Novel Name : You More Than Anything In The World

Chapter 1345 Not Me But The Kids

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“Are you trying to scare me?” After a good while, Kingsley's retort finally rang out.

Shaun was amused at Benjamin's grim expression, silently offering a prayer for Kingsley in his heart.

“If you don't believe it, I'll switch to video call and show you. Jonathan and the others are here too.”
After saying that, Shaun made a video call over.

There might really be some issues with the signal, for the video froze as soon as Kingsley connected
and only returned to normal after a few seconds.

Holding up his phone, Shaun panned it and gave Kingsley a full view of his surroundings. Besides the
tableful of delicious food that made Kingsley's mouth water, everyone was there, eating together. Upon
seeing Benjamin's face, Kingsley felt like banging his head against the wall.

He immediately begged for mercy. “Boss, you're truly having dinner with Shaun? Boss, I didn't mean to
insult you just now. I was merely joking around. You're not cunning at all.”

Benjamin snorted coldly, sweeping his gaze over the figure on Shaun's phone. “How does it feel over

Sniffling, Kingsley quickly played the sympathy card. “Benjamin, this place is simply not fit for humans.
Look at me. I'm all dirty, and there's not a soul in sight. I'm scared. I don't even have a drop of water to
drink. Please call someone to come and bring me back!”

Whoa! He's even calling Benjamin by name now! Mirth bubbled within Arissa.

“Where are you exactly?” She could not help but feel curious after hearing Kingsley's sob story,
especially since no one told her where he was.

“Please save me, Arissa. Benjamin abandoned me in a godforsaken place where not a soul exists. It's
a desert as far as the eye can see. If I die here, it'll cause my parents so much pain.”

Arissa burst into laughter. Well, he must be in pretty bad straits since he even mentioned his parents.

“Seeing as you can still talk so much, you must not be anywhere close to dying. Stay there, and do
your job for me!” Benjamin uttered coldly, not fooled by Kingsley's pretense.

“Huh?” On the verge of tears, Kingsley hastily shouted, “I've truly messed up, Benjamin. I shouldn't
have brought Gavin and the others along to teach someone a lesson. I'll never dare do it again.”

Arissa was surprised, and she turned to look at Benjamin. So, this was the reason he left Kingsley in
the desert?

Benjamin shot Shaun a look. Grasping his meaning, Shaun promptly hung up the phone.

The atmosphere was somewhat quiet, an eerie silence hanging in the air.

All six kids did not dare make a peep, cautiously darting their eyes in Benjamin and Arissa's direction.

Everything we did has been discovered, and it was because of that incident that Mr. Watts got sent to
the desert by Daddy. Are we also going to get it now?

“Why aren't you all eating anymore?” Smiling, Arissa scanned her gaze over everyone at the dining

table who had stopped eating.

“Haha, I'm eating!” Shaun said, biting the bullet. Gah! If I'd known this would've happened earlier, I
wouldn't have made a video call to Kingsley. Then, this matter wouldn't have been brought up. What a

Chuckling, Arissa turned to the kids. The sextuplets inexplicably felt guilty upon meeting her smiling
gaze and quickly averted their eyes.

Gosh, Mommy looks a bit scary!

Harrumphing inwardly, Arissa turned her gaze to Benjamin and asked with a smile, “Are you guys
hiding something from me?”

Benjamin held her questioning gaze and took her some of her favorite food before explaining placidly,
“It wasn't me keeping secrets from you, but the kids keeping us in the dark. Let's eat first!”

Upon hearing that, the kids hung their heads even lower.

Arissa glanced sideways at them and chuckled at the sight of them burying their heads in their food

“You'd all better give me a proper explanation later!”

“Got it, Mommy!” the kids replied in a whisper.

Jonathan had no idea what was going on. He quietly observed things. But still, he could not figure out

the reason.

Meanwhile, Shaun and Ethen felt sorry for the kids.

Biting the bullet, Ethen pleaded on their behalf. “It was all my fault, Mrs. Graham. I shouldn't have
brought them along.”

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