Novel Name : Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 898 Dennis Taken As Hostage?

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Chapter 898 Dennis Taken As Hostage?

?Shock and despair flashed over Fei's cute face. She was totally not expecting to hear such a thing from her master after he was back!

"What? Did you not hear me?" Lith asked with a smile.

Fei became flustered, but tried to maintain a professional look and said, "W-well… Vanessa is indeed doing her job."

Lith kept his smile and replied, "Show me what she's doing now."

Fei knitted her brows hearing that and bit her lips. She didn't expect her Master to ask for proof, but nothing could be done now.

Fei pulled out a tablet from her storage dimension and walked close to Lith.

She internally prayed that Vanessa wasn't doing something stupid and turned the tablet on.

Lith looked at it and saw the brown-haired Vanessa actually working on some arrays and not idling around.

"See! Told you!" Fei exclaimed as she saw that, not being able to contain her happiness.

Finally, there was a day where she wasn't being punished!

Lith slapped Fei's butt nevertheless and said, "Indeed. Good job."

Fei knitted her brows and thought, 'Hateful as always.'

Lith could feel Fei's thought even though she didn't say it out loud. It was fun teasing her like this.

"Alright, you're dismissed."

Fei was surprised again. 'That's it? He just wanted such a small update?'

Lith, looking at Fei still standing, slapped her ass once again and asked, "Why are you still here? Do you actually want some punishment or something? Hmm… Now that I think about it, there isn't a day where you haven't been punished. I'm starting to think that you are actually into—"

"Have a good day, Master!" Fei cut Lith off, exclaimed, and ran away.

Lith chuckled and shook his head once she was gone.

Ringgg… Ringgg…

Lith was about to start working when his phone began ringing.

Checking the caller, Lith saw it to be Dennis.

Lith picked up the call and said, "Sup, Dennis."


Lith's ears almost exploded with how loud the shout was from the other side.

"Big boy, you dare trick this old master!? Do you think you can call anybody and I'll believe you?" A raspy loud tone, possibly of an old man, was heard from the other side.

"Tch. Tch. If you don't want to believe, then don't. Just let me leave!"





"Watch your tone, big boy! This old master does not take any disrespect!" The old man said.

Wondering what the hell was happening, Lith asked, "Yo, you alright? What's wrong?"

"Ugh, it's embarrassing to say, Your Highness. I'm sorry for disturbing you like this." Dennis said.

"Big boy, I don't care who it is that you called, pay up and I'll let you leave."

"Shut it, old man! You are asking for too much money. No noodles cost that much!" Dennis yelled.

"Boy, I give you ten percent discount, pay up and get lost, or I'll whoop your ass!" The man said.

"This a robbery!" Dennis cried out.

"Dude Dennis… Are you in need of money or something? Where even are you?" Lith asked on the phone.

"Uhh… Me… Well…" Dennis didn't answer.



"If you got friends who can pay, ask them to do it and I'll let you leave." The old man said again.

"Ptui! I'll not trouble my friends and ask them to pay for some dry ass, soggy ass, overpriced noodles! Curse you old man!"




'Yikes…' Lith thought internally, hearing Dennis scream.

"Do not disrespect the noodles! It's a gazillion year old recipe, perfected by this old master here."

"Fuck you, old man! My Prince can make tea better than your noodles!" Dennis yelled out.

"A mere tea can challenge this old man's noodles? How laughable." The old man scoffed.

"Ptui! The truth always hurts."

"Hahahahaha!" The old man began laughing.

The laughter went on for a while, making Dennis frown while Lith patiently stayed quiet and listened.

After about a few minutes, the old man said, "Okok, if this is a joke, it's very funny. But since you have been praising your friend so much, bring him here and ask him to make me tea. If I like it, you don't need to pay."

"Blergh. His Highness can not just make tea good, but I'm sure even his noodles would be better than yours! No, not only noodles, everything you try to sell, it'll be better, I'm very much sure!" Dennis exclaimed.

'Damn Dennis, calm down.' Lith thought internally.

Lith expected to hear another round of howls from Dennis, but that never happened.

Instead, the old man spoke in a really calm manner, "If your friend can out do me in my cooking, I'll shut this restaurant down, big boy."

"Talking big, eh?" Dennis mocked.

"Boy, you're at my mercy. This old master will not accept payments anymore and wants to have noodles made by your friend. Call him." The old man continued to speak in a calm tone.

"What?" Dennis was taken aback now. "You serious?"

"Hwaaa…" The old man seemed to be yawning. "Call yo friend, big boy, or stay tied, this old master is going back to work."

"Hey, wait! Wait! Wait! Wait!"


Despite the many yells, the old man's voice was not heard again and it was just Dennis shouting.

"Shit, what the fuck." Dennis cursed finally.

Lith, having heard the whole conversation, chimed in this time and asked, "So… I'm assuming you want me there now, don't you?"

"Huh? You're still there, Your Highness?" Dennis seemed to be in disbelief.

"The call never ended."

"Shit! Major shit!" Dennis exclaimed. "Umm… Well… Your Highness… Sorry for the troubl—"

"What's done is done, Dennis. Tell me, where are you?" Lith cut straight to the topic and asked. He knew it was useless to chatter more on this topic as Dennis would only make excuses and ask him to not come.

"Well, you don't have to come—"

"Just give me the address, Dennis." Lith urged him again.

"Sigh… If you so insist, fine. The address is…" Dennis didn't even put up any resistance and simply gave it away.

Lith noted it and said, "What the hell were you even doing in the Human Continent!? Geez."

"Ehe he… Sawry…"

Lith shook his head and said, "I'll be there in a few minutes."

He then hung up on Dennis and dialed another number. It took just a few seconds for the call to get connected.

"Hello, Ralph?" Lith said as the call got connected.

"Greetings, Lith." Ralph stated.

"Are you free? This stupid Dennis is taken hostage by some old man. I'm going to his rescue. You wanna tag along?" Lith went straight to the point and asked.

"Huh? That idiot? Hostage?" It felt a bit unbelievable that an Emperor Clan's heir would be taken hostage so easily.

Let alone Emperor Clan, this dude was the heir of an effin' Duke Clan of the world's strongest race!

"Yeah, that's the only thing I know. So you're coming?"

"Hm… ok."

"Alright, I'll send the address, be there in a minute." Lith said and hung up.

After sending Ralph the address, Lith went to get dressed and before jumping right at Dennis's location, something clicked him and he thought, 'Heh… I'll go there first.'

Lith took out a teleportation badge from his ring and injecting some spiritual power into it, vanished from his spot.


Under the scorching sun, out in a small town, a short brown-

haired girl, wearing bandages on her chest and baggy pants at the bottom, flung her fists at her imaginary opponent.

Sweat trickled down her forehead as she swung her arms with great momentum, training as hard as ever.

Everything was completely normal and it was just another normal day, until…

"Damn shawty, the gorilla power is sure gorillaying better than before."

An annoying voice resounded in the girl's ears, making her turn to the source and punch.


The hit, for some reason, became very soft as if she was punching some pillows.

"Still a long way to go, heh." A silver-haired man wearing a white shirt and black slacks said with a smug face.

Miwa couldn't see the smugness as her eye level was at the guy's chest, but if she could, she would've handed out another punch.

"The fuck is your problem!?" Miwa said bluntly.

Lith, the annoying silver-haired man in question, said with a chuckle, "I'm here to kidnap you again, lil pickle."



Lith flung his arm around her and without letting her struggle or finish her sentence, vanished from his spot.





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