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Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 526 - The Eighth Prince Tells The Truth

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Chapter 526: The Eighth Prince Tells The Truth

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Hu ~”

Xiao Yu looked at the Mountain Sea Mirror and heaved a sigh of relief.

Today, she had heaved a few sighs of relief. At first, it was because her Junior Brother was fighting with other powerhouses. Now, it was because of her younger brother who was fighting.

She cared more about her Junior Brother. Those he faced were all big shots.

Fortunately, her Junior Brother had punched the big shot to death.

Her Junior Brother seemed to like to use his fists to defeat his enemies.

This had been the case since they met. It was even more so when they were in the mystic realm. It was even more terrifying when people saw it.

The matter regarding Ao Man was nothing much. It seemed like he had lost, but he should be happy that he had comprehended the Dragon Saber Art.

Mother and the rest were definitely very happy.

“Senior Sister is still looking?” Jiang Lan’s voice suddenly sounded.

Xiao Yu immediately raised her head and realized that Jiang Lan had already woken up.

She did not dare to look at the location where the twelve Deity Position holders were seated. It was easy for her to be discovered.

Therefore, she did not know that her Junior Brother had disappeared from there.

“Junior Brother, why do you like to hit people with your fists?” Xiao Yu asked curiously.

Because killing enemies was the fastest, Jiang Lan thought.

“Using a spell technique is too slow,” Jiang Lan replied.

Ao Longyu clenched her fists and punched Jiang Lan’s chest twice.

“Junior Brother, I’m going to learn fist techniques.”

Dragon Ascension Fist? This thought flashed across Jiang Lan’s mind.

“Has anyone sensed Senior Sister’s gaze?” Jiang Lan looked at the Mountain Sea Mirror and asked.

“No.” Xiao Yu shook her head.

She was very careful.

“The Eighth Prince should be quite seriously injured. Let’s go out and take a look,” Jiang Lan said after some thought.

At first, he did not intend to go out today, but Xiao Yu had seen that the Eighth Prince was seriously injured, so she definitely wanted to go out.

Xiao Yu hesitated.

However, she quickly agreed.

“Junior Brother, remember to protect me.”

What was going on with this dragon? Jiang Lan stared at Xiao Yu in astonishment.

The temperature of this dragon was not high.

Soon, he understood that his Senior Sister’s mother might also be here.

Protection was not anything else but his company.

“I will protect Senior Sister well,” Jiang Lan replied.

“Leave Junior Brother’s safety to me. This is my responsibility as a Senior Sister.” Xiao Yu stood up and looked down at Jiang Lan.

“Let’s go.” Jiang Lan stood up and pulled Xiao Yu’s hand, walking out of the courtyard.

The moment she was pulled away by Jiang Lan, Xiao Yu returned to her normal appearance and caught up.

When they went out, many people were still gathered at the fortuitous opportunity battle platform. They were still watching the competition.

Jiang Lan and Xiao Yu didn’t pay much attention to it. There was no one else they knew who participated today, so there was no need to watch the battles.

After that, they went to the inn. They didn’t know where the Eighth Prince would be sent.

When they arrived at the inn, they saw many dragons here.

“Looks like he’s at the inn,” Jiang Lan thought.

The Eighth Prince knew the Dragon Saber Art. This was a huge matter for the Dragon Race.

He needed protection.


The Eighth Prince could only stay in Kunlun.

“Can the Dragon Race really afford the Eighth Prince’s price?” Jiang Lan asked as he walked into the inn.

In the past, the Eighth Prince had six strands of fortuitous opportunities. Later on, he became the connection center of the Deity Position.

After the fortuitous opportunity battle, his value would fade.

However, after comprehending the Dragon Saber Art, his value to the Dragon Race would only increase and not decrease. The Dragon Race needed the Eighth Prince even more.

However, there was a compromise, which was to let the Eighth Prince teach the Dragon Saber Art to other dragons.

As long as other dragons could learn it, the Eighth Prince’s value would decrease drastically.

However, he did not know if the Heavenly Dragon Saber would recognize and acknowledge other dragons.

Of course, it was not easy to teach the move either.

If it could be taught casually, how could it be lost?

Not everyone was the Eighth Prince.

There were not many who had an innate talent like his.

“Mother,” Ao Longyu suddenly greeted respectfully.

Jiang Lan looked up and indeed saw Ran Jing in front.

He also lowered his head and called out.

When he went to see the other party back then, the other party had asked him to call her Mother.

He, who did not know what her name was, naturally listened.

It was nothing.

He had married his Senior Sister Longyu, so it was only right for him to address his Senior Sister’s mother as Mother as well.

Ran Jing nodded in acknowledgment. Then, she looked at Jiang Lan and Ao Longyu, her eyes filled with speculation.

There were more doubts.

In the end, she didn’t think too much or ask further. She only said.

“Have you two come to see Ao Man?”

“Yes.” Ao Longyu nodded.

She acted very obediently.

“He’s recuperating up there. Go on,” said Ran Jing.

Ao Longyu didn’t say anything else. She pulled Jiang Lan up.

On the way, Jiang Lan was puzzled. Ran Jing’s gaze made him feel strange.

She seemed to be suspecting something.

The suspect was either him or his Senior Sister.

“Is there something that needs to be suspected? Is it because of the Dragon Saber Art?” He thought.

In theory, without sufficient clues, it was impossible to suspect him.

That was unless he was like the Eighth Prince, who knew who taught him the Dragon Saber Art. At the same time, the Eighth Prince also knew that the Unparalleled Fist God knew him.

Only with such clues would one suspect him.

Otherwise, it was impossible.

So what did the Eighth Prince say? Or did Ran Jing know of other guesses?

However, the other party didn’t ask. It didn’t seem like she cared that much.

Thus, he did not think too much about it.

Then, he came to Ao Man’s room in the inn. This room had lasted for hundreds of years.

There was no one in the room at the moment. The people outside had also been cleared out by Ran Jing.

It was to allow Ao Man to cultivate in peace.

“Brother Ao Man, are you alright?” Ao Longyu came to Ao Man’s bed and asked.

“Sister.” The Eighth Prince was already awake. He looked at Ao Longyu excitedly.

“Sis, I have comprehended it already.”

“Yes, I’ve heard of your Dragon Saber Art.” Ao Longyu nodded.

She was also happy for Ao Man. The three moves of the Dragon Saber Art was no ordinary saber technique.

After learning it, he would have a trump card that could save his life.

“Not this.” Ao Man sat up excitedly.

“Sis, I’ve figured it out. So my biological sister is the peerless Fist God who looks down on the world and is peerlessly brave.

Sister, you’ve taught me for so many years, but I didn’t know about it.”

“Huh?” Ao Longyu was stunned for a moment before she moved away from the Eighth Prince.

“Junior Brother, do you think Ao Man has been beaten silly?”

“Sis, you don’t have to pretend anymore. I didn’t tell Mother anything.

I am trustable,” promised the Eighth Prince.

“But I’m really not the Unparalleled Fist God,” Ao Longyu said innocently.

“How can that be?” The Eighth Prince was in disbelief.

“You know the Dragon Saber Art and was also on the Dragon Cry Island. When I was in danger, you helped me and also later passed on the Dragon Saber Art to me.

Sometimes, you even got brother-in-law to pass on the news to me.

Other than you, could it be brother-in-law? ”

Then, the Eighth Prince was stunned for a moment. His mind began to clear up. He remembered that the first time he met the Unparalleled Fist God, he was indeed a human.

The person who shattered the red dragon with one punch was definitely a human. Later on, when he met his brother-in-law for the first time in Kunlun, he couldn’t help but feel his legs go weak.

When he faced his brother-in-law, the innate talent of an innate immortal instinctively told him that his brother-in-law was extremely dangerous.


“Sister.” The Eighth Prince looked at Ao Longyu with a crying expression.

“Did I accidentally find out about the truth just now?

Will I lose my memories? ”

Ao Longyu took out her wooden sword.

Eighth Prince: “…”

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