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Chapter 543 - Identifying Xiao Yu As A Demon

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Chapter 543: Identifying Xiao Yu As A Demon

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Feng City.

It was not a very prosperous city. Although the bumpy road on the ground was paved with stones, it had long changed shape.

There were many people, but everyone was working hard to fill their stomachs.

This place was a month’s journey away from Kunlun. It was already considered very far given that he had traveled at the speed of an ordinary immortal.

There were many villages outside the city, and many living resources had to be exchanged or bought in the city.

Today, Liu Dazhu and company left Feng City and returned to the village in surprise.

This was Dao Village. In a remote place in the village, there was a house that had been empty for a long time. Today, there were suddenly people entering and exiting it.

“Er Zhu, look. Isn’t that Master Du’s house? Ever since Master Du left, this house has been empty. Why are there people entering and exiting it today?

They seem to be cleaning up the room.” Liu Dazhu nudged Liu Erzhu, who was at the bottom. He felt puzzled.

His voice was rough and everyone around him looked at Master Du’s house.

Indeed, they saw two people busy inside.

They were two young men and women dressed in extremely simple clothes. The man looked somewhat ordinary, but he had a delicate expression, like a scholar.

The woman had her hair tied up, and her slightly fair face was somewhat charming.

“A young couple?” Liu Dazhu thought for a moment and shook his head.

“I didn’t notice this couple in the village. I lived by the side and had never seen anyone besides me.”

“They should be from somewhere else. From the looks of it, they must have run away.” Liu Erzhu made his guess.

The others nodded. This was indeed possible.

Who would go to an unfamiliar village if not for a special circumstance?

Without the help of one’s neighbors and friends, it was not easy to live. The two of them were still alright. With a child, the pressure was extraordinary.

“Let’s go, let’s go. We’ll go back and ask the nanny. We’ll probably know what’s going on,“another person said.

After they left, Xiao Yu shouted at the person in the house.

“Darling, there seem to be many people curious about us.”

These two were Jiang Lan and Ao Longyu.

Because of her name, Ao Longyu could only be called Xiao Yu, while Jiang Lan used his real name.

He had no intention of using an alias.

However, it was inconvenient for Xiao Yu to not have a surname. In the end, she used Jiang Lan’s surname.

Her full name was Jiang Xiaoyu.

She was a young wife who had just moved in with Jiang Lan, so her appearance had naturally changed.

Her looks became ordinary.

Otherwise, Xiao Yu’s appearance would cause a commotion everywhere.

“En, I wonder if the people here are easy to get along with.” Jiang Lan wiped his bow. This place relied on hunting to get one’s food.

Naturally, he had to do the same.

He had no experience with bow and arrow, so he had to familiarize himself with them over the next two days.

He wanted to ensure that Xiao Yu did not go hungry.

“I wonder how I should greet them.” Xiao Yu looked around, as if she was a rich girl who had moved into the village and was incompatible with this place.

She was a little timid and worried.

The next day.

Jiang Lan went into the mountains to hunt. Because he didn’t know how to use the bow and arrow, he didn’t gain much at first.

Fortunately, he gained something in the evening.

When he returned home, he saw Xiao Yu sitting in the courtyard, planting vegetables with her cheeks puffed up.

“What’s wrong?” Jiang Lan asked.

“The villagers don’t seem to like me. I wanted to ask where I could wash my clothes, but they pointed me to an ancient well.” Xiao Yu lowered her head and looked disappointed.

Jiang Lan listened and looked outside.

He felt like he was still out of place here.

The next day, dawn arrived.

Jiang Lan and Xiao Yu brought some meat to the house next door. It wasn’t too close, only about fifty meters.

His house was rather remote.

Knock knock.

He knocked lightly on the door. The person who opened the door was a middle-aged man with a full beard and a burly body.

It was Liu Dazhu.

“Are you two the ones who have just moved into Master Du’s house? Oh, sorry.” Liu Dazhu smiled.

“Are you two the newly moved couple who have come into our village?”

“My name is Jiang Lan, and this is my wife, Jiang Xiaoyu.” Jiang Lan introduced himself.

Xiao Yu nodded in agreement.

“Just call me Liu Dazhu. We are not cultured people. Our names are a little ugly, haha.” Liu Dazhu felt a little embarrassed.

From their names, he knew that these two were not boorish people. The situation was looking more like a scholar who had abducted a rich missy over love to live in a faraway place.

“Big Brother Liu, this is for you.” Jiang Lan handed over the meat.

“We are all neighbors. This is a little too expensive.” Liu Dazhu refused.

The meat in the village was not cheap. Yet, the other party was giving him a big piece.

“I have a request. I hope Brother Liu can accept it.” Jiang Lan’s voice was sincere.

In the end, Liu Dazhu kept the meat and led Jiang Lan and the rest in.

“Wife, a guest has come out.”

“Oh you two are here.” A woman walked out. She was wearing simple clothes and was slightly fat.

Xiao Yu immediately lowered her head when she saw him. It was this person who led her to the dry well.

“Isn’t this the newly moved couple? Why is there meat here?” The woman was surprised.

Jiang Lan exchanged a few pleasantries and said to Liu Dazhu.

“Not hiding from Brother Liu, we’re new here and don’t understand many things.

I hope Brother Liu can help me and bring me into the forest.

So that I can be capable of making a living.”

“Of course there’s no problem with this. I’ll bring you to meet the others later. We are all from the same village. It’s only right,” said Liu Dazhu generously.

He said it as if he could settle everything.

“Also, Xiao Yu doesn’t know much about the village. I hope Sister-in-law Liu can help.” Jiang Lan looked at the woman beside him with a sincere expression.

“Of course. We’re all neighbors,” Sister-in-law Liu replied with a smile.

Jiang Lan stood up and thanked them.

After that, the sky lit up.

Jiang Lan brought his bow and arrows and gathered with Liu Dazhu at the village entrance. He wanted to get to know the other hunters.

This way, they were all on the same side.

Xiao Yu followed Sister-in-law Liu to meet the others so that they could get to know each other better.

Xiao Yu did not mind what happened yesterday, and neither did Sister-in-law Liu.

After that, Xiao Yu greeted everyone when she saw them.

On Jiang Lan’s side, he followed the villagers into the mountains to hunt. Although most people were a little unwilling, they could only accept it.

After all, since Liu Dazhu and Liu Erzhu had agreed, there was nothing else to say.

These two were experts in hunting in the village.

Throughout the entire process, Jiang Lan was doing some small things. When they were hunting, he was only helping out.

He did not appear useless. Instead, every arrow of his landed on his prey.

However, if one did not have enough strength, it could not be considered a fatal injury.

In the afternoon.

Jiang Lan returned home.

He realized that Xiao Yu was cooking with a smile.

She seemed to be very happy today.

“I’ll do it.” Jiang Lan went in to check.

Because Xiao Yu didn’t know how to cook, he needed to see the situation.

“Darling, you’re back? Let me tell you. Today…” Xiao Yu couldn’t help but tell Jiang Lan about what happened today when she saw him return.

It was as if she wanted to share her joy with Jiang Lan.

She had met some people today and finally knew where to wash their clothes.

Sister-in-law Liu was also very enthusiastic and taught her everything.

She was completely different from yesterday. She even suspected that she had gotten the wrong person yesterday.

Jiang Lan maintained his smile and listened quietly.


A voice suddenly came from the door.

Jiang Lan and Xiao Yu looked outside and saw three children at the door.

One boy and two girls.

They were only four or five years old.

The boy had a big build while the girls had short hair and wore clean clothes. Their eyes were big and their long hair was messy and dirty.

“They’re children.” Xiao Yu smiled in surprise when she saw them.

She carefully took three fruits from the side and waved at the three of them.

“Do you all want some?”

She had never met a child before.

Especially at such a close distance.

The three of them glanced at each other before walking inside, seemingly attracted by the fruit.

In the end, the three of them took a fruit from Xiao Yu and ran out.

“Darling, Darling, I want a child too.” Xiao Yu immediately ran to Jiang Lan’s side and said pitifully.

Jiang Lan: “…”

This actually all depended on Xiao Yu herself.

It was not his problem.

The days passed.

After a month, Jiang Lan had completely integrated into the hunting team.

His archery skills became more and more accurate. Although his strength was still not that high, he was completely accepted.

Although there were still some that were not convinced, they did not mind seeing it when they saw that Jiang Lan could not fatally injure his prey.

Xiao Yu was also familiar with other women in the village.

Two of the children who ran into their house were Liu Dazhu’s children.

They were the tiger-headed Liu Dahu, the long-haired and dirty Liu Xiaoxiao, and Lin Sisi who was from Lin Dazhuang’s family. It was said that Lin Sisi’s name was given by a relative of a scholar in the city.

These three children often came to Jiang Lan’s house to look for Xiao Yu. Perhaps it was because Xiao Yu would feed them fruits.

Every time, Xiao Yu would prepare it, seemingly afraid that the three children would not be able to get fruits when they came.

No matter what, Xiao Yu loved it when the three of them came.

She loved children.

Three months later.

Jiang Lan and Xiao Yu rushed back from the flea market. Xiao Yu bought some candies today.

It was for the three children.

“If they eat too many candies, their teeth will break easily,” Jiang Lan reminded Xiao Yu.

“I’ll give them each a piece. It’s not much.” Xiao Yu counted the candies she bought and took one out for Jiang Lan’s mouth.


Jiang Lan: “…”

In the end, he still opened his mouth.

It was indeed very sweet.

Not long after returning to the village, Liu Dahu and the others ran to Jiang Lan’s side.

Every time Xiao Yu returned from the flea market, she would bring them something.

He was also looking forward to it today.

When Xiao Yu saw Liu Xiaoxiao’s disheveled look, she could not help but say.

“Xiaoxiao, come here. I’ll wash your head.”

“Aunt Jiang, even if you wash Xiaoxiao, she will still get dirty.” Liu Dahu said.

“It’s dirty itself.” Liu Xiaoxiao was unconvinced.

“Mine isn’t dirty,” Lin Sisi said, pointing at her hair.

“Then perhaps it’s because my hair is naughty.” Liu Xiaoxiao felt that she was right.

Xiao Yu did not say anything. Instead, she helped Liu Xiaoxiao wash her hair and dry it.

After doing this, she took out the bag and said mysteriously.

“Guess what I brought for you guys today?”



“Candied fruit.”

“It’s candy.” Xiao Yu took out the candy excitedly and let the three children stand.

“One for each of you. You can’t eat too much.”

After receiving the candies, they immediately put them in their mouths and started eating.

Liu Xiaoxiao spat out the candy again.

“Why did you vomit it out?” Xiao Yu could not understand. “Is it not delicious?”

“We have just one piece. I will eat a little of it now and leave the rest in the pocket for tonight.”

Xiao Yu: “…”

For a moment, her heart changed inexplicably.

“Just eat it now. I’ll bring more for you next time,” Xiao Yu said.

“Candy is very expensive. Will Aunt Jiang’s family be unable to afford the rice?” Liu Dahu asked.

“That’s right. Although the candies are delicious, but… but eating is still more important. Mother told me that Grandpa left us because he didn’t have rice to eat,” Lin Sisi added.

Xiao Yu: “…”

She only touched the heads of these three children.

One day.

Xiao Yu followed Sister-in-law Liu to the riverside to wash the clothes.

The wells near the village were all dry, so they needed to be washed here.

“It’s autumn. Winter is coming soon.

I wonder if the men would gain anything good these days.

This way, we can prepare for winter.” Sister-in-law Liu was chatting with the others.

“That’s right. We didn’t gain anything last year. It’s really worrying.” The others followed.

Xiao Yu only listened at the side and washed her clothes.

Most of them were Jiang Lan’s clothes. Because he had to go into the mountains to hunt, they were dirty faster. Many of them actually smelled of blood.

It was not easy to wash.

Therefore, the clothes on the mountain were separated by Xiao Yu. This way, there would be no smell of blood on the clothes that Jiang Lan wore normally.

It was almost winter, and she was thinking about what to buy next time.

Now, she could cook her own rice and wait for her husband to return.

He could take care of everything himself.

She also knew how to make preserved meat. She would split the excess into several portions and give them to Sister-in-law Liu.

She felt very happy.


A voice came from the river.

Xiao Yu immediately turned around and heard someone shouting.

“Oh no, the young lady from the Yang Family has fallen into the river.”

When Xiao Yu heard this, she immediately stood up and walked towards the river. The young lady from the Yang family was a young girl about her age and had just gotten married.

Her body was a little weak and she had been trying not to burden her family.

When she arrived at the side of the river, she saw a person struggling in the river. It was indeed the Yang family’s young lady. She seemed to have been caught by something. Xiao Yu didn’t think too much and jumped into the water.

Then, she swam over.

There seemed to be something invisible under the water that disappeared the moment it saw someone approaching.

Then, Xiao Yu dragged the young lady of the Yang Family to the shore.

“Are you alright?” Xiao Yu asked with concern.

When the lady from the Yang family regained her senses and saw Xiao Yu, she suddenly looked terrified and subconsciously supported herself with her hands to retreat.

Even Sister-in-law Liu and the rest who had rushed over looked at Xiao Yu in fear.

Their gaze landed on Xiao Yu’s hand.

At this moment, Xiao Yu lowered her head to look at her exposed arm. Because she had entered the water, her arm that had been hidden all this while had slipped out.

Coincidentally, there were scales on her arm today.

They had seen it.

“Demon… It’s a demon.” Sister-in-law Liu and the others retreated in fear.

“No, I… I’m not a demon.” Xiao Yu subconsciously covered her arm, feeling flustered and helpless.

However, no one listened to her. All of them kept retreating as if they were afraid that Xiao Yu would suddenly attack them.

Feeling the fearful and disgusted gaze, Xiao Yu suddenly felt uncomfortable.

Even the Yang family’s young lady who was saved by her was extremely afraid.

This situation completely exceeded Xiao Yu’s expectations. She did not know how to face it.

Finally, she ran home with her head lowered.

She did not dare to stay.

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