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Chapter 514 - Failed To Sign In

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Chapter 514: Failed To Sign In

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Jiang Lan stood in the array formation, feeling everything inside and understanding the mysteries within.

The function of the array formation was to suppress and seal.

And it was targeted at the darkness.

Therefore, as long as he understood the method used by the array formation to target and suppress the darkness, he could understand it.

Then, he could think of a way to reduce the darkness.

He didn’t know how long he had spent attempting to comprehend the array formation, but he slowly gained enlightenment.

He was especially happy under the immense pressure.

He was worried that advancing to the Dao Immortal Realm would bring about an impact to his mind.

His ego would then be inflated.

Under such pressure, he felt his temperament improving.

He could accept more power and his stronger self.

And he would not lose himself should he have control over greater power.

One should never be arrogant or rash.

As time passed, Jiang Lan’s mental state became increasingly peaceful, and his understanding of the cave’s array formations reached the limit.

He could not see through the entire array formation, but it had reached a point where he had sufficient understanding for him to try supplementing and reinforcing the array formation.

Perhaps it would be of some use.

Lin An and the others looked at Jiang Lan.

They had been watching here for five years.

For five whole years, there was no need for them to protect anyone the cave. Only one person was handling the immense pressure.

At first, they didn’t feel anything, but after three years, they were shocked every day they waited.

It was as if they were worried that the person who had endured all of this would not be able to survive past that day.

They had all experienced that pain before, so they naturally understood how terrifying it was to block everything alone.

However, this Junior Brother of theirs was really impressive.

His cultivation might not be that strong, but his temperament was simply unreachable.

“Nothing else?”

“Even if there are no results, it has bought us five years of stability.”

“That’s true. It doesn’t seem to have worsened in the past five years.”

Not getting worse was the best change.

“Don’t underestimate Junior Brother Jiang. Look again. It’s only been five years.”

“You couldn’t wait a year previously. Don’t you think you’ve waited too long this time?”


However, as they conversed, the light of the array formation began to dim.

All his strength was shrinking.

It was as if everything was over. They wanted to ask, but could not.

So did it fail or was something else going to happen?

“Should we return to consolidate the previous region?” Someone asked.

This question was very important. Now that Junior Brother Jiang no longer activated the entire array formations, although the array formation itslef could withstand the darkness, it would be better with them around.

“Wait a moment,” said an older Senior Brother.

At this time, Junior Brother Jiang didn’t announce that he had failed. If they rashly interfered, it might lead to an unexpected situation.

So they should wait a little longer.

This time, they didn’t wait long. When the light from the array formation dissipated, Jiang Lan took a step forward.

However, as soon as his foot landed, the array formation activated and light bloomed once again.

The activation of the array formation seemed to trigger the darkness. At this moment, the darkness was also surging, as if it wanted to completely cover Jiang Lan.

The others were shocked. They were prepared to interfere at any time.

Everyone’s faces were covered in sweat.

But they did not act rashly.

At this moment, the entire cave was illuminated by the light of the array formation. Darkness surged towards Jiang Lan.

At this moment, Jiang Lan also extended his hand and began to draw array runes in the air.

Mysterious array runes began to appear before disappearing into the darkness at an extremely fast speed.


The runes struck the darkness, and the darkness that was originally thought to be impossible to defeat shattered.

Countless runes began to appear, surging into the darkness like waves.

The light of dawn began to shine.

Everyone was stunned. Was this a counterattack?

All these years, they had been passively defending. Never did they have a chance to retaliate like now.

Looking at the light of the array formation and the retreating darkness of the waves of darkness, they all wondered if they had entered an illusion array formation.

Jiang Lan was repairing the array formation continuously. He himself couldn’t make the darkness retreat. He was borrowing the power of the array formation to recover its own power.

There was no difference even if he was using his Celestial Immortal strength to inscribe the runes.

Because in essence, it was still the array formation that was sealing the darkness.

However, this array formation was already damaged.

After a long time, Jiang Lan stopped. The waves of light dimmed.

This was his limit.

It was not his limit, but the limit of the array formation.

It could only push the night back a little.

Any more and he would not be able to do it. At this moment, he put away the control of the array formation.

He planned to observe before leaving.

However, as he was observing, he saw a faint light in the darkness.

The light seemed to echo with the array formation. It was not something that belonged to the darkness.

It was a damaged part of the array formation.

But for some reason, it was not disintegrated by the darkness but stayed as such until now.

Curious, Jiang Lan activated the array formation and connected to the beam of light.

When he touched the light, he felt as if he had been pulled into the array formation, or rather, the array formation had entered his mind.

Then, he saw a figure.

The figure’s body was dissipating.

It was a middle-aged man. The moment he saw Jiang Lan, he seemed to heave a sigh of relief.

“If you’re from Kunlun, come to the Ancient Imperial West Palace to look for me.”

“You can call me Gu.”

As the sound of his voice faded, Gu vanished into thin air.

Jiang Lan regained his senses.

He was a little surprised. The Ancient Imperial West Palace?

Had Imperial Lord Xi He seen the other party before?

This was the entrance to the Heaven Realm. Did Gu leave behind news here to inform him of something?

From the looks of it, he was most likely the first person to encounter that light.

But perhaps this was one of the many beams of light.

Imperial Lord Xi He and the others might have also encountered it.

Unless he asked Imperial Lord Xi He or Martial Aunt Miao Yue, he couldn’t be sure.

He did not know if his master would know of this matter.

After everything calmed down, it was time for him to leave.

He did not encounter any accidents, nor did he see any gains.

He could not see the Heaven Realm, nor could he watch the darkness carefully.

Perhaps seeing those words left behind by Gu was the greatest gain.

With this thought in mind, Jiang Lan decided to sign in. Although he had yet to encounter the path of the Great Dao, this was still the entrance to the Heaven Realm.

There should be something different.

The only doubt was that there seemed to be no path of the Great Dao here.

However, there was no need to think too much about this.

“System, sign in here.”

Jiang Lan slowly walked out.

However, he stopped after taking two steps.

He, who was usually not casually shocked, felt a ripple in his mind.

The source of the fluctuation came from the system’s voice, which was completely different from before.

Under normal circumstances, the system would respond when he signed in and tell him that he had successfully signed in.

However, the system’s voice this time was:


[Failed to sign in. The host will is unable to obtain the gift of the Great Dao. Do you want to sign in again?]

This sudden change reminded Jiang Lan of the system’s introduction.

[At the beginning of the world, the primordial chaos was the main force. It split into multiple paths of Great Dao that spread across the mortal world.]

In other words, there was no path of the Great Dao here?

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