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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion Chapter 528 - Don't Dragons Know Shame? free read Here - BochoNovel
Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 528 - Don't Dragons Know Shame?

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Chapter 528: Don’t Dragons Know Shame?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The youth had lost.

The Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race had easily won this battle, so they were relatively happy.

A win was a win. No one cared if it was unfair.

It seemed like the people of the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race really wanted to fight the youth so that they could use their trump cards.

However, it was not easy to meet him in the next round.

It was unlikely that one’s opponent would be from the same race every round.

The other people with Deity Positions didn’t laugh at Jiang Lan, but at the Nine Heavens Phoenix Ancestor.

However, the Nine Heavens Phoenix Ancestor didn’t mind. She could already communicate with the Netherworld and the Deity Position was continuously fusing with the Netherworld Aura. As long as she didn’t lose too badly in the future, she would be able to fight for the only position above if she was given some time.

The others were naturally the same.

It all depended on who walked faster.

The Central Palace was not easy to take, so they could only forcefully fight for that position. It was not impossible.

Jiang Lan didn’t care about these things. He looked down at the Qilin Race’s Yan Xiyun.

Yan Xiyun versus the Devil Race’s Lin Yu.

She was also a female cultivator. She wore a black demonic dress and had a demonic aura all over her body. Her snow-white skin also emitted a strand of pitch-black gaseous flames. She looked very majestic.

Yan Xiyun stood there in her orange outfit, looking worried.

She was thinking about what attack and defense techniques she should use. Of course, it would be best if she could win.

Then the scene began to change. The battlefield was set… on a water surface.

“She has lost.” Jiang Lan sighed inwardly.

“This girl from the Qilin Race is going to lose to the Underground Devil Race,” Imperial Lord Xi He said.

“Hmph, the people of Kunlun are really looking down on the Qilin Race. We can obtain the protection of the earth even when they are above water.” The Earth Mother felt that the Qilin Race had been underestimated.

“What do you think, Fist God?” Heavenly Human Yunxiao asked Jiang Lan.

The Underground Devil Race was now under his name, so it was him who would decide the victor between him and Jiang Lan.

The Earth Mother also looked at Jiang Lan, as if wanting him to put in a good word for Yan Xiyun.

In the end, Jiang Lan remained silent.

It was clear that the Fist God also felt that he was going to lose.

When the Eighth Prince was at a disadvantage, the Unparalleled Fist God did not remain silent. Instead, he felt that he had a chance to win.

“So your brains aren’t uniformly smart. Our Ba Country is still the best. We are all brainless,” Imperial Lord Youdu said to everyone.

Everyone else: “…”

They remained silent.

They were all paying attention to their own battles.

Jiang Lan watched as Yan Xiyun attacked.

It was a fire spell technique, and its power was not bad.


It was casually slapped away by the other party.

After that, Yan Xiyun covered her head and squatted down, making it easier for her to be beaten.

Jiang Lan didn’t feel anything, as if he already knew the outcome.

Although Yan Xiyun often followed the Eighth Prince and the youth, she had always been beaten. If she was on the ground, she would be invincible.

But on the water…

Normally, the water surface did have the power of the earth, but this was the manifestation of a spell technique. The power of the earth was pitifully small.

Yan Xiyun naturally wouldn’t agree.

Earth Mother’s face was ashen as she watched Yan Xiyun get beaten up.

She looked disappointed.

In the end, Yan Xiyun lost.

“It seems like you have lost again,” Heavenly Human Yunxiao said calmly.

Jiang Lan only nodded slightly, not paying much attention.

After that, he retreated. There was no longer any need for him to continue to be here. There would only be rewards if he won. If he lost, there was no need to stay.

“That’s convenient.”

Tomorrow, Hong Ya of the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race was fighting and Qing Mu would only fight on the sixth day.

Someone would probably win. These two were normal.

However, it wasn’t easy to win, because every single one of them was outstanding among their peers.

How could one win just like that?

Those who were here all represented the strongest among those in the same realm.

It would be strange if the Eighth Prince and the others could win easily.

Jiang Lan saw Xiao Yu smiling.

“Junior Brother, do you think I can win if I fight?” Xiao Yu asked.

Jiang Lan thought for a moment and said.

“The chances of winning are not small.”

Her Senior Sister had the Kunlun Power. This was her advantage.

There shouldn’t be anyone who could resist it. Furthermore, his Senior Sister was tempered by the Jade Pool, so she was much stronger than other dragons.

In addition, they had always been together. With more physical skinship, it would imperceptibly strengthen his Senior Sister. At the same time, with the Dragon Slaying Sword accompanying her, his Senior Sister was actually very strong among her peers.

She should win for sure.

If she encountered someone from the Dragon Race, she would definitely be able to win even if she were to jump realms to fight.

The Eighth Prince was really in pain from being hit by Xiao Yu.

“What if you participate?” Xiao Yu asked again.

Jiang Lan thought about it again. There were many things that he couldn’t use. If he only used his cultivation on the surface, he actually didn’t have much of an advantage.

He only learned some sword techniques and was not too proficient in other things.

However, with the gift of the Tree of Creation, it was not easy for him to lose.

“There’s not much chance of me winning.” This was his final answer.

Hearing this, Xiao Yu stood up and looked at Jiang Lan.

“Junior Brother, let’s fight.”

This time, my chances of winning are not small. Your chances of winning are not big, which means that I’m stronger than Junior Brother.

After this, Junior Brother will listen to whatever I say. ”

Xiao Yu was full of confidence.

Jiang Lan: “…”

He thought that his Senior Sister was going to represent him in the battle, but it turned out that she was still thinking about who to listen to?

A moment later.

“Junior Brother, stop fighting. Stop fighting. Ah ~”

Xiao Yu squatted on the ground, ignoring Jiang Lan.

“Senior Sister, it’s dark. You have to go back.” On the square, Jiang Lan squatted down and said to Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu raised her head slightly and looked at Jiang Lan.

“Junior Brother, did you cheat?

You’re clearly an early-stage True Immortal. Why does it hurt so much when you hit someone?”

Jiang Lan didn’t reply. Didn’t it hurt to hit someone when he was an immortal?

“Junior Brother, squat with your back facing me,” Xiao Yu suddenly said.

Jiang Lan didn’t understand, but he still had his back facing Xiao Yu.

Then, he felt something pressing down on his back. Following that, Xiao Yu’s long hair floated past with a fragrance.

“Junior Brother, let’s go back. It’s dark.”

Xiao Yu leaned on Jiang Lan and pointed forward.

Jiang Lan: “…”

He carried Xiao Yu on his back and walked towards the courtyard.

“Junior Brother, victory and defeat are common in war. Winning is nothing. You can’t be proud,” Xiao Yu warned.

This dragon’s skin is really thick, Jiang Lan thought.

However, he still carried his Senior Sister steadily back.

A dragon in its human form did not seem to be that heavy. Then where was the weight of a dragon in its dragon form?

“Junior Brother, do you think I should transform into a half-dragon tonight or look normal?”

“Senior Sister, can you maintain your normal appearance?”

“It’s definitely possible at the beginning. I’ll wash Junior Brother’s eyes.”


Did this dragon no longer understand what shame was?

The next day.

On the fourth day, the fortuitous opportunity battle began once again.

Jiang Lan appeared at where the rest of the Deity Position holders were again.

The others looked at him.

“The Unparalleled Fist God is quite free,” said Imperial Lord Dongqing.

“Indeed. Young people want to do many things,” said the Mixed Essence Witch.

“Humans are despicable and are busy eating other humans,” Imperial Lord Youdu casually added.

“The Unparalleled Fist God only comes when someone under his name fights. If no one does, he will no longer pay attention.

No one among us can do the same,” said the Ancestral Dragon Cang Yuan..

Jiang Lan didn’t understand what was going on with these people. He felt like his private life had been guessed.

“They haven’t left since they arrived. They envy your freedom,” Imperial Lord Xi He said with a smile.

Jiang Lan :”…”

Perhaps these people were all the same. He had a family.

Naturally, it was different.

After that, no one said anything else. He turned his attention to the third battle platform. Today’s first battle would be Hong Ya of the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race.

Her opponent was a girl from the Qilin Race, Yan Liyu.

She was a very beautiful woman with a steady aura.

Hong Ya was dressed in red and had a calm expression. She had an aura that made her seem superior.

The two of them were evenly matched.

Then, the scene changed. It was a mountain battlefield.

It was a beautiful scenery.

Jiang Lan frowned when he saw the mountain appear.

Hong Ya of the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race wasn’t weak, and her intelligence was exceptional. Her competitive spirit wasn’t weak either. In theory, there was a chance of winning this time.

However, it was hard to say since the battlefield was the home ground of the Qilin Race.

Apart from Jiang Lan, no one paid attention to this match. Only the Earth Mother and the Nine Heavens Phoenix Ancestor paid attention.

Then, a great battle erupted. Hong Ya used her greatest strength and didn’t give her opponent any chance.

As for Yan Liyu, she was different from Yan Xiyun. She was both offensive and defensive, and she was powerful.

Even if she was attacked by Hong Ya, she could still stabilize the situation. The land was beneath her feet and she had the protection of the land.


For a moment, there was no way to determine the victor of this battle. And as Hong Ya attacked, there were flames around her, as if they were connected.

All kinds of footprints also appeared on the ground.

They were all using their fastest and strongest attacks.

One did not want to stall for time, while the other could not.

Thus, they wanted to end the fight fast.


Endless flames appeared on the mountain. The flames formed a huge wing, and Hong Ya was the center of the flames.

With a wave of her wings, endless power surged towards the smoke and rain.

At this moment, the ground had also changed. A pair of hands appeared from the ground. One hand covered the smoke leaving the rain, and the other pressed towards Hong Ya.


There was a collision of power.

The flaming wings turned into a long sword and pierced through the palm, heading towards Yan Liyu.

Meanwhile, Yan Liyu, who was in the palm, seemed to have long made preparations. There was an aura of the earth on her body. Then, she struck out with her palm at the fiery sword.


The collision of power affected the mountains.


The mountain collapsed, and the power swept through everything.


The sword and palm both clashed.


The power erupted, but Hong Ya did not retreat. She charged straight in. The enemy was right in front of her. How could she stop?

But how could the people inside not be prepared?

She activated her Earth Protection spell.



Flames soared and the ground surged.

The two sides continued to compete, and in the end, the commotion began to calm down.

Jiang Lan watched all of this and slowly withdrew his gaze.

“Just a bit more.” The Nine Heavens Phoenix Race shook its head and sighed.

“She lost to luck.” Imperial Lord Dongqing spoke.

“Unfortunately, she’s not human.” Imperial Lord Youdu also sighed with emotion.

He actually wanted to say that if she was cunning enough as a human, she would have won long ago.

Hong Ya was defeated. At the last moment, her opponent was protected by the earth. Her attack was ineffective, and she was seriously injured.

Although she counterattacked at the end, the two of them were completely injured.

Their strengths were similar, but the advantage was on the other side.

If the battlefield had a volcano, Hong Ya would most likely have won.

After that, Jiang Lan withdrew from the place again.

Five people, four consecutive losses.

It would depend on Qing Mu’s performance.

“Are we going out?” Xiao Yu asked as soon as Jiang Lan woke up.

Jiang Lan agreed.

There was still a long time in the afternoon, so it was fine to go out for a walk.

After going out, they met the Eighth Prince and his party. Hong Ya lost and the youth wanted to comfort her.

This was the best opportunity. Someone had taught him before.


Hong Ya didn’t seem to care much about it.

According to Yan Xiyun, since everyone had lost, it was fine for another one to lose.

Hong Ya followed behind these people. She really didn’t pay much attention to them.

Because the first three had all lost, so be it.

The Unparalleled Fist God didn’t seem to have any thoughts about it either. The youth had told her that the Unparalleled Fist God didn’t care about winning or losing.

For a moment, she did not feel any pressure. It was fine if she lost.

Although she felt that she had comprehended something, she felt that following these lazy people would easily make her go downhill.

However, he did not feel any unwillingness.

Be it the Eighth Prince, the youth, or Yan Xiyun, they didn’t feel anything even if they lost.

The Eighth Prince was a little sore, but he was more worried that he would be mocked by the youth.

Yan Xiyun was glad that she was still alive when she returned.

And she seemed to be following the flow.

In the end, she gathered her emotions and waited for the next fortuitous opportunity battle.

There were a total of three matches. If one lost the first time, one could still try to win the next two.

“Sister, I’ll use my Heavenly Dragon Saber to cut the wild animals for you. Right now, my wild animals are surprisingly expensive, especially those that are cut with the Dragon Saber Art,” said the Eighth Prince.

“Aren’t you afraid that Mother will know?” Xiao Yu looked at the Eighth Prince in shock.

“It’s a secret. It’s fine as long as she doesn’t know. If I’m caught, I’ll at most be imprisoned.

I already know the three saber moves of the Dragon Saber Art. Even without the Heavenly Dragon Saber, the roasted wild animals I sell are still highly valued,” said the Eighth Prince nonchalantly.

Jiang Lan felt that the Eighth Prince was really different.

Even the dignity of the Dragon Race was damaged by him.

However, he was more concerned about the fortuitous opportunity battle the day after tomorrow. It was Qing Mu’s fortuitous opportunity battle.

This time, he hoped that the other party would have a good result. He wanted to use this to discuss the return of the Deity Position with Imperial Lord Youdu.

On the sixth day.

Jiang Lan returned to his original position.

The others still looked at him.

“The Fist God seems to be the last one this round, right?” Imperial Lord Qiong Gou asked.

“Mn.” Jiang Lan nodded slightly.

“This time, it’s my Ba Country’s people. You guys can’t win,” Imperial Lord Youdu said.

The others didn’t reply. Jiang Lan looked at Imperial Lord Youdu, thinking about how to tell him about the Deity Position.

“If you want to chat privately, you can return to the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace. When the time comes, I’ll help you guys open a space for communication,” Imperial Lord Xi He said.

The others looked at Jiang Lan and Imperial Lord Youdu in astonishment.

What did they want to exchange?

However, no one asked. No one could get an answer.

“This match will be between me and the Unparalleled Fist God. I wonder who has the highest chance of winning.” Imperial Lord Dongqing’s voice rang out.

Jiang Lan looked at the fortuitous opportunity battle platform. This time, it was Qing Mu versus the Giant Spirit Race’s Li Qingshan.

It was a burly man with a rather tall figure.

This was the embodiment of the Giant Spirit Race.

“I don’t have any requirements on the terrain. What about you?” On the fortuitous opportunity battle platform, Qing Mu said to Li Qingshan.

“Me too.” Li Qingshan nodded.

“Then let’s fight here. There’s no need to change the environment.

My fist can shatter you.” Qing Mu clenched his fist confidently.

“Alright, let’s do it here. I want to see how strong Ba Country’s people are.” Li Qingshan was not afraid at all.

After that, the scene was fixed, which meant that the big shots agreed with them.

“Unparalleled Fist God, protect my fists. Help me kill the enemy.” Qing Mu released a low voice, starting to attack.

The Eighth Prince looked at Qing Mu and said.

“Is this considered cheating?”

“I don’t think anyone said no to this,” the youth replied.

The person beside him: “…”

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