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Chapter 517 - Today, I Have Become A Dao Immortal

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Chapter 517: Today, I Have Become A Dao Immortal

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Fifth Summit.

Miao Yue looked in the direction of the Jade Pool with a smile in her eyes.

“He went to the Jade Pool again.”

Then, she walked out and disappeared on the spot before arriving at the Sixth Summit.

She followed the river to Chen Xi’s bamboo house. It was spring all year round and flowers bloomed everywhere.

“Junior Sister, why are you here?”

Chen Xi, who was squatting by the river and watching the fish in the water, asked Miao Yue. She did not reject her.

“I want to ask Senior Sister something.” Miao Yue also squatted down by the river, she seemed to like watching fish.

“Is it related to the Ninth Summit?” Chen Xi asked.

Miao Yue extended her hand and said with a smile.

“I want Senior Sister to divine my marriage fate.”

Chen Xi: “…”

It was not that she did not want to calculate, but she had already done so.

She had divined that Miao Yue would live a lonely life.

A divination was naturally not absolute, but it was very difficult for one to escape one’s destiny. It wasn’t that she couldn’t change it, but she needed opportunities.

“Senior sister, I feel like I have encountered an opportunity.” Miao Yue smiled.

“What if it’s already different?”

“Opportunity?” Chen Xi was somewhat curious.

“And I thought you didn’t care about the result of my deduction?”

“Senior Sister, let’s take a look first.” Miao Yue said.

Chen Xi did not get up. Instead, the sun, moon, and stars appeared on her immortal dress.

Then, the surroundings seemed to dim. Countless lines appeared on Miao Yue’s body. She had been drawn out.

“Eh?” Chen Xi was somewhat surprised. She immediately became serious.

Then, the ground beneath their feet turned into a starry sky.

Chen Xi stood up and waved her hand, the sun and moon formed in her hand, the stars in the surroundings gathered and shone on Miao Yue.

Everything evolved in the eyes of Chen Xi.

“How did you do it? I didn’t see an opportunity, but there has indeed been a change in your marriage fate.

I can’t see what exactly changed it, but a point did appear. It should have the right to stir up everything.

But…” Chen Xi frowned.

Miao Yue, who was originally smiling, felt better.


“I can’t see the results, or rather, we won’t have enough time. I’ll bring in Senior Brother Sect Master to see if there will be any new changes,” Chen Xi said.

The existence of the Sect Master might make things clearer.

However, the more she divined, the more confused Chen Xi became.

“What did Senior Sister see?” Miao Yue asked.

“I don’t understand.” Chen Xi shook her head.

Miao Yue gave Chen Xi a deep look and did not ask further. She drank some tea with Chen Xi before leaving.

Seeing Miao Yue leave, Chen Xi closed her eyes.

“The great calamity is coming.”

She wondered if she should make up with her Senior Brothers if she died at that time.

However, because of Miao Yue, she realized that the unknown point was still present.

It was as if it could unleash an unexpected effect.

As for marriage…

If he could survive the great calamity, then there was especially hope. If he couldn’t…

Therefore, it was equivalent to not divining anything.

After that, she continued pouring tea for herself and wondered if she should go to the Eighth Summit to drink with Jiu Zhongtian. Then, she would go to the Ninth Summit to drink with Mo Zhengdong. Finally, she would go to the First Summit to drink with Feng Yixiao.

Senior Brother Liu was too serious. If he drank, he would be criticized.

“But what is that point?” Chen Xi looked towards the horizon, feeling like that point was right beside them.

Time passed. Kunlun was constantly busy with preparing for the fortuitous opportunity battle.

At this moment, there were already new changes to the battle platform. Originally, there was only one battle platform, but now there were three.

Everything had been constructed.

There were ordinary spectators’ stands around the arena, as well as those meant for the experts.

And at the outermost layer, there were twelve directional platforms.

There were nine pillars at the center, which seemed to connect to the Heaven Realm and the Netherworld.

Even space rippled.

“These people have already gone up to familiarize themselves with the platform. Should we go up?” On the way, the youth asked the Eighth Prince.

“I’m thinking about the essence of the saber art that the Unparalleled Fist God had imparted to us. I realized that the direction I’m walking in is completely different from yours, but it’s not as difficult to comprehend as yours.

Why is that so?” asked the Eighth Prince.

Twenty years ago, under Jiang Lan’s reminder, they had directly contacted the Unparalleled Fist God.

Indeed, they had obtained the essence of the saber art.

However, the essence was a little strange. It was as if there was a node where the two of them walked in completely different directions.

“Are you saying that your talent is exceptional? Then have you completed the fusion?” The youth asked.

The essence of the saber art had been taught, but the Unparalleled Fist God had said that to complete the fusion, one needed a fortuitous opportunity.

Or rather, an intense battle.

It was as if he wanted them to use it during the fortuitous opportunity battle, because a fierce battle would definitely occur then.

So far, even though they were already proficient in it, they were still unable to fuse it.

Because there was no external pressure.

They could only continue waiting.

“I don’t think you need to wait for the fortuitous opportunity battle. Ask the girl from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race directly to marry you should you win.

I think you will be more motivated this way,” said the Eighth Prince.

The youth thought seriously for a moment.

“Will Hong Ya agree? If she does, I’ll ask Grandpa to train me.”

“Yes, she will. Go and ask,” said the Eighth Prince.

“I’ll ask Big Brother when the time comes.” The youth didn’t believe the Eighth Prince at all.

“Brother-in-law is still with my sister. They will probably only come out after a few years. I heard that the summit leader gave them a mission previously.”

“What mission?”

“A mission that will make me become an uncle. I have always kept the eggshell I broke out of. I will make an armor for the little fellow when the time comes.”

“Then what present should I prepare? Peanuts?”

The two of them walked towards the battle platform.

They wanted to take a look.

However, halfway there, they felt a light shining behind them.

When they turned around, they suddenly saw auspicious clouds descending from the sky.

Then, they heard the chaos around them and saw someone walking past them.

They were discussing what to eat tonight.

This sudden change made the Eighth Prince take out his halberd. The youth immediately became vigilant.

He stood together, ready to fight at any moment.

However, he could clearly feel that they were all ordinary people.

“Illusion?” The Eighth Prince asked.

“No, it feels a little similar to Grandpa’s Catoptric Deflection,” said the young man.

But it was just similar and different.

Not only that, they also saw such phenomena appearing throughout Kunlun.

It was as if the various places in Kunlun had become mortal’s streets.

There were people everywhere.

They weren’t the only ones shocked. The Dragon Race, the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race, the Qilin Race, the Demon Race, and the Giant Spirit Race had arrived long ago.

Everyone suspected that they had fallen into an illusion, but even those with high cultivation bases were unable to tell.

Then, a new sun rose from the east.

The light shone, and spring returned.

Some people gathered, some cooked, and some farmed.

There were also children who woke up to practice martial arts.

It was like a projection of another world.

At this moment, those with powerful cultivation finally felt it.

This was…

A great Dao phenomenon.

However, they had never seen such an ordinary and realistic great Dao phenomenon.

This was why they felt that it was an illusion.

For a moment, they came to a consensus that there was an expert from Kunlun who had started on his own path.

The Ninth Summit.

Mo Zhengdong looked at the ordinary environment, ordinary street, and ordinary crowd.

He watched them do ordinary things.

A smile appeared on his face.

“The power isn’t as great as last time, but it’s restrained and perfect.

They are worlds apart.


He couldn’t help but laugh, but he quickly stopped.

He was going to the Kunlun Main Hall. This time, Jiang Lan had alerted the summit leaders again.

“He has really made me proud.”

Two consecutive great Dao phenomena had appeared, and they all came from his disciple.

If he guessed correctly, the next time he saw his disciple, they would already be in the same realm.

His disciple had caught up to him.

There was nothing bad about this. The Grand Desolate World was not that safe.

It would be even better if he could go up another level. This way, he did not need to help conceal his disciple’s cultivation and secrets.

Then, he arrived at the Kunlun Main Hall.

At this moment, everyone had already arrived. They came to the edge of the mountain peak and watched the changes in Kunlun silently.

This time, no one talked about this person. They just looked at his Dao.

They stood where they were for a long time, watching the sunrise and sunset, the flowers bloom and fall, spring rain and winter snow.

The entire Kunlun seemed to be a corner of that world, experiencing the vicissitudes of life.

Everyone had their own life paths.

There were farmers, women, scholars, and daughters of rich families. There were bandits who humiliated women. There were heroic women who killed bandits. There were righteous people who married heroic women. There were also childhood friends who split up.

Some married their childhood love and lived their entire lives together while others would die for love.

But most were just ordinary people. Their lives and partners were arranged by their parents.

There were people from all walks of life.

“Do you all see the most special person among them?” Zhu Qing asked.

This was the world of the Dao. In theory, one could see the person comprehending the Dao.

It was possible for all living things to exist.

The others said nothing and only watched on.

At this moment, the powerful beings of the Qilin Race, the Dragon Race, and the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race had all arrived at the Kunlun Main Hall.

They seemed to want to know who was comprehending the Dao.

They had heard that someone had reached the Dao Immortal Realm. Was this another one?

“You guys are also here to watch?” Second Summit’s Liu Jing asked.

“Kunlun really has many capable people,” the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race’s Dan Xun said. He looked to be around 30 years old with shock in his eyes.

Again. He couldn’t understand how there were so many people of this level in Kunlun.

It was as if all the human experts were constantly appearing here.

Ten was not enough. More just had to appear.

“It might be more than what you have seen.” Miao Yue replied.

The crowd did not speak. Instead, they watched the phenomenon and the subsequent changes.

In the Kunlun Main Hall.

At the edge of the Kunlun Temple mountain, a middle-aged man with a fiery red corner of his Daoist robe smiled.

“Amazing, amazing. It’s really amazing.

It’s a world with flesh and blood, kinship and friendships. It seems like he is different from the others, different from that junior from the Heavenly Human Race.

The paths chosen by the two are completely different.

He had attacked with such viciousness that I thought that he was on track to forgo his emotions.

I did not expect him to be such a sentimental person.

Sure enough, letting him enter the West Palace is the best choice.

For a moment, I am looking forward to what name he will change to.”

After Jiang Lan arrived at the Jade Pool, he made some preparations and brought his Senior Sister to begin his final epiphany.

This was a very long process, so long that he forgot about time.

He forgot everything except that he was holding his Senior Sister’s hand.

He remembered them walking in the world of the Dao and replenishing their memories bit by bit.

They became an important part of each other’s lives.

On this day, Jiang Lan returned from high school. He walked into the dilapidated courtyard step by step and saw a woman dressed in simple clothes gardening.

When he returned, the woman looked over as well.

Their eyes met, as if remembering everything.

The woman stood up, revealing a brilliant smile towards Jiang Lan, her smile like a flower.

“Husband, welcome back.”

Jiang Lan looked at her and smiled too. Then, he pulled her rough hand and walked towards the peak of the mountain.

Along the way, they talked about many things. He apologized for making her life too bitter and thanked her for sacrificing a lot for him to pass the exam.

Her originally slender and fair hand had even become dark and rough.

He also said that he would just let her be taken care of by him in peace for the rest of her life. He wanted his hands to become rough and his shoulders to become reliable.

He would shoulder everything in the future.

This was his promise to her.

It would definitely be realized.

On the mountain peak, they looked at each other, as if it was time for them to part again.

The woman looked at Jiang Lan, at the person she cared about, maintaining her smile.

She said, “I want to keep watching over you, and watch you advance.

In the endless crowd, the woman is me. The heiress is me. The humiliated woman is me. The female cultivator who killed the bandits is also me. The one who is getting married is still me. I am the one who is waiting for my childhood friend to come back. I am also the one who has been engaged to someone since I was young. The one who sacrificed herself for love is still me.

I am even more so the matchmaker. I will accompany you. I will supplement your Dao. I will pave the way for your Dao path.”

Jiang Lan looked at the woman in front of him and opened his mouth.

“I am the farmer who faced the woman, the one who liked the heiress, the robber who insulted the woman, the bandit who was killed by the hero, and also the hero who married the heroine.

I am the one who made my childhood sweetheart wait and also the one who had been engaged to someone since I was young.

According to what the matchmaker said, it must be me. You have opened up the Dao path for me, so how can I abandon you?”

Jiang Lan looked at the woman in front of him and finally hugged her.

The two of them hugged each other tightly, as if nothing could separate them, as if the world had lit up because of them.

It was as if the great Dao was extending because of them.

At the same time, Jiang Lan opened his mouth beside the woman’s ear and said.

“Senior Sister, I have become a Dao Immortal today.”


At this moment, countless beams of light soared into the sky outside Kunlun.

The sun and moon alternated, and the stars moved.

Everything turned into light and began to gather in the sky.

It was as if his life was perfect and his great Dao was complete.

All shackles collapsed as a beam of light gathered between heaven and earth.

It was also termed as the Dao Immortal light.

Today, someone had reached the pinnacle of immortality, the Dao Immortal Realm.

The power of the great Dao spread out in all directions.

Everyone who saw this scene was shocked. Even those standing in the Kunlun Main Hall sensed the other party’s strength.

He was incomparably powerful.

They were all Dao Immortals, but they actually felt fear in their hearts.

What level was the other party at?

Was this really a Dao Immortal?

“He has perfected his Dao,” Mo Zhengdong said softly as he looked at the sky.

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