Novel Name : The Almighty Dragon General

Chapter 4720

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James could feel a headache coming as he scoffed inwardly at the thought.

Despite that, he slowly got up from the ground and climbed up the ledge again.

Before Waleria could throw another punch at him, James quickly explained, “Wait! It isn’t what you
think it is! It’s not about babies!” Waleria’s hand stopped in mid-air.

The lady lowered her arm and asked nonchalantly, “What is it, then?” James sat down on the ledge

“Have you heard of the Malvada Sect before?” Waleria nodded.

“Mhm. It is one of the major evil forces that plague the Verde District.” James suggested, “Why don’t we
try to take down the Malvada Sect?” “Sure! Why not!” Waleria responded in an excited voice.

“I haven’t gotten the chance to have a proper fight ever since I’ve regained my full powers.

Back when I lost the fight to Yvan Xorath at the Theos District, the incident caused great, irreversible
damage to my reputation and image.

Now that I’ve entered the Quasi Chaos Rank, I’1l prove myself to everyone again by winning a huge
battle this time!” Previously, Waleria and Yvan were both on the Caelum Boundless Rank.

However, Yvan had trained and perfected his skills much better than Waleria in that cultivation stage.

Although there wasn’t a clear winner produced from the battle between those two, Waleria believed she
had lost since she had suffered alot more injuries than Yvan by the end of the battle.

A huge sense of relief washed over James as Waleria accepted the proposal.

“In that case, I'll meet with Sir Lothar and tell him that we'll carry out the mission.” “Yeap! Go and see
him now!” Waleria waved her hand dismissively.

Two elderly gentlemen were seated facing each other in a secluded area of the Verdett House.

Both were staring hard at the chessboard placed between them.

Parthias Qavek, the Great Elder of the Verdett House, held a chess piece in his hand as he pondered
about his next move.

The man was considered the second strongest cultivator in the Verde Academy.

Parthias began, “Yardos Xagorari seems to have ended his training and meditation recently.

He had failed to overpower the leader of the Welkin District in the past.

However, the recent battle between Yardos and the District Leader of the Welkin District ended with a
tie.” The headmaster of the Verde Academy and the head of the Verdett House, Lothar, nodded slowly.

“I never imagined that the person who had entered the Chaos Rank just recently would turn out to be
Yardos Xagorari.

Yardos and the leader of the Welkin District are quite evenly matched.

However, the latter could never beat Yardos when it came to the skills of escapism.” “Mhm.

The Blithe Omniscience is truly a strange and remarkable technique.” “By the way, is James Caden
related to Yardos in any way? He could wield the Blithe Omniscience.

Though some cultivators do practice the Omniscience Path, I’ve not heard anything about Yardos
teaching someone else the knowledge of the Blithe Omniscience so far.” While Lothar and Parthias

were discussing the recent happenings of the Welkin District, James materialized a few steps away
from them.

“Hello, Sir Lothar and Sir Parthias.” James greeted the elderly men respectfully.

Lothar pointed at a chair near their table.


Have a seat.” James walked toward the pair and took a seat.

“James, I have something to ask you about.” Lothar fixed his gaze on James.

“Oh? What is it about?” James met Lothar’s eyes.

Lothar asked, “What is your relationship with Yardos Xagorari, who originates from Mount Blithe in the
Welkin District? How come you have the knowledge of the Blithe Omniscience, which Yardos has
never shared with anyone else?” “Um...

About that...” James furrowed his brows.

‘I never thought Lothar would ask about this straight to my face.

How should I answer this? I can’t possibly tell them that we are actually human cultivators from the
Chaos District...’ James pondered.

“What’s the matter? Is it something you can’t share with us?” Parthias was staring at James too.

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