Novel Name : Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

Chapter 1050 Return of the Soul Path (II)

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Chapter 1050 Return of the Soul Path (II)

1050 Return of the Soul Path (II)

Liang Shixian did not immediately continue his retreat but entered the Battle Tower. He chose his first opponent: an Immortal Venerable. As soon as the battle started, he mobilized the power of his Divine Flame, releasing a spiritual pressure that rendered the Immortal Venerable immobile.

'My soul power can affect his soul, body, and even the operation of his Immortal Mansion,' summarized Liang Shixian. With a thought, he crushed his opponent into meat pace.

He chose a regular Dao Ancestor for his next opponent, and Liang Shixian also restricted his strength to the same level. He had one purpose for this battle - to find how long a regular God King could last in battle while borrowing the power of the Grand Dao Source.

The answer was seven days of constant battle. Liang Shixian frowned. Seven days might seem a long time for any battle, but that's only if the strength between two individuals is similar. In a battle of similar prowess, it's normal for a battle to go on for years, decades, and even more. Given the lifespan of Immortals, Liang Shixian would not be surprised if someone told him two Emperors fought for millions of years, nonstop, without determining a victor.

'God Kings must not rely too heavily on the Grand Dao Source. Our main battle method should be direct soul attacks, or using illusion and other mind-interfering methods,' analyzed Liang Shixian. 'Maybe we should use other laws to make up for it?'

Normal laws would be useless in battles of this level - unless they had something similar to Heaven Laws.

'We can create our own Divine Law,' thought Liang Shixian. God Kings will not have ready-made incense for them to walk this path. So, they must create their own Divine Kingdom with followers that provide them with enough worship for the transition. Then, with the help of a Great Emperor(sadly) or other Immortal Beings, they will condense their Soul Ring and Divine Flame.

'I can gather the will of all my believers into a single unified power, or Divine Will, before fusing it with my law to create the so-called Divine Law. If my Divine Kingdom is vast enough, the Divine Law could probably work similarly to the Heaven Will and confront low-class Emperors.'

Liang Shixian spent many years researching this path and had many ideas. After coming to the Myriad Emperor World and seeing a larger and broader world, he felt more inspiration coming every moment.

The next test was a secret technique that burned his Divine Flame. In dire situations, Dao Ancestors and Immortal Venerables can do the same to their Inner World and Immortal Mansions. The research revealed what he had previously deduced: his Soul Path is way better than the Immortal Path but slightly worse than the Dao Path.

He also learned the Divine Flame is not easily rekindled once extinguished, and he will enter a period of weakness - just like any of the other paths.

Liang Shixian continued testing his newfound strength, battling Third and Second Class Insurgents, followed by actual Great Emperors. When facing an Emperor, he could not borrow the power of the Grand Dao Source, but he was also not suppressed by the Emperor's Awakening or Soul Power. On the contrary, he obliterated his opponent's soul, leaving an empty body.

Liang Shixian gathered much data on this new path and formed many ideas and plans for the future of this path. Afterward, he returned to the Incense Area of the Dream World to continue cultivating. As he absorbed more incense, he saw the intensity of his Divine Flame slowly increasing.

'If I want to become a God Lord and God Emperor, the Divine Flame must reach its limit before I condense a second ring and flame.' His eyes couldn't help but shine in anticipation. However, he knew he still had a long way to go.

Liang Shixian did not continue cultivating but proceeded to use the special right granted to him by Heaven and Earth for creating this path. He absorbed a large quantity of incense to build a Divine Kingdom inside his Sea of Consciousness. He took inspiration from Dong Lifen's Fortune Dynasty Path to build a vast Divine Kingdom in his mind, full of worshippers made entirely out of incense. He even gave them life by using his Soul Law.

Liang Shixian knew such an act would force him to give most of his merit to Wang Wei, but he did not care. After he finishes, he will be an Eternal Tier Insurgent and not the weak kind.

'If only all God Kings were allowed to create a Divine Kingdom inside their Sea of Consciousness,' thought Liang Shixian. If that were the case, his Soul Path would be very close to the Emperor Path, if not on par.

'Let's try this Divine Will and Divine Law idea.'

Liang Shixian looked at all the citizens in his kingdom and began condensing their will and desire into a single force or power. Unfortunately, such a thing was not his forte, so he quickly failed. Without a choice, he contacted Wang Wei to see how he could help. Then, the founder of the Soul Path had found his lips twitching unconditionally.

"Fine, I will pay," he said, and soon afterward, a vast amount of information entered his mind, making him secretly sigh. Even with his current strength, he could not see the limit of that cheap bastard's power.

'Success,' celebrated Liang Shixian as he felt the new power he condensed. Fusing the Divine Will with his three laws -river, thunder, and soul - was relatively easy once he got the hang of it. However, he soon frowned.

'The Divine Law is too weak to affect Eternal Tier battles,' concluded Liang Shixian. After considering things for a moment, he realized it made sense. Heavenly Dao boosted heaven's laws, but which one? The limit of the majority of Heavenly Dao is second-class, so how could they help five and 6-star Primarchs? Such a job would fall to True Heavenly Dao; his Divine Will cannot compare to such an entity.

'The good news is the Divine Will can act as another form of Dao Will or Will Manifestation, albeit a weaker version,' thought Liang Shixian. 'Another bad news is the method of condensing it and Divine Laws is an Insurgent Technique, meaning that it will not be universal to all God Kings.'

Liang Shixian groaned; each passing moment further proved to him that his path was not as special as he had envisioned or wished it to be.

'It's okay. A part of me already expected this,' he told himself. Regardless of the outcome, he would not regret his decision, and that's because his disdain for the Emperor Path outweighed anything else.

The cultivation retreat ended, so Liang Shixian walked out to see Wang Wei waiting for him.

"How long has passed?"

"Only five years passed outside," replied Wang Wei.

"I guess I owe you even more." Liang Shixian knew time formation capable of affecting Immortals was not simple.

"This one is in the house," replied generously; he only saved the latter a few hundred thousand years, which was nothing for him. "Are you ready?"

"Yes," nodded Liang Shixian firmly before appearing somewhere in the court. He did not stand above the sky in the Myriad Emperor World, which could be interpreted as rude since he's an outsider. So, the ceremony was somewhere in the court.

"Heavenly Dao above, be my witness, today, I, Liang Shixiang, create the Soul Path to immortality that I dared call the God King Path."

His voice echoed throughout the world, and a few seconds later, an eye materialized above the sky. The eye of True Heavenly Dao manifested, gazing intently at Liang Shixian. Typically, this process would only take a few seconds, but oddly, the eye lingered for close to a minute, making Wang Wei frown.

'Is this related to the previous disappearance of the Soul Path?' he thought. To this day, he still has no idea what has happened to that path. The only valuable information he learned from Wu Hong was that some Chaos Worlds still had the soul path, while others were the same as the Eternal Ascension World. However, overall, the Soul Path had drastically decreased in the Chaos Universe.

After what felt like an eternity, visions manifested between Heaven and Earth as the eye dissipated. Afterward, Liang Shixian's voice traveled throughout the entire lower dimension, alarming the world of a monumental change.

Purple merit descended from the sky, and 65% of it went to Liang Shixian while Wang Wei pocketed the rest. But soon afterward, Liang Shixian had to give most of his share to Wang Wei, leaving only 10% for himself.

Liang Shixian looked at the small portion left in his hand with a slight headache. But he gritted his teeth and handed another 5% to Wang Wei.

"What's this for?"

"I want to use your incense to train a few followers."

"You should have access to some reserve, right?"

"I had to hand them over during the civil war," replied Liang Shixian with a sigh.

"Well, I'm not one to refuse a good deal." Wang Wei readily agreed.

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