Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 554 - My Udumbara Flower Girlfriend Invites Me Out Of Seclusion

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Chapter 554: My Udumbara Flower Girlfriend Invites Me Out Of Seclusion

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In the chaos, I changed from disorderly to orderly, from ignorant to knowledgeable.

Once my mind was enlightened, I understood that I was different. I also knew that I was about to be born from my shell.

When I am born, I will be the main character of the era.

The world in my eyes is different from everyone else. Others pursue immortality, but I am born with the knowledge of the Great Dao of All Things. When I open my eyes, I will already be in the Dao Immortal Realm.

Given time, I can reach the peak of the Dao Immortal Realm and pursue the route to become an even higher existence.

I just need to wait till the day I break out of my shell.

The Grand Desolate World will spread my name.

Today, I sensed something and left my mother to be taken away by a human.

It’s not that I’m unfilial, but that fate has arranged as such.

In the future, I will definitely return to my mother’s side and wait for my ascension to the peak.

Some time later, I feel like I’m being handed over to someone else.

Soon, I’ll see what’s outside.

Thave a cycle inside me that forms its own system. I will walk as far as I can.

Today, I have improved. I shall take a look at the person who thinks he is my master.

If it’s suitable, I’ll break out of my shell one day and bring him up to the Nine Heavens.

‘My eyes can see the fortuitous opportunities of the world and the fortunes of all living things.

I know what others are like with a single glance. I see myself as the bright moon of the world. No one here can compare to me.

I vaguely looked outside, but before I could see that person, an extremely intense light pierced my eyes. This light was like the radiance of the scorching sun, illuminating heaven and earth. Ten thousand feet of light soared into the clouds, and a scorching aura suppressed the ages.

Under this light, I am dim like a firefly.

I vaguely saw a blurry figure in the scorching sun. He stood at the center of all light.

In that instant, I closed my eyes and hid back in my world.

I knew I had fallen into the hands of a great terror.

Fortunately, I did not really see him. Otherwise, it was hard to say if I would still be alive.

My heart is filled with sorrow.

To ensure my own safety, I carved the runes of the ultimate Dao into my shell to seal everything here.

I want to form my own world and cultivate in a cycle.

When I step into the Dao Immortal Realm, I will definitely break out of my shell and compete with him.

After an unknown period of time, I sense a neighbor’s root on my body. For safety reasons, I pulled it into my world.

Thelped it condense.

It was alittle girl.

I warned her not to go out. If she went out, she would die without a grave.

She believed me and began to understand our situation. There is a master supporting us.

The stupid flower didn’t understand my potential.

It’s been countless years again. I’m incomparably powerful, but it’s not enough.

That flower knew nothing except healing spells.

‘My meticulous nurturing was in vain. I wanted to bring her up to the Nine Heavens when I went out, but she was disappointing.

This day, the Udumbara Flower came to find me.

“Brother Egg, Brother Egg, my leaf was plucked just now. I captured an image of a woman.

If the owner is a man, then is this person our female owner?”

Good question. I want to know too.

Time passed. I had already reached the peak of the Dao Immortal Realm. At this time, I felt that I had been seen, but at the same time, it felt as if I hadn’t as well.

Ino longer paid attention to it.

But not long after, the Udumbara Flower came looking for me again.

“Brother Egg, Brother Egg, something bad has happened.” The Udumbara Flower looked terrified.

“Just now, my leaf was destroyed. I captured the scene outside and realized that my master’s residence had been attacked. He’s about to attack.

Brother Egg, quickly go out. If you don’t, Master will be finished.”

“How is that possible?” I didn’t believe it.

However, something must be up since the Udumbara Flower was so nervous. I tried to look outside.

However, when I left my world, an ethereal sentence fell into my ears.

“Ineed to withdraw my power and enter seclusion to find an opportunity to stabilize my surroundings.”

The sound was deafening and thunder rumbled.

It was a message that had been left behind for a long time.

At this moment, I sensed the owner of the house. With a single message, I knew that the light of the sun is ultimately the light of the sun.

Iwas sad and angry. I had worked hard until now. Why was it that I was still nothing?

“Get lost!”

Iwas furious at the sight of a Dao Immortal approaching.

‘My owner is in seclusion. Who dares to barge in?

In the courtyard, the vegetative egg opened its eyes. Cracks appeared on its body, and an everlasting aura swept out in all directions.

Luo Chao and the others outside were terrified. A Dao Immortal? And it has a master?

Who in this world was worthy of having a Dao Immortal follower?

The Netherworld Dao Immortal was even more shocked as he continued to slap out with his palm.


An egg broke through his attack and floated in midair.

An egg?

Everyone was in disbelief.

At this moment, the cracks on the vegetative egg began to become obvious, and the egg’s body was growing bigger and bigger.

In just a moment, the egg was half the height of a human.


A crisp sound rang out as the egg extended its four limbs. It stepped on the eggshell and held it in its hand.

Facial features appeared on the egg.


“Where did this monster come from?” The Netherworld Dao Immortal asked in a low voice.


The Udumbara Flower jumped onto the vegetative egg and said.

“Brother Egg, your form is not good.”

The vegetative egg snorted and its body glowed.

The eggshell beneath his feet turned into war boots and began to cover his feet. The eggshell battle armor on its body also changed.

Its normal legs and armor extended. Its body transformed into a human and its armor protected itself.

The armor on its body extended to its arms. Its left hand was an eggshell battle shield, and its right hand was an eggshell battle axe.

Standing in the air, it waved its battle axe, its fighting spirit surging like thunder.


It had an invincible aura.

“Brother Egg, where’s your head?” The Udumbara Flower lowered its head and asked.

At this moment, the vegetative egg had transformed into a human. It was wearing armor and holding a battle shield. It waved its battle axe with extraordinary might.

However, it only had four limbs and lacked a head.

“Isn’t it here?” The vegetative egg opened its eyes, and its belly button opened.

“Look, you’re different from the others. I’ll be your leader.” The Udumbara Flower turned into a vegetative head and stood on the vegetative egg.

After doing all of this, the vegetative egg walked towards the Netherworld Dao Immortal.

“Were you the one who disturbed my master’s seclusion? You shall be executed.”

“You have yet to reach the Dao Immortal Realm.” The Netherworld Dao Immortal frowned and felt relieved.

“Acting all mysterious. Die.”

He took a step forward, wishing to kill the vegetative egg.

Luo Chao and the other two did not dare to approach. A battle between Dao Immortals was not something they could participate in.

However, that egg was indeed surprising. It was unknown if it was a real Dao Immortal or a fake one.

It would be good if it was real, but if it was fake.

Something was going to happen.

“What a joke.” The vegetative egg walked out step by step, and its cultivation level changed.

First level of Qi Refinement, second level, third level.

Early-stage Foundation Establishment.

Early-stage Golden Core Realm.

Early-stage Essence Soul Realm.

Void Refinement Realm.

Human Immortal, Heavenly Tribulation.

Early-stage True Immortal Realm.

Early-stage Heaven Immortal Realm.

Early-stage Celestial Immortal Realm.

The Dao that belonged to the vegetative egg began to overflow.

He was already a Dao Immortal when he stood in front of the Netherworld Dao Immortal.

“T’ve been in seclusion for a thousand years. Today, I’ve come out of seclusion to slay a Dao Immortal.”

The axe swung down.



The Netherworld Dao Immortal’s defense was shattered on the spot. His left hand was cut off by the axe.

Another axe fell.


The Netherworld Dao Immortal’s right hand shattered.

The vegetative egg raised its axe again.

Was it the leg this time?

No, it wanted to behead him.

“Repent, for daring to disturb my master’s seclusion.” The Udumbara Flower spoke.

The axe descended.


The Netherworld Dao Immortal’s head flew up. He looked at the vegetative egg in disbelief.

Why did this happen?

“Hmph, are you very surprised? Although I broke out of my shell today, there are a total of ten fortuitous opportunities in the world. I have one of them. I have a huge fortuitous opportunity, countless battle techniques, and invincible experience. How can I not kill a weak Dao Immortal like you?” The

vegetative egg came to the Netherworld Dao Immortals head and continued.

“Let me tell you one more thing. My master occupies eight fortuitous opportunities in the world. The world shall be unite


The battle axe descended, shattering the Netherworld Dao Immortal.

Then, the vegetative egg turned to look at Luo Chao and the other two.

“You guys are also here to disturb my master’s seclusion?”

“No, no.” Luo Chao immediately explained.

“We are the ones guarding this place. There is a powerful enemy at the entrance to the Netherworld. We are suppressing them.”

“Brother Egg, Master isn’t free. Should we guard this place?” The Udumbara Flower asked.

“Let me suppress this place.” The vegetative egg walked towards the entrance to the Netherworld.

He wanted to suppress a powerful enemy who could destroy this world alone.

Many people had sensed the vegetative egg suppressing the entrance to the Netherworld and killing the Netherworld experts.

Mo Zhengdong was taken aback.

He was the one who brought the vegetative egg back. Why was it that none of the plants he brought back were normal?

However, everyone could only take a glance and not investigate in detail.

“Mo Zhengdong, you’re not my match. Although you’re extremely powerful, and you’re incomparably impressive even if you’re not a half sage, I’m an actual half sage. There’s still a distance between us.

How long can you last? Kunlun is very strong, but how long can you last?” The Devil Ancestor said coldly.

Mo Zhengdong took a step forward, and the lightning merged with the aura of the Netherworld. “You’ll know once you try.”

A great battle erupted.

As time passed, the battle became more and more intense.

Blood rained down from the sky.

Immortals, Heaven Immortals, True Immortals, and Human Immortals were constantly falling.

Another three years.

The blood red sky pressed down. The Heavenly Human Race was about to reach their limit.

The fortuitous opportunities in Kunlun were still condensing.

The holy road had yet to appear.

In the land of the four seas, the Eighth Prince Dragon’s blood had dried up. He knelt on one knee and could no longer swing his heavenly saber. Countless dragons protected him, giving him a chance to catch his breath.

At the core of the earth, Yan Xiyun’s figure disappeared completely without a trace.

Somewhere in the Grand Desolate World, Qing Mu’s hands were broken as he stood where he was. He no longer moved, not falling even when he died.

The number of people from the various races decreased, and the chaos began to affect the Grand Desolate World.

Destruction was imminent.

In Kunhn, the battle was getting more and more intense.

Second Summit’s Liu Jingqiang killed two Dao Immortals and was penetrated by a third Dao Immortal’s Dao spell.

Liu Jing stared at the Dao Immortal in front of him with madness in his eyes.

“Liu Jing, you’ve killed three of them. You can die now.” Di Jing stared fixedly at Liu Jing.

The other party was too ruthless. The people from Kunlun were too ruthless.

The faith of humans far exceeded his expectations.

“It’s not enough. You shall be the next. If more of your people die, more of our people won’t have to die.

Let’s go together.” Liu Jing bit down on Di Jing as an explosion sounded.

Di Jing was shocked. In the end, he gave up struggling.

“Then let’s die together.” He also chose to explode.

However, he charged towards Kunlun, causing the explosion to echo throughout Kunlun.


Kunlun trembled.

Qi Xun of the Seventh Summit was punched through. Blood flowed from the corner of the mouth of the Dao Immortal devil who killed him.

“You have already killed three. Adding me, that’s four. You deserve to die now, right?”

Qi Xun looked to the side and said frankly, “Boss, I’ll leave the rest to you.”


Two more Dao Immortals had fallen.

Chen Xi of the Sixth Summit was trying to kill a Dao Immortal when she saw Zhu Qing being surrounded by two Dao Immortals.

Without any hesitation, she used the last of her energy to transform into a starry river that surged towards Zhu Qing.



The great Dao that was besieging Zhu Qing was covered by a galaxy.


In the end, everything disappeared.

“Junior Sister, if you can survive, try your best to survive.” Chen Xi’s voice sounded in Zhu Qing’s ears.

“Senior Sister?” Zhu Qing shed tears. Then, she took a step forward to kill the other Dao Immortals.

The Fourth Summit’s Summit Leader, Si Jie, transformed into a poison sea and drowned three Dao Immortals.

The four of them had completely disappeared. This was a trick he had prepared for years.

It worked at the last moment.

More than half of the people from Kunlun had died. The group began to attack the array formation.

The youth and Hong Ya below had also tured red from killing. The youth was like a ferocious beast, starting to bite in all directions.

‘As the number of people in Kunlun decreased, more and more people attacked them.

The youth’s defense was astonishing, but it was still barely enough.

However, Hong Ya had used up all her attacks and was showing signs of weakness.


The giant hammer sent Hong Ya flying.


Blood spurted from her mouth.

Hong Ya knelt on one knee and found it difficult to get up.

She knew that she was going to die here, but she was unwilling.

She wanted her people to resist the heavenly fire together. That way, they would die a worthy death.

Being killed like this was not what she wanted.

At this moment, a flying sword attacked with the intention of killing her.

At the critical moment, a figure covered in blood blocked her path.

‘The sword was augmented with immense power and with a pu sound, it pierced through the figure.

It was the youth from the inn.

“You want to kill Hong Ya? Unless you step over my corpse.” The youth growled.

Violent energy surged from his body.

The surrounding people didn’t say anything, starting to continuously attack.




Spells and Dharma treasures surged towards the youth.

The strike landed on the youth’s hand and his arm shattered with a bang.

Astrike landed on his foot. Hong! His flesh and blood became blurry.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

More than ten people attacked. The youth had no strength to resist and his body was shattered.

The last three swords pierced through his body.

Hong Ya looked ahead and watched as the youth was attacked bit by bit. He shattered bit by bit and fell down.

Finally, he fell in front of her.

She subconsciously went forward to support the youth, who fell into her arms.

“You…” Hong Ya opened her mouth, but realized that she could no longer speak.

Mist had appeared in his eyes.

Would she cry?

‘The young man lay in Hong Ya’s arms and looked at her. He opened his mouth and closed his eyes. His life force was gone.

Tears fell from Hong Ya’s cheeks.

She suddenly felt hatred and regret.


A pair of fiery red wings appeared. She began to attack the people around her at all costs.

However, she was already an arrow at the end of its flight and could not bring fatal damage to the people around her.

The others avoided the attack and continued to kill Hong Ya.

However, just as they were about to attack, a beam of light suddenly bloomed.

Hong Ya looked at the youth in her arms in shock. There were countless cracks on the youth’s body.


The youth shattered into pieces. However, there was a light spot in the middle. There seemed to be a youth entrenched in the light spot.

A subtle voice sounded from inside.

“I can’t stay here. Hong Ya is in danger. I have to go protect Hong Ya. I have to… get out.”



The light dot shattered, and an extraordinary power soared into the sky. Then, it turned into a tree that continued to grow.

The moment she saw the tree, Hong Ya received some information.

This was the Tree of Creation.

It was the power of the founding primordial spirit.

Hong Ya retreated some distance and realized that the youth was still in the core of the tree. He seemed to be sleeping, but also seemed to be waking up..

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