Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 538 - Ba Country Welcomes The Birth Of A Greater Existence

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Chapter 538: Ba Country Welcomes The Birth Of A Greater Existence

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Jiang Lan was immersed in his thoughts. He naturally saw the youth and the girl from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race trying to enter, but the two of them gave up after trying for a while.

For a moment, he felt that if he sat here often, these two would have more opportunities to interact.

Helping the youth was actually nothing. It was just that he didn’t have the time.

Perhaps he will do so in the future.

After waiting for an unknown period of time, Jiang Lan suddenly saw something appear outside his mind, walking over step by step.

It was the figure of an old man. It was as if he was walking with a world alongside him.

The innkeeper.

At this moment, Jiang Lan looked at the innkeeper and felt how terrifying he was.

That somewhat old figure seemed to be able to hold up the sky.

A Dao Immortal who was not inferior to his master.

However, the other party’s Dao was very strange. It was as if something was being nurtured in the world behind the innkeeper.

At this moment, the innkeeper also saw Jiang Lan standing in the inn.

He was rather surprised, but he quickly felt relieved.

A wine bottle appeared in his hand, shaking it at Jiang Lan. His meaning was clear.

The good wine was ready.

Jiang Lan understood and left his mind.

When he opened his eyes, he saw the innkeeper at the counter.

Then, he stood up and walked to the counter.

“Mo Zhengdong should be very happy to see you grow, right?” The innkeeper placed the good wine on the counter and pushed it to Jiang Lan.

“I didn’t see Master show it.” Jiang Lan put away the wine and handed over the spirit stone.

The innkeeper only smiled and accepted the spirit stone without saying anything.

“Thank you for your epiphany last time, Boss.” Jiang Lan’s tone was sincere.

“It’s fine. Your master has already paid the price,” the innkeeper said.

Jiang Lan: “…”

He thought that since it was just sitting there, there was no need for any form of payment.

But he didn’t mind.

Then, he bade farewell to the innkeeper.

It was about time. He wanted to pick his Senior Sister up.

When he returned, he had to take a look at the array formation Imperial Lord Xi He had given him. He also had to make a trip to the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace.

The innkeeper watched Jiang Lan leave and couldn’t help but sigh.

“Look at him and look at my own grandson. For a moment, I feel that my grandson can’t even compare to 1% of him.

I have to train him harder.”

The youth who was fighting the Eighth Prince felt a chill run down his spine.

It was as if something terrible was coming towards him.

On the way back to Kunlun, Jiang Lan met the youth and the Eighth Prince, who were locked in a fierce battle.

He didn’t disturb them and only guessed who would win.

Normally speaking, it should be the Eighth Prince who was at the Heaven Immortal Realm, but it seemed like their decisive battle stipulated that they could not use power that surpassed the True Immortal Realm.

This way, the youth had a chance of winning.

If the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race was watching the battle, the youth’s chances of winning would be very high.


The Eighth Prince should still win.

In the evening.

Jiang Lan arrived at the Third Summit. This time, no one verified his identity.

“Senior Brother Jiang is here to fetch Senior Sister Goddess?”

A little Junior Sister at the Golden Core Realm greeted him with a smile.

“En.” Jiang Lan only nodded in response.

This Junior Sister of his was rather friendly.

He didn’t feel anything and responded immediately.

Since the other party was kind to him, he would return the kindness as well.

He would not cause trouble.

When Jiang Lan slowly ascended, the two female cultivators guarding the mountain finally communicated.

“Every time Senior Sister Goddess comes back alone, she will always be aloof. However, with Senior Brother Jiang around, her aloofness will disappear and she will have a smile on her face.

Senior Sister Goddess looks so good when she smiles.”

“You saw it?”

“I saw it. People said that it was a groundless matter for Senior Brother Jiang to be able to reach Senior Sister Goddess. But they are truly in love with each other.”

“I want to see it too. I wonder if I can see it when I go down the mountain later.”

“I don’t think so. I’ve heard that most of the time, you can’t see them going down the mountain at all.”

Both of them were immortals.

It would be strange if a small Golden Core like them could see it.

It was already very polite of him to let them see him going up the mountain.

“Junior Brother, Master asked me if I had stolen the teacup. It’s been so many years before she realized it.

Is she old too? Do I need to help her find a Dao companion?”

After receiving Xiao Yu, Jiang Lan heard some surprising words.

His Senior Sister had been getting more and more impudent recently.

Not only was she impudent to him, but she was also impudent to her master.

Was it because he was the husband of the Dao Immortal?

“Isn’t Senior Sister afraid of Martial Aunt?” Jiang Lan asked.

“Isn’t Junior Brother afraid of Martial Uncle?” Xiao Yu asked.

Jiang Lan: “…”

He was just doing it for his master’s sake, because he wanted to take over the position of the Ninth Summit’s summit leader. Then, his master could retire.

But no one from the Third Summit could replace his Martial Aunt now, right?

His Senior Sister could not take over. The Goddess was the Goddess.

Even if she could take over, she was not strong enough.

After that, they walked towards the Ninth Summit hand in hand.

His Senior Sister had been talking the entire time, so Jiang Lan had been listening. The setting sun cast a long shadow on them.

“Junior Brother, I’ve learned array formations recently. I’ll modify the array formations next time.”


“Then I’ll be the main force in building the house.”

“Senior Sister, come when it’s time to dismantle it, not when it’s time to build it.”

“Junior Brother, you’re too rude. As a Senior Sister, I have made so many requests, but you’re not satisfying any of them.”


Ancient Imperial Lower Palace.

Two days had passed since Jiang Lan appeared here again.

He had figured out the array formation and there was indeed no problem.

However, he still had to be careful in case the other party’s attainments in array formations were too high and he couldn’t detect it.

What he needed to do now was to engrave the array formation in the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace. It was not too difficult. Half a day should be enough.

He walked slowly in front of the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace’s palace gate, and the array formation was carved down bit by bit.

Half a day later.

The Ancient Imperial Lower Palace was already covered by a massive array formation. After testing it twice, Jiang Lan decided to leave.

It was already done.

He was just waiting for Imperial Lord Xi He to continue.


At this moment, sounds came from everywhere.

There was also such a sound in the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace. It was as if something was knocking on the various palaces.


Suddenly, a light appeared in the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace. This light was condensing and could rush into the sky at any moment.

“Is this done by Imperial Lord Xi He?”

As he watched the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace change, Jiang Lan immediately thought of Imperial Lord Xi He.

It seemed like he had more or less prepared. He should be informed tomorrow or the day after.

When Jiang Lan returned to the courtyard of the Ninth Summit, he looked at the light spots on the Deity Position and decided to inform them.

In the backyard of the inn, the youth was brewing wine and was unwilling to drink it.

“Seriously, Grandpa. If I were the one making the wine, wouldn’t I be the one going out in the future?”

The innkeeper often went out to prepare the good wine.

If he was the one who needed to take over, he would have to go out every day.

How could he accompany Hong Ya?

“You should thank your grandfather for his craftsmanship. Hong Ya will also think that you’re amazing.

Raising yourself is the best way to pursue a female.

For example, if you brew wine that can make her faint with a single sniff, you can step on her wings and ask her if she’s touched.

There’s no need to knock on her head anymore,” said the Eighth Prince seriously as he cooked the roast meat.

From now on, they were just going to roast wild animals and brew wine.

They would make a lot of money in the future.

Just as they were still arguing, they suddenly received a message.

After hearing the contents, they stopped what they were doing.

Was something about to happen to the Unparalleled God?

“What happened? Why did the Unparalleled Fist God say that he wanted to leave this Deity Position?” The youth asked.

“How should I know?” The Eighth Prince wondered if he should ask.

However, he soon felt relieved.

“The Fist God said that he will bring us into his new Deity Position. It’s not a big problem.

We just need to welcome the birth of a new Deity Position.”

“Big Brother, Little Brother, I heard the Unparalleled Fist God’s voice. Something seems to be happening to the Deity Position.” Yan Xiyun ran in.

Hong Ya was surprised.

She did not hear it, or rather, she did not belong to the Unparalleled Fist God, so she did not know what had happened.

In Ba Country, countless people gathered in the main city.

They were praying.

There were three statues at the very top.

One was the Fist God who punched, while the other was the majestic Imperial Lord Youdu.

The third statue was vague.

At this moment, the old priest stood on a high ground and looked at the gathered people of Ba Country. He shouted.

“The great Fist God will improve his Deity Position in these two days and become an even greater existence.

We are here waiting for a new god to be born. We welcome the appearance of the new Deity Position.”

Everyone in Ba Country cheered.

They were naturally happy that the Fist God had advanced to a higher Deity Position.

Qing Mu was among them. He was also very excited.

He had just received news that it would be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

“What do you think the title of the new Deity Position will be?”

“What do you think?”

“If I knew, would I still ask you?”

“If you don’t know, how would I know?”

“You have a point.”

Qing Mu held the tablet around his neck. When the time came, he had to carve it again.

“Mother, I have to work even harder in the future. I want to become the new Fist God. The Fist God will suppress the Grand Desolate World and bring glory to our ancestors.” Qing Mu said to the woman beside him.

“What about your father?” The woman suddenly asked.

“Huh? What about Father?” Qing Mu looked surprised. Had his father gone missing?

On the fifth day.

Jiang Lan felt a commotion in the Heaven Realm.

Soon, the chaos became orderly. He felt a summoning.

It was time.

“Senior Sister, I need to go up for a while. Look after me.” Jiang Lan said to Ao Longyu.

As she spoke, she tapped Ao Longyu’s glabella.

“This way, you can also hear the voice from above.”

Ao Longyu nodded seriously.

“If there’s a problem, I’ll look for your master and my master.”

“Don’t worry, there won’t be any problems.” Jiang Lan rubbed his Senior Sister’s head.

Ao Longyu patted Jiang Lan’s head.

“Don’t worry, Junior Brother. It’s fine.”

Jiang Lan smiled slightly before responding.

In just a few breaths, he had appeared in the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace.

At this moment, he saw light extending through the night.

However, the light was a little strange. He could clearly see it, but it didn’t illuminate the night.

It was a special power.

Soon, he realized that the light began to connect.

At this moment, an image suddenly appeared in his eyes.

The scene was of an endless void with a palace in the middle.

There were four smaller palaces around the palace, and there were four more outside these smaller palaces. However, these four palaces seemed to have been split apart. There were actually eight of them.

At this moment, Jiang Lan felt as if he was somewhere among the eight palaces outside.

Soon, the pattern changed and a palace faced him.

It was the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace.

At this moment, among the patterns that he could see, the first selection of light began. Following that, the eight palaces formed a circle, and the four palaces in the middle also formed a circle.

Jiang Lan raised his head and looked at the night. So the light was connecting to the other Deity Positions?

This situation wasn’t just limited to Jiang Lan. The others with Deity Positions also felt it and saw it.

Regardless of whether they were willing or not, the light was still connecting them together. Because they had fused with the Deity Position, they were unable to stop the connection between the palaces.

And since they had responded to the call back then, their power would be drawn.

This was Imperial Lord Xi He’s goal back then.

All preparations have been made.

Soon, they saw that among the four palaces in the middle, something extended out like a bridge.

“So that’s how you enter the Central Palace?” Imperial Lord Qiong Gou narrowed his eyes.

He had tried many times, but he could not find a way to enter the Central Palace.

“Hmph. He feels like he doesn’t have enough power. Isn’t he worried about failure?” The Earth Mother was curious as well.

She was in the East Palace, so she could feel it.

Imperial Lord Xi He’s hidden power, together with the power of the four palaces, was still impossible for him to cross the bridge even if he could reach the Central Palace.

Jiang Lan discovered that the West Palace had shifted in front of him, facing the Lower Palace.

He naturally saw that the bridge was being constructed towards the Central Palace, but it wasn’t that easy. He was borrowing the power of the four palaces.

After some time, the bridge was constructed in the Central Palace.

Jiang Lan was still waiting. He didn’t receive Imperial Lord Xi He’s signal, and he didn’t feel that making a move now was the right move.

Soon, a dazzling light appeared in the West Palace. Then, everyone had a feeling.

The Ancient Imperial West Palace’s Deity Position was empty. Imperial Lord Xi He had left his Deity Position.

He wanted to go to the Central Palace.

However, the other party was definitely exhausted. How was he going to get there?

“Fist God, do you feel it? You can attack now.”

The sudden voice reached Jiang Lan’s ears. He could feel the power of the eight palaces gathering towards him. What he needed to do was guide this power and give Imperial Lord Xi He a push.

Jiang Lan clenched his fist. Power gathered in his fist. The power of the eight palaces surged madly.

For a moment, he felt pressure, as if this power could gather without end, even crushing him.

Was it because he was powerful and extraordinary that he was like this?

After confirming how much power was enough, he brandished his fists. The pressure was increasing, but he could endure it.

Then, he punched out.


Light bloomed as power flowed towards the Ancient Imperial West Palace.

Everyone could see a force appearing in the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace. In just a breath’s time, this force reached the West Palace from the Lower Palace.

Then, a figure left the West Palace and stepped onto the bridge towards the Central Palace.

His speed was very fast. After some time, everyone saw the figure enter the Central Palace.

At this moment, a rumbling sound could be heard.


Everyone who had a Deity Position and fortuitous opportunities heard it.

In the inn, Hong Ya, the youth, Yan Xiyun, and the Eighth Prince looked up immediately.

They felt something coming.

Then came an extremely loud voice.

“Imperial Lord Xi He of the Ancient Imperial Central Palace.”

This was the first time Imperial Lord Xi He had made his name known in the Grand Desolate World.

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