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Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 524 - Saber

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Chapter 524: Saber

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

On the first battle platform.

The youth and the others were all paying attention. Many people were very concerned about the first battle.

It wasn’t that everyone cared about who was the winner. Rather, everyone was curious as to what happened after the battle ended.

The environment on the fortuitous opportunity battle platform wasn’t fixed. Instead, there would be changes in the environment. Therefore, they had to determine how the environment would change so that they could prepare for the future battles.

They also needed to care about how the victors would connect to the Heaven Realm and reach the Netherworld.

This was basically the benefit. Furthermore, the powerhouses with Deity Positions also cared about this.

“The Eighth Prince is quite strong, but it’s not easy to win,” Lu Jian said to the Eighth Prince from the audience stand.

Lin An and Bei Fang were also watching. Since they did not have to fight today, it would basically be their turn both tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

“The Eighth Prince doesn’t need to be chosen, but he has fought with Senior Brother Lu Jian before. He definitely won’t underestimate his opponent. I just wonder if he can find a way to win,” Lin An said.

They could all tell that the demon was extremely strong, different from the Eighth Prince who had just entered the Heaven Immortal Realm.

The Eighth Prince also had a headache. He met someone so strong in the first match. It was very difficult for him to win.

His own lightning technique was very fast. If he couldn’t win in a fight, he could run.

However, he could not escape here. If he did, it meant that he had admitted defeat.

For a moment, he felt that he had lost his advantage. He could only fight head-on.

At this moment, he felt a power beginning to appear in his surroundings. It was the power that belonged to the entire fortuitous opportunity stage.

And this power was constantly changing, as if it was choosing something.


After consolidating its strength, the fortuitous opportunity battle platform changed. Everything on it disappeared.

It was the same for the ground where the Eight Prince stood on.

In the Eighth Prince’s eyes, it was as if he had entered a completely new world.

And they were currently in the air.

There was no end in sight.

“I have an advantage in an air battle, but the other party has a greater advantage,” the Eighth Prince thought.

“Looks like luck is on my side this time.” Peng Cheng looked at the Eighth Prince and smiled.

“I’ve heard that the Eighth Prince of the Dragon Race is an innate immortal. I have longed to meet you.”

“You’re too courteous. You’ll see for yourself today. I’m an innate immortal. It’s not a loss for you to lose to me. Even though you will lose, it will still be considered an honorable defeat,” the Eighth Prince replied with a smile.

At this moment, his halberd was in his hand. The power of lightning began to surge.

After entering this scene, they could begin.

On the other hand, the demon Peng Cheng was a pitch-black long saber. At this moment, there were many black feathers floating in the air.

The Eighth Prince did not mind. He began to attack with lightning flashing around him.


Peng Cheng did not dodge and followed up with an attack. His saber rose and fell as the halberd swept across.

Blade light flashed, lightning surged, and hurricanes howled.


They each retreated some distance before disappearing.



High in the sky, they disappeared and reappeared. Lightning wreaked havoc in all directions, and hurricanes swept in all directions.

The powerful force shattered the surrounding clouds, and heavy rain continued to fall.

Jiang Lan looked at the Eighth Prince from where he was. After they entered the battle, he felt a sense of pressure.

It came from the Heaven Realm and the Netherworld. It was as if the Eighth Prince’s battleground was supported by him and the Demon Race’s Imperial Lord Qiong Gou.

At that moment, the Eighth Prince’s lightning was wreaking havoc. However, he was able to tell that his lightning did not gain the upper hand.

Instead, the wind was constantly locking onto the Eighth Prince. If the Eighth Prince didn’t notice, he would be severely injured.

“Do you think the Eighth Prince can win?” Emperor Qiong Gou looked at Jiang Lan.

“The Eighth Prince is not an ordinary dragon.” Jiang Lan didn’t directly answer the question.

“Is it because he’s an innate immortal?” Imperial Lord Qiong Gou asked again.

Jiang Lan glanced at Imperial Lord Qiong Gou but did not utter any words.

“Based on the current situation, the Eighth Prince will soon be defeated,” the Earth Mother said.

Because the Eighth Prince was the center of everyone’s attention, everyone paid more attention to him.

“Unfortunately, he’s not human. If he was more despicable, he would have won,” Imperial Lord Youdu said.

Other people had already commented once. In order to stay relevant, he also decided to say something.

Jiang Lan: “…”

There were only two humans present, and it felt like Imperial Lord Youdu was scolding the others indirectly.

“The Eighth Prince’s disadvantage is very obvious. It’s impossible that he can’t see it,” Heavenly Human Yunxiao said objectively.

“Ancestral Dragon, what do you think?” asked the titan.

“This is just the beginning,” said the Ancestral Dragon in a low voice.

It was indeed just the beginning, but they could see it more clearly.

“Although the Eighth Prince is at a disadvantage, he seems to have deliberately avoided the other party’s arrangements with every step.

Perhaps he can catch him off guard.” The Mixed Essence Witch saw even more.

“That great peng is about to finish setting up the array formation. The victor is about to be decided. It’s a bit fast.” The Nine Heavens Phoenix Ancestor frowned.

It felt much faster than she had expected.

The others didn’t say anything else, only staring down.

Jiang Lan was also watching. He couldn’t predict the outcome, but the Eighth Prince was experienced. It was impossible for him not to know that the other party was setting up a trap bit by bit.

On the audience platform.

Zhu Qing frowned.

“Is the Eighth Prince doing it on purpose or did he not discover it?”

“He knows that he is a little weaker from the beginning. Although he doesn’t do things that make others happy, he has his own thoughts,” said Ran Jing.

Miao Yue did not speak, she only watched.

“You seem to know your child very well.” Zhu Qing seemed to be hinting at something.

Ran Jing glanced at Zhu Qing without answering.

At this moment, the Eighth Prince and the Demon Race’s Peng Cheng had already separated. Their eyes met, and no one had any intention of retreating.

“The outcome is about to be decided.” Peng Cheng looked at the Eighth Prince and said.

“You’re very strong, but you are much worse than me. Go back and cultivate well.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he raised his saber and made a stabbing motion.

“Heaven Spike.” Peng Cheng’s energy surged. At this moment, invisible wind appeared in all directions. A sky full of wind needles appeared. Golden light covered their bodies. It was the power of the golden body.

It was not difficult to wipe out an early-stage Heaven Immortal with this strike. The difficult part was setting it up in advance.

Now that he had set it up, he stabbed out with his saber.

There was no way to turn back from this strike. Even if he didn’t want to, he would still heavily injure his opponent.

The Eighth Prince, who felt the power around him, laughed.

“I’ve been waiting for this move of yours.”


Lightning appeared on his body and it was continually compressed.

In an instant, the Eighth Prince transformed into a half-dragon and the power of lightning surged towards the halberd.

Blood appeared at the corner of his mouth, and countless energy surged from his scales. It was the Thousand Scaled Dragon Cry.

The Eighth Prince gathered all his strength and counterattacked.

“Let’s see who falls first.”


Lightning surged, surging towards the opponent’s attack. There was no defense. He only focused on offense. He wanted to fight to the death with the opponent.


The two forces collided, and the surrounding power constantly stabbed into the Eighth Prince.




The Thousand Scaled Dragon Cry was shattering, and the power of lightning was also disintegrating under the opponent’s saber.

Although Peng Cheng was surprised, he still maintained his saber.

Soon, something even more unexpected happened. The Eighth Prince’s halberd had deviated from its original path.

“What is he trying to do?”

The Eighth Prince was holding the middle of the halberd, which was not as long as his long saber. Was the other party courting death?

However, he soon realized that this wasn’t the case. The other party wanted to exchange injuries for injuries.

He could not retract his saber.


The saber stabbed into the Eighth Prince’s chest and through his body. The distance between them continued to narrow, and the halberd in the Eighth Prince’s hand arrived in front of him.


The halberd pierced into Peng Cheng’s body.

“My halberd is ferocious seven steps away but my halberd is both fast and ferocious within seven steps.” The Eighth Prince pulled out his halberd and continued attacking.

However, Peng Cheng was even faster and directly stabbed towards the Eighth Prince again. The surrounding golden needles also kept attacking.



One man with a saber, and one dragon with a halberd.

Blood began to spill. The Eighth Prince’s eyes were red with killing intent. He did not dodge or put up any defense. He wanted to defeat his opponent with one breath.

However, the other party wasn’t afraid at all. His beastly nature erupted as he attacked the Eighth Prince with his golden body.

The spectators felt their scalp tingle.

Lin An and Bei Fang looked towards Lu Jian.

“Don’t look at me. I only mention it occasionally and didn’t let him learn from me,” Lu Jian said innocently.

Jiang Lan looked down. To the Eighth Prince, this was indeed the best strategy with the highest chance to win.

However, there was a difference in strength between the two parties. If the other party did not use Heaven Spike, the Eight Prince’s chances of winning would be higher.

But the Eighth Prince could not find that opportunity.

The other party’s saber could not retreat. He could only clash head-on.

However, the difference between the golden bodies of the two were very obvious. The Eighth Prince was no match for his opponent.

After all, he was not Senior Lu Jian. Senior Lu Jian was abnormal. The more injured he was, the more he fought, and the stronger he became.

He was extremely crazy.

“Although he has heavily injured his opponent, it still can’t change the fact that he’s about to lose,” the Earth Mother said.

“That seems to be the case. I wonder if there will be any other changes,” said Imperial Lord Dongqing of the Giant Spirit Race.

Cang Yuan Ancestral Dragon only watched without commenting.

At this moment, the battle situation had changed.

The long saber condensed the power of Peng Yuan’s golden body and slashed at the Eighth Prince’s halberd.




The halberd was sliced apart by the saber. At this moment, the saber continued to slash at the Eighth Prince.

Just as Peng Cheng felt that he was about to win, a crystal saber blocked his saber.


He wasn’t able to slash his opponent down with a single strike, but he now had the initiative.

Then, he began to attack.

At this moment, the Eighth Prince was fighting back with his Heavenly Dragon Saber.

He was using a rather shoddy saber technique.

Although he felt that his saber technique was smooth, it lacked any power when facing an enemy.


With a single strike, the Heavenly Dragon Saber was knocked away and the Eighth Prince was sent flying.

At this moment, he was descending at an extremely fast speed.

The Eighth Prince frowned. The Heavenly Dragon Saber was gone.

His injuries were a little severe now, and the other party wasn’t that well off either. As long as he found another opportunity, he would be able to turn defeat into victory.

At this moment, the other party’s saber arrived again. The Eighth Prince frowned. For some reason, he had the urge to draw his saber.

But he couldn’t grasp this urge.

He gave up on taking out a new halberd and instead faced this incoming attack head-on.


The Eighth Prince was sent flying with a saber wound on his body.

Then, he continued to approach the other party. He could only stop the bleeding in his half-dragon form. He couldn’t do any more.

Peng Cheng brandished his saber.




After several slashes, the Eighth Prince’s body was already damaged.

It was even difficult for him to stand.


The feeling of pulling out the saber wasn’t strong enough. He was still a little off. He could feel that if he held on a little longer, he might be able to pull out the saber.

The saber that the Unparalleled Fist God had given him.

He remembered that his brother-in-law had said that if he fell into a desperate situation, this saber could reverse the situation for him.

“As the Eighth Prince of the Dragon Race, you are an innate immortal who wields the Heavenly Dragon Saber, but you don’t seem to know how to use it.” Peng Cheng brandished his long saber, and all of his power gathered together to slash at the Eighth Prince.

“Since you’ve accepted your fate, I’ll use this saber to send you off.”

Facing the saber that occupied the sky, the Eighth Prince did not hesitate to charge forward.

Just a little more. Just a little more. This was definitely enough.

If he failed…

But there was also a possibility of success.

If he didn’t try, he wouldn’t succeed.

Everyone saw the Eighth Prince charging towards Peng Cheng’s saber. They were somewhat puzzled.

What was the Eighth Prince trying to do?

“Senior Sister, do you know what he wants to do?” Zhu Qing asked Miao Yue.

Even Ran Jing did not understand.

Not to mention Ao Shishi and the others, who were also looking at Miao Yue.

“Look, there might be a new change.” Miao Yue smiled lightly.

The others were confused, and Hong Luan was even more confused.

Would there be any new changes at this time?

Jiang Lan also lowered his eyebrows. The Eighth Prince must have sensed something and felt a bit of pressure.

He was trying to fuse with it.

As for whether he could succeed, he did not know. It depended on the Eighth Prince himself.

The others looked at the Eighth Prince’s actions and were confused. They really did not understand what the Eighth Prince wanted to do.

Imperial Lord Xi He, Ancestral Dragon Cang Yuan, and Heavenly Human Yunxiao didn’t really understand.

However, Ancestral Dragon Cang Yuan was soon stunned.

It was as if something had appeared. At this moment, Jiang Lan also revealed a smile.


Not only that, Ran Jing even stood up. But immediately after, she felt that she had lost her composure and sat back down.

Miao Yue smiled.

“Looks like there’s a change.”

Zhu Qing did not sense it, but the others did not. Miao Yue only knew of it when she saw Ran Jing.

Because only the Dragon Race felt this thing the most.

Ran Jing turned to look at Miao Yue. It was unknown what she was thinking.

Ao Shishi finally sensed it as well. She was in disbelief.

“When did this happen?”

The youth also felt it because he had also practiced it.

Yan Xiyun hid behind Hong Ya. She closed her eyes and couldn’t bear to look. Her brother was about to be split into two.

Facing the saber that was close to him, the Eighth Prince smiled.

He had merged the essence with the saber technique.

In that instant, he finally touched the hilt of the saber.

At this moment, he made a gesture of holding his saber. A resonance appeared in his heart as a deep and loud voice sounded.

“Saber, come.”


While everyone was confused, a saber hilt landed in the Eighth Prince’s hand. Then, countless crystal fragments came from below and formed the saber hilt.


A dragon’s roar shook the sky.

The saber rose and the clouds surged.

As the blade fell, the wind stopped and the clouds were extinguished.

All the surrounding dragons felt their blood boil and their fighting spirit burn.

Soaring Dragon Tribulation.

The Eighth Prince stood there as if he had become the center of all the dragons. His saber was pointing at the Dragon Race’s fighting spirit.

When the older generation of the Dragon Race saw this scene, they were all shocked to the extreme. The Dragon Saber Art had appeared again.

This time, it was not some mysterious person who had unleashed it, but the Eighth Prince of the Dragon Race.

It was someone they were familiar with.

Initially, some people felt that the Ancestral Dragon was biased by giving the Heavenly Dragon Saber to the Eighth Prince. However, they did not expect the Eighth Prince to really know the Dragon Saber Art.

This was a move that even the Ancestral Dragon did not know how to use.

Now, it had officially appeared in the Dragon Race.

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