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Chapter 549 - Establishing The Path To Become A Sage

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Chapter 549: Establishing The Path To Become A Sage

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Editor: Atlas Studios

After paying their respects to Jiang Lan and Xiao Yu, Liu Dahu’s family stayed for a long time before slowly leaving in the evening.

There was only the autumn wind around the grave.

In the tomb, Jiang Lan and Xiao Yu lay quietly together. Time slowly passed.

Their bodies began to change, as if they were rotting away bit by bit.

Time had left its footprints on them.

As time passed, the stars moved.

A beam of light appeared from Jiang Lan’s body. The light illuminated the surroundings, including Xiao Yu.

The light became brighter.

Their dilapidated bodies began to glow with life. A thought appeared above them. The thought passed through the grave, through the soil and weeds, and finally stood towering above it.

The Will gradually took form and transformed into two figures, one male and one female.

They were Jiang Lan and Xiao Yu.

Their bodies had not been disturbed, so they could remain silent until now.

Jiang Lan looked down at the grave beneath his feet. The weeds had grown a lot, no longer like a grave but more like a mound of earth.

It had been too long, so long that no one remembered them.

Those who remembered them in the past might have also fallen silent over the years and went on with their own lives.

Xiao Yu stood at the side and looked at Jiang Lan with tears in her eyes.

She felt the pain of the mortal world the most.

Jiang Lan hugged Xiao Yu and didn’t say anything. Actually, Xiao Yu was right. He was an immortal while Xiao Yu and the others were mortals.

It was not a matter of cultivation.

It was because Jiang Lan’s heart was already different. He was in the mortal world, but he couldn’t experience the pain of the mortal world.

He was already transcendent, while Xiao Yu was still mortal.

Only she could understand the ups and downs of the mortal world the most clearly. From being accepted to being rejected, to being accepted.

She had experienced everything from tears of joy to tears of sorrow.

Xiao Yu was glad that she could receive the sweet feedback from the suffering. The others might have been living in the suffering of the mortal world all along. Only when they closed their eyes could they be considered relieved. At that time, they might also be reluctant to leave.

Jiang Lan couldn’t feel much, but he could receive feedback from Xiao Yu.

The mortal world was short and bitter, but exciting and dazzling.

The mortal world could make one’s heart grow old and soft.

Perhaps it was because it was short that it was the most special and unforgettable.

The sky was covered by dark clouds, as if the sky was intentionally blocking everyone’s vision.

Jiang Lan’s gaze was also covered by dark clouds. These clouds were like a lock, locking down the road ahead and the future.

This lock was extremely impressive, but in Jiang Lan’s eyes, it wasn’t that indestructible.

After experiencing life and death, comprehending the ups and downs of life was nothing. It did not allow him to see the path ahead.

However, he had found his foundation in this world.

The void gave birth to nature, and nature gave birth to the grand Dao. The grand Dao gave birth to one’s qi, and one’s qi was divided into Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang were the heavens and the earth, and

everything was born in the heavens and the earth. This was the source of creation, the foundation of becoming a sage.

Jiang Lan knew that he was inside all things. He wanted to stand here, pry into the limits of everything.

He wanted to find a path that belonged to him.


He waved his hand towards the sky.

The wind and clouds changed, and lightning rumbled.

The dark clouds began to surge, releasing rumbling sounds. It was as if they were struggling and unwilling to accept this. They unwillingly moved aside.


A rumbling sound spread throughout the Western Wastelands.

Everyone looked up at the sky. Thunder rumbled in the clear sky, but no one knew why.


In front of the old inn, the Eighth Prince looked up at the sky.

“Why is there lightning today?”

“This lightning is a little abnormal.” The youth looked confused.

He knew that abnormality was instinctive, but he didn’t know what was abnormal.

Kunlun Main Hall.

The summit leaders gathered once again.

They were attracted by the lightning. The others only knew that this lightning was extraordinary.

They could tell how extraordinary this lightning was.

“Lightning from above the Dao Immortal Realm.” Zhu Qing was shocked.

“Someone is going to become a half sage?”

“No, not a half-sage. It’s higher than that.” Feng Yixiao frowned.

“Someone is opening up the path to becoming a full sage.” Jiu Zhongtian felt it, but the more he felt it, the more shocked he was.

Becoming a half-sage might surprise them, but establishing a path to becoming a full sage was no longer a surprise.

It was shocking.

“Speaking of which, Jiang Lan and the others have been down the mountain for eighty years. They should be back soon, right?” Miao Yue suddenly mentioned Jiang Lan. Then, she looked at Mo Zhengdong and said.

“What do you think, Senior Brother?”

“Probably,” Mo Zhengdong replied half-heartedly.

“Will he succeed?” Chen Xi looked towards the sky.

“This question isn’t right. Are you asking if he can open up a path ahead or if he can become a sage?” Liu Jing thought for a moment and continued.

“If we are talking about becoming a sage, he shouldn’t be able to do it. However, he should be able to succeed in opening a path ahead.”

“Recently, there have been many natural disasters in the Grand Desolate World and the earth has been shaking. Is it time?” Miao Yue suddenly mentioned something else.

“Mhm, the time is almost up. In less than a hundred years, all of you should make your preparations. Just wait for the final moment to arrive.” Chen Xi looked at the surrounding people and said.

“If there’s anything you want to do or say, you have to do it and say it in these few decades.

Don’t leave any regrets.”

“You’re making it sound like we’re going to die decades later,” Jiu Zhongtian said while drinking.

Chen Xi looked at the others, lowering her head in silence.

If nothing unexpected happens…

Miao Yue narrowed her eyes, looking at Mo Zhengdong without saying anything.

The others didn’t mind. Perhaps in their hearts, there were no regrets.


The dark clouds dispersed, and sunlight fell on Jiang Lan and Xiao Yu.

That was the future Jiang Lan saw.

As the chains of the mortal world shattered, he looked down the path of immortality.

There were two paths before him, one reaching the end. That was the holy throne.

If he was willing, he could successfully walk this path in a few decades and become a sage.

However, this holy throne was left behind by the Heavenly Dao. Even if he went up, he would not be able to solve the problem.

He wanted to take another path, the path that only allowed him to see only the direction but not the exact way to become a sage.

If he had some more time, he might be able to see and become a full sage, a sage above the Heavenly Dao.

“I’m going back.” Jiang Lan retracted his gaze and gently caressed Xiao Yu’s head.

“How long have we been lying here?” Xiao Yu looked at the surrounding weeds and asked.

“No one is here to sweep the tomb anymore.”

“It should have been a few decades. There’s no one nearby anymore. They must have moved to the city,” Jiang Lan explained.

Then, they disappeared on the spot and returned to their bodies in the tomb.

Then, their bodies disappeared. When they reappeared, they were already near the old inn.

Their clothes had completely changed and their appearances had returned to normal.

“It’s as if I’ve come back to life.” Xiao Yu looked at her wrinkled hands and said to Jiang Lan.

“Old man, did Sisi and the others have a tough life after that?”

“How can the mortal world not be bitter?” Jiang Lan immediately said when he realized that Xiao Yu was about to cry.

“It’s not bitter. It’s just that I often feel sad when I think of what happened when I was young.”

“I will remember it too. It feels completely different from when we were in Kunlun.” Xiao Yu lowered her brows.

“Sis? You’re back?” A voice suddenly sounded. It was the Eighth Prince who had discovered them and was running towards them.

“Sister, Brother-in-law, it’s been eighty years. Are you guys finally willing to come back?” The Eighth Prince looked excited.

Xiao Yu thought of whatever she had experienced. She looked at the Eighth Prince and caressed his head.

“This is the first time I feel that it’s a pity that I didn’t grow up with my brother.”

“Sister, what’s wrong?” The Eighth Prince was shocked.

“Why are you acting like a mother? Mother didn’t even make me feel this way.”

Xiao Yu pouted as she looked at the Eighth Prince and kicked him.

“Ouch, Sister, what are you doing?” The Eighth Prince jumped up and clutched his feet in pain.

Xiao Yu felt that kicking was not enough to vent her anger. She kicked the Eighth Prince a few more times, causing him to lose his balance and fall to the ground, covering his head.

Xiao Yu did not stop and continued kicking.

This was her biological brother. Hundreds of years had passed like a day. They had always been fine.

This was what it meant to be an immortal.

And the mortal world was too bitter for her.

The more she kicked, the redder her eyes became.

In the end, she turned around and hugged Jiang Lan as she cried.

The Eighth Prince was confused. He explained to Jiang Lan.

“Brother-in-law, you saw it. My sister hit me with her foot.”

Jiang Lan nodded.

“Brother-in-law, what’s wrong with my sister? I feel that she’s different.” The Eighth Prince stood up and looked at his sister in confusion.

“She has roughly comprehended the Dao.” Jiang Lan said.

Xiao Yu had comprehended the Dao. She had comprehended the Mortal Dao.

She would have a bright future ahead of her.

After a while.

Jiang Lan asked for some good wine at the inn. While waiting for the innkeeper to return, he would discuss the situation in the Grand Desolate World with the Eighth Prince and the others.

“Recently, the Grand Desolate World has not been peaceful. It’s as if there are natural disasters everywhere. The mountains and rivers are unstable, and the four seas are surging.

The Dragon Race is already trying to stabilize the Four Seas, but they aren’t able to stabilize it themselves.

It’s as if something is stirring everything.” The Eighth Prince frowned.

“A lot has happened in the Central Plains too. Flames are starting to appear from the ground and it’s getting dry everywhere,” Hong Ya added.

“It’s fine near Kunlun. There are only some occasional natural disasters. It’s not that exaggerated.” Yan Xiyun said as she ate the wild animals.

It was rare for her to eat it. Only when her Big Sister and Big Brother were around could she eat to her heart’s content.

“Grandpa said that the great wastelands are no longer calm. The Four Seas are in turmoil, mountains and rivers are shaking, and the four extremes of heaven and earth are starting to crack.

The sky has changed.” The youth knew the most.

“Brother-in-law, do you know what’s going on?” The Eighth Prince asked Jiang Lan.

High in the sky, Jiang Lan sensed a change.

The Deity Position Palace began to descend, and the other people with Deity Positions began to completely fuse with their Deity Positions.

The power of the old world was invading, and chaos would begin to appear in the Grand Desolate World until the Heaven Realm fell.

That would be their last days.

Whether they could resist it depended on the strength the Grand Desolate World possessed.

“Something big is about to happen,” Jiang Lan said calmly.

The Eighth Prince was stunned. He might know, but he didn’t know the details.

Those great figures said that there wasn’t much time left, and that the great calamity was about to arrive.


Was this the prelude to the great calamity?

“Brother-in-law, how big will this matter be?” The Eighth Prince tried to ask.

“If someone can withstand it, it won’t be too big.” Jiang Lan only said half a sentence.

There was no need to say the latter half of the sentence. The Eighth Prince couldn’t do much, so there was no need to be too pessimistic,

Perhaps there was someone who could resist it or perhaps he could support this sky.

Perhaps the power of the old world was no longer the same as before.

No one knew what would happen. No one could see the ending.

Xiao Yu chatted a lot with these people. She looked at the others as if she was looking at a child.

In the afternoon, the innkeeper returned. “In the past hundred years, you haven’t changed much, but the Goddess has changed a lot.

Why is that?” The innkeeper asked Jiang Lan with a smile.

“Perhaps Senior Sister has many thoughts,” Jiang Lan replied as he took the wine.

The innkeeper smiled without saying anything.

After leaving the inn, Jiang Lan headed straight for the Ninth Summit.

He needed to inform his master as well.

He had to make a trip to his master’s place.

“Junior Brother, I feel like I’m old.” Ao Longyu could feel it when interacting with the Eighth Prince and the others.

Everyone else seemed to be like a child, except for her.

She wasn’t young to begin with, so Jiang Lan felt that his Senior Sister had some misunderstanding about her age.

Now, he had been in the sect for 930 years, while his Senior Sister had been in the sect for about 980 years.

She was about to cross the thousand-year threshold. According to demons, she was already a thousand-year demon.

“Junior Brother, are you going into seclusion?” Ao Longyu suddenly asked.

“En.” Jiang Lan nodded, saying truthfully.

“I have to reach a higher level as soon as possible, but there’s no hurry.”

He would accompany his Senior Sister for a year or two to help her regain her composure.

Otherwise, his Senior Sister would feel terrible in her heart.

“Then I’ll also enter seclusion. I think I can advance two levels in a row this time,” Ao Longyu said confidently.

“It is indeed possible.” Jiang Lan thought to himself. His Senior Sister was different this time. Her Dao had always been far.

At the Ninth Summit, Jiang Lan looked at the surrounding array formations and knew that they were being maintained very well.

He recalled that Martial Aunt Miao Yue often came here.


“Master, what do you think of Martial Aunt Miao Yue?” After handing the good wine to his master, he asked about the past few years.

His master only had one answer. “The price of maintaining the array formations can buy over half of the Ninth Summit.”

Jiang Lan: “…”

It was not easy to find a wife for his master.

Jiang Lan didn’t say much. He needed to enter seclusion after this.

He didn’t know when he would come out of seclusion again, nor did he know what kind of scene would occur.

In less than a hundred years, he wasn’t sure if he could gain anything.

It would be fine if he could, but if there wasn’t any gain…

It was unimaginable.

“Just do your best,” was all Mo Zhengdong said.

Jiang Lan nodded and left the peak of the Ninth Summit before following his Senior Sister to the Third Summit.

The moment she saw Zhu Qing, Ao Longyu pounced forward and hugged her while crying.

“This. What happened? Did Jiang Lan bully you?” Zhu Qing stared at Jiang Lan, a bit angry.

No… Jiang Lan wanted to explain.

“Yes, Junior Brother bullied me,” Ao Longyu cried.

Jiang Lan :”…”

Zhu Qing glared at Jiang Lan before consoling Ao Longyu. “Xiao Yu is different. She feels… like a person.”

“Who do I look like?” Ao Longyu looked up at Zhu Qing.

Zhu Qing: “…”


Zhu Qing tapped Ao Longyu’s forehead and suddenly said, “Do you want to find time to return to the Dragon Race?”

“Why does Master suddenly want me to return to the Dragon Race?” Ao Longyu was puzzled.

“Go meet your mother.” Zhu Qing said.

Ao Longyu suddenly understood. The great calamity was approaching. Her master was worried that she would have regrets.

After hesitating for a moment, Ao Longyu shook her head.

“No, I’ll stay in Kunlun.”

She wanted to go but felt that she shouldn’t, so she decided to stay.

To accompany her master.

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