Then what do you think the First Summit, Fifth Summit, and Ninth Summit would each obtain?”

“The First Summit originally wanted to invite Junior Brother into the cave, so they definitely did not lose out,” said Ao Longyu.

“Not only that, some from the First Summit even came to the Ninth Summit to study the array formations here. Also, originally the First Summit summit leader needed to come to the Ninth Summit to invite you, but in the end, he didn’t need to do so.

Because I accepted the task.” Miao Yue explained before continuing.

“What about the Fifth Summit?”

The Fifth Summit was Miao Yue herself.

“Martial Aunt, you can use this reason to come to the Ninth Summit to look for Martial Uncle Mo,” said Ao Longyu.

“That’s right. What about the Ninth Summit then?” Miao Yue narrowed her eyes.

Ao Longyu opened her mouth, but no words came out.

Her Junior Brother wanted to enter the First Summit’s cave. Initially, it was her Junior Brother and his master who intended to go ask the First Summit for help. In the end, it became the First Summit who requested them to go.

But it was hard to say.

“The First and Fifth Summits all have obvious benefits, and the Ninth Summit’s benefits seem the least obvious.

But everyone knows that if I interfere in this matter, the Ninth Summit will definitely have the most benefits.” Miao Yue turned to look at Jiang Lan.

There seemed to be a deeper meaning.

Jiang Lan :”…”

Therefore, everyone would suspect him.

This was not good for him.

Ao Longyu remained silent.

Her Junior Brother seemed to be unable to hide anymore.

“So your master went to First Summit.” Miao Yue changed the topic.

Jiang Lan was a little surprised, not understanding what Martial Aunt Miao Yue meant.

“Do you know that the First Summit and the Ninth Summit’s Summit Leaders have a bad relationship?” Miao Yue asked Jiang Lan and Ao Longyu.

“I heard Master mention it before, but he didn’t say why,” said Ao Longyu immediately.

“Yes, there is no big reason, they are just arrogant.” Miao Yue sighed.

“Although there isn’t much of a reason, these two people are powerful and their hearts are higher than the sky.

No one in Kunlun could make them stand together and talk.

The Sect Master could not convince them either.


Miao Yue narrowed her eyes.

“Now that the Ninth Summit’s Summit Leader has gone to the First Summit, all the summit leaders will look over.

They will pay attention to what will happen there.

And I was the one who started this meeting.

I will be worshipped by my Senior Brothers and Sisters.”

“Isn’t it because Martial Aunt wants to stay longer on the First Summit with Martial Uncle Mo?” Ao Longyu asked subconsciously.

Miao Yue turned to look at Ao Longyu and said seriously.

“In their eyes, feelings are just small matters. Otherwise, why doesn’t anyone have a Dao companion yet?

Of course, what my goal is is no longer important. The peak of this matter is that the Ninth Summit’s Summit Leader has gone to the First Summit.

Furthermore, he is not going in a humble manner, but accompanying his disciple to go there.

Furthermore, the First Summit summit leader is the one who is requesting for help. Although he did not take the initiative to request the Ninth Summit’s summit leader for help, he will still be placed in a lower position.

That is why the Ninth Summit is the true winner this time.

The First Summit, on the other hand, is the biggest loser.

The First Summit has lost in terms of reputation.

As such, everything makes sense.”

Miao Yue looked at Jiang Lan again.

Jiang Lan understood. Martial Aunt Miao Yue must have sensed something. Her actions had made some people pay attention to him.

However, with his master going to the First Summit, the greatest benefit of the Ninth Summit would be now obvious to everyone.

They now had gained more face from the First Summit.

And everyone would think that Jiang Lan was just the bait at the beginning.

In reality, it was equivalent to protecting him.


If that was really the case, Martial Aunt Miao Yue was too terrifying.

This time, be it the First Summit, Fifth Summit, Ninth Summit, or even Kunlun, they had all obtained sufficient benefits.

From another perspective, the Ninth Summit was the biggest winner.

This was because the Ninth Summit did not need to do anything to reach the highest point.

Did Martial Aunt Miao Yue really admire his master?

He was confused. Could this be part of something else?

“I still have to rely on you guys to be the matchmaker.” Miao Yue suddenly said.

“I can’t do this myself.”

Jiang Lan: “…”

Ao Longyu: “…”

Could Martial Aunt Miao Yue not be a matchmaker herself?

Regardless of whether Xiao Yu believed her or not, Jiang Lan felt that it was better to be careful.

“Puchi ~”

Miao Yue saw their different reactions and laughed.

“Let’s go. We’re almost there,” she said.

Jiang Lan didn’t say anything else and descended onto the mountain halfway up the First Summit with Martial Aunt Miao Yue.

His master and the First Summit Leader were both in a pavilion. The two of them stood there without talking.

“Master, Martial Uncle.”

“Greetings, Martial Uncles.”

Jiang Lan and Ao Longyu immediately bowed.

“Go on, I’ll wait for you here,” Mo Zhengdong said.

Jiang Lan agreed and bade farewell to his Senior Sister before walking down the cave.

However, before he left his Senior Sister, he saw Martial Aunt Zhu Qing coming over.

This was good too. Senior Sister would be happier.

However, he had a feeling that Zhu Qing had just seen her Senior Sister and hence came over conveniently.


He had a feeling that something was wrong with the atmosphere.

Of course, he could not interfere in such matters. At most, he could interfere in the matter of finding his master’s wife.

Then, he walked into the cave.

Even if he didn’t discover anything this time, he could still sign in there.

On the Eighth Summit, Jiu Zhongtian was drinking as he looked at the First Summit.

He wanted to go over, but he couldn’t find a reason to do so.

Zhu Qing could only go over because she saw her disciple going over.

But he couldn’t.

“Master, are you looking for me?” Lu Jian walked over.

“Have you become a Heaven Immortal?” Jiu Zhongtian looked at Lu Jian and asked.

“An early-stage Heaven Immortal,” Lu Jian replied.

“I heard that a perfected Heaven Immortal from the First Summit is somewhat disrespectful to the Eighth Summit. Go challenge him.”


Was his master drunk?

“Don’t worry. I’ll save you when you’re about to die.”


“Go on.”


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